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Should English classes assign reading logs and tell you to read a certain amount each week?

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Started: 11/12/2015 Category: Education
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I believe that reading logs are useless. Teachers mark 0 if the log isn't signed by a parent but how do they know that's the parents signature? How do they know you even read those minutes? A student can just write random numbers and book title down then have their parent sign it so they can get a 100 in the grade book for doing nothing. The point is to get kids reading but most of the time it just makes kids hate reading more.


I accept. Arguments in the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


As I stated earlier reading logs can be easily faked. Believe it or not English teachers, some parents don't want their kids to fail so badly they will lie for the grade. Other parents just don't care and will sign what their kid asks them to sign. Reading logs are a flawed system overall.


I thank Con to make his arguments.


Okay, this debate is mainly about if English classes should assign reading logs. In this debate, reading logs are papers that we name the title, author, and the signature. This debate is mainly about education and if it is educational. It is not about fakeness, however it is about if reading logs are educational or not. BOP is shared, if I win, I fill the BOP, If my opponent wins, it means he filled the BOP.


Now I will go onto my arguments.

1. Trust

My first argument is about trust. The teacher gives homework because they trust the students to do what they are asked. Homework is something that the student needs to show to the teacher to make them happy. The teachers will think that they will read. They have trust between eachother. Because of trust, the teachers will believe that the students will do their homework.

Second of all, this is also trust to your parents. Your parents had attended you to your school, so you should do your homework. That breaks the trust of the parent because you do not trust them and not doing your homework. You break your honesty with your teacher and your parent.

2. Awareness

My second argument is about awareness. This is about the parents knowing. The parents always know how you are spending time. I believe that the parents should always check on the student of what it is doing.

Debate Round No. 2


I see your point however, I have found that reading logs serve no educational purpose but are actually used just to get kids reading. Encouraging kids, people in general really, to read is great but forcing them against their will and threatening bad grades if they can't give proof (which again can be faked) or if they just don't read is not the way to do it. Over pressuring people, especially children, will only drive them to associate reading, or anything in any case really, with stress and bad feelings. Reading logs are doing the opposite of their intended purpose, it's like reverse phycology, but it's not the useful or good reverse phycology.


Thank you for your arguments.


Contention 1: How are we going to let them read?

My opponent asserts that reading logs are not important because people can fake them. However, my opponent does not tell "how" we should fix this process. Our team believes that reading logs are the best because the teacher can check in school what they are reading. Our question is that, how are we going to lets these students read? Some students will follow their teachers, however not all. Thus, this is better than not reading at all.


Defense 1: The adults know

My first defense is that when Con states that the parents will sign anything, that is the parent's responsibility. They are not interested in their son or daughter's work. That is not the teachers fault that this is happening. The parents are unaware.

Thus, vote for Pro.
Debate Round No. 3


anonymous29 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


anonymous29 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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