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Should Free Online Movies be Legalised?

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Started: 12/11/2017 Category: Movies
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Free online movies should definitely be legalized for many vital reasons.

DVD's drive you mental, cause they are always scratched and always have to glitch! However, Free Online Movies just need a few seconds to load and then their good to go, no glitches and no scratches.


Free online movies should not be legalized. If free online movies were legalized then the producers of the movies, or the directors, or even the cast would not get any income from the sales. No income from sales means no money to pay cast members or sound engineers, which in turn means the end of movies in general. I do however support viewing movies online when purchased, as you are then still supporting the film and the companies involved.
Debate Round No. 1


Before i start my argument, i would first like to rebuttal my opponent's argument.

Companies don't depend on DVD sales to pay their cast, that is a clear false fact. Companies own money to themselves which then they use to pay their cast. Through my opponent's logic, companies would then have no money at all if all they depend on is DVD sales for an income, so my opponent should rethink their ideas and opinions on this argument.

Now, my argument is that not everyone has the money to afford a DVD player and especially, every damn movie on DVD they want to watch! Now think about how many DVD's you watch in a year, is it expected that for every single movie you watch you have to go buy a DVD which will range from $15-$30 because that is just ridiculous! Whereas, with free online movies there are no expenses, no loss of money.


While I do agree that DVDs are not a great investment, paying for movies online, which we can currently do, is a much better way to handle that issue than making all movies free. My argument is against the "free" which is used here. If movies were free then we wouldnt have as many movies, while directors do pay out of pocket at the start of a film they are reimbursed by sales. Which is why the success of a movie is rated by the amount of money used to produce it, compared to the money drawn in by sales. If a movie doesn't bring in enough sales to cover it's own production cost it is considered a failure. If there were no sales at all, then they wouldn't make bank on the production. Thus eliminating the possibility to make sequels or more movies in general as the director has less money than when he started, you must remember that the directors career depends on the success and sales of the movies they develop.
Debate Round No. 2


Firstly, I would deeply appreciate it if my opponent would structure their argument and make the rebuttal and the argument clear of which is which.

Like I said before, my rebuttal for my opponents argument is that Director's don't depend on all their money to be from sales of DVD's.

Now, its just simple now, why in the world would you not wan't free movies? Their easy to put on and they are free! Tell me, would you rather pay money for a DVD or have it for free. I gather that you would rather the free cause anyone would so i suggest you stop talking and stop ruining it for the rest of us!


I have made my argument very clear, you're only point seems to be that DVDs are cumbersome, which while true does not merit making all movies free. Of course I would like free movies but think about how it would affect the industry, less money for film makers means less films, filmmaking is a career that people work in to make money, with the methods you have been discussing the filmmakers don't make any money and therefor cannot support themselves or their families, which would mean nobody would want to make movies meaning less movies. Movie making would become a hobby and we wouldn't have such high quality films because nobody would takes millions out of their own pocket just to make a decent movie for people to watch and not expect anything in return, that's just madness. I suggest you reconsider your opinion as this argument is incredibly one sided. You keep making the same point over and over, while that point has no actual merit to the debate at hand. Your point would be more valid in a debate about making all movies purchasable on the Internet. I do not believe that scratched DVDs and poor handling of DVD players should cause an entire industry to die just because you want free entertainment. As for your last argument, if you believe I am ruining your dream of free movies, just consider a world without any movies at all. That is the world you are theoretically creating. Every action has at least one or more reaction.
Debate Round No. 3


Again, please have a decency of respecting my requests of you structuring your arguments and making it clear to what parts of your speech are what

You have only seemed to express your point of view through only one argument, the same argument, over and over again. Do you have anything new? Because you simply know that i have had to rebuttal your same argument over and over again as if I haven't effected your unstable argument at all.

You are simply exaggerating too much and creating your argument into a world where if Free Online Movies do exist all creations of movies will be abolished, which is clear dramatisation and exaggeration. If you have been alert of what happens in the society you lived in you should clearly know that Free Online Movies were accessible and in fact thousands of Australians watched movies for free on them. Now, tell me clearly, did all creations of movies abolish? Were movies still made in the world? Did the entire industry of Film die? Did Film-makers still make money? Well, if you were paying attention like the rest of the world did you could answer "No" to all of these questions and also state how idiotic these ideas of yours sound now when they are re-stated in a much more realistic scenario.

You have also accused the nature of scratched DVD's to only occur in the hands of poor DVD handlers. Maybe you rethink your words on this. It is natural for majority of DVD holders to have their DVD's be scratched. Are you accusing all of these DVD owners of being poor handlers? Cause that's absolutely stupid!

Again, Director's are not depending on just DVD sales for their income. You are just repeating that same thing over and over again as if i am not making any effect to your argument. You are acting as if these directors live on the sales of these DVD's and that is false, so false indeed! Director's make an income out of other things as well, not just DVD sales. Get this fact into your brain and revise over it, so the next time you talk you don't repeat it and you actually have a fresh argument.


You say I wasn't structuring my arguments properly and for that I apologize, as I was posting from my phone for personal reasons.

You accuse me of using the same point over and over, saying that point is over-exaggerated and that's it's creating it's own little world. I am simply stating facts. I have also had to rebuttal your same argument over and over again as I stated in the last round.

Now for my response, you believe I am exaggerating too much, and that if free online movies did in fact exist that creation of movies wouldn't be abolished. I ask you to look past your own selfish reasons for wishing for free online movies, I ask you to think long and hard about how that might affect the industry of film making. You are insinuating that if there were free online movies that producers would still make money out of it, I was stating that they wouldn't make bank, as in they wouldn't turn enough profit to keep going like they have been for so long.

Are you telling me that free online movies were legalized, that you would still pay to go to the cinema and see it? Knowing full well that in a few weeks it will be available to view for free online anyway? The majority of profit is made in the box office, if everybody knows the movie will be free to watch soon anyway, then nobody would go to the cinema and pay to see it.

I'm not stating that film makers wouldn't get any money at all, I'm stating they wouldn't get nearly as much as they currently do, which would ruin the economy of the film industry. As I stated in the first round of debates, I don't disagree with purchased online movies, they are a great idea.

Now for your next point, "Free Online Movies were accessible and in fact thousands of Australians watched movies for free on them". Yes it is true that a fairly large amount of people do watch online movies for free, and no they have not destroyed the economy. The reason they haven't is simple, you said yourself thousands of Australians watch pirated movies online. Yes this is true, but tens of millions of people go see the movies in the cinema. Now I'm no Einstein, but I'm pretty sure a few thousand won't have much impact on that.

The first year of profit from things like tickets, sales, merchandise, etc. makes up a very large portion of income for the film industry, without that not as many people would work in the film industry as the pay would be far less. You state that my ideas are "idiotic" and that your scenario is "much more realistic", I would say tens of millions of people that visit cinemas yearly in Australia would disagree with you on that. I will give you a recap of what I have written here, as you seem to have adapted a TL;DR approach to it and just glossed over skimming the parts that seem 'important' or 'comment worthy'.

My stated topics are very realistic, you have completely ignored what I have debated with you in the past few rounds and still believe I am stating that DVD sales make up all of the film industry, you have finally brought up a new point other than 'DVDs get scratched, DVD players are cumbersome', I ask you to think about what would happen if you made anything else as big as movies in this economy free.

Think about it this way, we love to watch movies. Yes. We would like to not pay to see them. Sure. But what we want isn't the point here, the question of 'Should Free Online Movies Be Legalized' is the point.

I hope you find my structuring worth actually reading this time.
Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Christian2524 1 year ago
With free movies being online you would have no one going to theaters or to rent movies because they'd be right there online and you wouldn't have to pay a single dime which therefore your have producers and actors spending MILLIONS on movies and making ZERO dollars tell me who is gonna wanna make movies for no reason for real
Posted by ProgressCityDweller 2 years ago
Netflix and chill. Sex is an abomination, and we need to artificially select our sexual reproductive systems to discard them.
Posted by Baxterface 2 years ago
It's about whether or not movies which aren't free, like Thor: Ragnarok for example should be free and available online.
Posted by TylerLamb 2 years ago
What is this debate implying? It's already legal to put free movies online. Is it talking about pirated movies?
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