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Should Facebook lower their age limit?

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Started: 10/2/2014 Category: Society
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I thank the person who chooses to challenge this debate. This is my first debate, good luck to the contender. I will now commence my arguments.


Firstly, I shall proceed to mention that people are overreacting to the content that is on Facebook. They rant on and on - but they are actually doing it for nothing. Here is some proof that they do overreact to the content on Facebook:
Now, why did I say that these people overreacted?
Because it's simply untrue! I have seen the content on Facebook and it's only inappropriate if you follow the account that posts that content. Parents can simply check if their children are following anyone suspicious to make sure what they are seeing is appropriate. And to answer the question, "What if parents don't care?" I just have to say that's pure paranoia. Even if a parent DIDN'T care, the child wasn't following the account in the first place, the child probably wouldn't, and if they did, it doesn't mean they'll be influenced by it.
And finally, in response to those who "see" naked people, Facebook has a policy that includes no pornography and nudity. So yes, your child is safe if they make the right choices, which they probably will.


The big issue that most adults bring up about Facebook being available to children is that they won't be responsible enough to properly handle Facebook.

This is another example of paranoia.

Firstly, we shall find out what the definition of responsibility is. According to responsibility is the state of being accountable for something within one's power, control or management.

It is probable that a 13 year-old can be "accountable for something within one's power, control or management" when it comes to Facebook. Enough said.


The final "issue" we will come to is cyberbullying. Many adults are scaremongering about the effects of cyberbullying especially on Facebook. This is just absurd and not the case.

Cyberbullying is like a disease. It is harmful, but there are ways to prevent and cure it.

If a child is being cyberbullied, they can simply unfollow or block the person who is bullying them. That way it is possible to even forget about that person. This PROVES that parents are completely scaremongering and paranoid.


For these reasons, you can tell that Facebook is not a secret trap for kids. It is a safe place where kids can meet their friends, socialize and have fun.

Once again, thank you and good luck to the contender! The next - and last - round will consist of the rebuttals against the opposing argument.


Good Morning members,
to answer the debate question, we have to keep in consideration what Facebook is and it will always be: a social network.
I think that is very important that Facebook keeps the sign-in age like it is because like so we can know that little kids would not try to go there and maybe find something 1) inappropriate 2) wrong for their age 3) things that only adults should know because kids might say it to everyone.
Personally, even if there are people that every day check a lot of posts and they report if they are inappropriate, I still think that things like "weird photos" are still there and if kids might see those things they might get really confused because it is not their age to know facts that they are not suppose to know.
I hope I made clear what I think, see you next round ;)
Debate Round No. 1


Good morning alepole17. As I said, this round will consist of rebuttals.

To start off, I would like to mention that Con stated that "I think that is very important that Facebook keeps the sign-in age like it is because like so we can know that little kids would not try to go there and maybe find something 1) inappropriate 2) wrong for their age 3) things that only adults should know because kids might say it to everyone."

He has not clearly understood what I have stated in the previous round. He has also said that even if parents report these posts, problems may still occur like "weird" photos.

Firstly, I had stated in the first round that kids can't see inappropriate posts right when they start using Facebook because they have not followed the account that posts those things. They might not even know they exist. Plus, even if they end up finding them on Facebook, the cycle keeps on going as I had stated.

Secondly, Con has argued about "Weird photos" and how kids can get confused by them.

That's what parents are THERE for.

Parents are there to help children with things in life when children ask questions about something. They can tell children what to know and what not to know. So when a child sees something weird on Facebook and asks their parents, they are still safe on Facebook and with the right choices the child won't end up being influenced by the bad examples.


Con has given strong arguments yet with glaring holes. Because of these things it is obvious that Facebook should lower their age limit. I hope to see your votes on my side.

Good luck, alepole17!


Dear Pro,
I am really sorry, this is my first debate and it's hard for me, but I'll try my best.
As pro said in the first round, parents are there to check what kids are doing, but how can you make sure they really are? It's not really hard for someone to go on Facebook and create an account, even if they are kids it doesn't mean they are stupid.
When kids sees someone bigger watching photos of any kind of Facebook, or reading something that might be funny, I can understand they might be curious, the age limit is something that is really useful because it can stop kids from going on Facebook. What if parent DO NOT want the kids to go on Facebook? As I said before, without the age limit it will be a lot easy to create an account without letting parents know; what parents should so then? They don't know that their kid is going on Facebook, they don't know if he posting photos that might be secret ect....
A lot of parents are very worried about Facebook and social networks because there might be someone that have sex with kids ( i don't want to say that word), I know that people might think that it's a paranoia, but the fact that an adult get the address of a kid and go and have "fun" with him already happened more that once, the most famous one is on one game call "Talking Angela", I think a lot of people already know the story, I don't wanna go in details because it's just an example, but what I mean it's the same: Facebook is not secure to kids! That is the hole reason of putting the age limit, until you are responsible enough you are not allowed to do responsible things. I hope I explained myself correctly, but before voting please think about this, even if you got kids or not, just imagine: do you really want your kids to go to a social network site without your permission that might have something porn or something secret, posting bad photos that might change him forever? Because this is what we are talking about.
I hope you understand my point.
Thanks for listening.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by BLAHthedebator 3 years ago
@kkeellyy Good point.
Posted by kkeellyy 3 years ago
I don't necessarily see the point as children will use Facebook younger than the required age any way as it's pretty simple to just put in a false date of birth, users don't exactly need to prove their age on sites like these. Personally it is up to the parents to decide what age their children should be using these sites and should monitor their children's online activity a bit more closely.
Posted by jynxx 3 years ago
If the parents have to watch over their child's Facebook, they are too young to be on it then.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's arguments were stronger, Con missed out on rebuttals that could have been made to Pro's argument. Con's argument would in fact have worked much better with reliable sources to support it. I welcome them both to the community and suggest that they view debates of more experienced debaters (I'm new here too haha) to get the hang of things.