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Should Donald Trump be killed by the U.S. government or removed from race for national security?

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Started: 8/27/2015 Category: Politics
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I believe it is an extreme possibility that if Donald Trump goes deep in the race there is a very good chance of several different countries getting VERY offended and might even resort to acts of violence or organized terrorism.


This has got to be one of the dumbest debates I have ever accepted.

You are stating that because of some "security reasons" a man who is speaking both the truth and his mind should be executed unjustly by the United States government.

For one, you are denying Donald Trump his 1st Amendment right to the freedom of speech, since you are advocating for the government to kill him for what he says.

Secondly, you are denying him the right to due process, as there is no trial that can be held where the verdict would actually amount to an execution just for speaking your mind.

Thirdly, you are making a preposterous and outlandish statement in nations will get angry for verbal statements. You are both undermining diplomatic prowess as well as the integrity of any nations leader. There are no nations that would resort to violence against the United States due to what is stated publicly, since we have such a strong military.

You seem to forget that Donald Trump wrote the Art of the Deal, which is a bestseller book about business. A businessman is all about leverage and need, which a diplomat is all about sympathy and negotiation. A businessman would do better with other nations since we have so much that we could leverage against them.

I await your response, although I cannot comprehend what you will write to actually counter my argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok so I posted this debate to see what other people would say because it was my first debate and I'm kinda testing the people on here. However I'm going to keep arguing this side until the end.

Yes I agree that he shouldn't be executed and that was ludicrous of me to suggest, but you have to admit that there a lot of people pissed of with him. He called the Chinese "those mo-fo's" and Mexicans "rapists and murderers". Also politics isn't about being a good buidnessman. The president doesn't even control the budget in the first place. Donald Trump, if he were elected president, would be assassinated and I would bet on it. Anyway I suggested taking him out of the race because somehow there are delusional people that he has hypnotized into believing that he would be a good president. "A great, great wall" like WTF. How does he expect to pay for that? People say that it will create American jobs, but with the current minimum wage that is still a LOT of money.


So you now agree with me, which means that your argument is not standing any longer.

Your current "debate objective" is to argue that he should be killed by the U.S. government and removed from the race, which now you have abandoned. By that alone, I have already won the debate, so there is no longer any point in continuing it.

On the other hand, he has never referred to the Chinese as "those mo-fo's", and he has never referred to Mexicans alone as rapists and murderers. He called illegal immigrants rapists at first, and when Kate was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal, he referred to him as a murderer, which was well deserved.

If the Chinese were able to build a wall across their Norther border on very mountainous terrain, what makes you think that we cannot build a wall across our Southern border? You can just give contracts to companies and they will build the wall for you, which in turn will create temporary jobs in construction, as well as permanent jobs in maintaining and repairing the wall. It will also create demand for both building supplies and tools, and if those companies buy from Caterpillar, that will generate money for them too.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok I didn't say that I agreed with you. What I said is that I shouldn't have put the execution part in there. If you watch the news you will see that he did call Chinese those mo-fos. Against your point that the Chinese built a wall, they built it against invasions. China built the wall to keep the Mongolians from invading their country. Donald wants to build a wall to isolate is from Mexico. They aren't invading us and in my opinion I honestly think that we should help illegal immigrants. So you know it's near impossible to get the proper documents down there especially when your poor, which happens to be a lot. If you put yourself in their position then you would be feeling differently. If you ask your parents they would say that they would do anything for you, and that's what is happening. Mothers and fathers are just trying to get somewhere where their children can have a chance.


Every single sovereign nation in the world has some form of border control as well as immigration laws, maybe excluding the Vatican.

Illegal immigrants are breaking these laws, which is why we must build some way to keep them out. I am fine with putting guards up or some sort of mine field, as I have no care for criminals, no matter the crime. If you break our immigration laws, you are a criminal, and since you are not a legal resident nor a citizen, you should be removed from the country.

On the other hand, you are stating that the execution part should be removed. I am stating the very same thing, therefore there is no arguing in this debate.

It is his 1st Amendment right to state what he pleases, no matter how despicable. If you want to remove someone from the Presidential race of security reasons, then remove Sanders and Clinton. Hillary is a habitual liar and Sanders understands nothing about the military and economy and will likely put us in far greater debt than every imagined.

Your argument does not have any standing. Whether you change your mind or not during the debate, your opening argument still stands, in which you make the claim that Trump should be removed from the race or killed for what he says.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Greg4586 2 years ago
I mean, I don't like the man. But, execution due to us being afraid of people not liking him? Come on. We're the United States not Nazi Germany,
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Reasons for voting decision: Not sure what Pro was going on about. He literally conceded that he agrees with Con. Pro doesn't give a single explanation as to why he thinks Donald trump should be killed, because he agreed later. Clear Con win.