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Should Gay Marriage Be Pegal?

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Started: 4/5/2015 Category: Religion
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The first round is acceptance. I previously did a debate with Drew on why gay marriage should Not become legalized nationwide and that it should be left with the states.

I'd like a rematch.


I accept. Good luck to con
Debate Round No. 1


Note #1: I do believe that it is morally okay for two people of the same gender to get married. I believe that there is other issues that come with making the law legal throughout the entire nation of the United States.

Note #2: This is specifically for the country of the United States of America.
For my opening statement, I have come across 3 main points that I'll go over in more detail:

1.) The struggle for gay rights is overpowering and targeting the wrong people.
2.) It's a big deal.
3.) Why should same-sex couples get there way, when people with just as good an argument can't.

When we look at the term "gay marriage", it seems that people relate this to a negative feeling. As if it's a curse word or a dirty joke. The media has helped tremendously, whether pro or con, in shaping that relation between gay marriage and that negative reaction. I will provide an example as to what I am saying.

If you see a yellow jacket or another type of bee, and you have been stung before, this triggers the reaction in relating the black and yellow stripes as a painful sting. Even when it's not a yellow jacket, people mistake bugs like a paper wasp to a painful sting as well. Even though both of those creatures would not affect the world right as of now. Which is why most people generally see them as pests and nothing more. So to an untrained eye a bee sting is painful, but no big deal.

However, after a while, after several stings by the yellow jacket over time causes an allergy. Which can cause people's lungs to close up and go into shock after just one drop of the venom is injected. This causes several deaths each year. This doesn't mean you should lock yourself indoors and develop a phobia. It also does not mean that you shove apples up the core of a hornets nest then beat it with a baseball bat either.

Think of that as the case on gay marriage. The same-sex couples are the wasps, the people who destroy the wasp-nest are those who are pro-gay marriage, and those who lock themselves indoors are those who don't support gay marriage.

When you make parades and campaign for same-sex marriage, and get into matters who hardly have a part on, you make the same-sex couples feel like the outlier and that pisses them off. As if they are different then the rest of the world, and they are special when they really are just like everybody else. Yet we throw parades for them, even though it's not up to the Federal government and is up to the states.

Now when the people who cower in the house, get the courage to come out(speak out), the already pissed off wasps stings them, and they get locked back in their room never to be seen again. If you want an example of this, look what happened last week.

So even though it may be World War III come next June, that isn't what people were paying much attention to last week. They were paying attention to Indiana's law, which I find is completely fine. The law stated that business owners have the ability to practice their religion. You wouldn't walk into a church and force a priest to marry you, even though he believes gay is wrong.

Now look what the liberals did, they started campaigning against the law and how that it affects gay rights. Now when the liberals make a case for LGBT rights, then the LGBT targets the wrong people. Even though the liberals are the one making a huge deal out of this.

Which leads me to my next point, since the example mentioned should be saved for an entirely different debate.

The case on gay marriage is such a big deal that we may need another civil war just so a group of people can have their way. The thing is, is this isn't selling and buying human beings. This isn't white supremacy groups hanging a ton of African-Americans and lighting their houses on fire. Yet, because people have an opinion that is pro-their-believe that in no way endangers themselves or the lives of others, we need to have national attention for this.

This must drive the Federal Government bonkers, when they have done several things in their power to give the LGBT rights. However, the struggle still continues and no it doesn't. The struggle in fact does not continue at all. I feel like if we go through a civil war or some huge revolution over something we've already handled, then what else will we give "rights" for?

It will start with a few questions that already have a case going for them.

Should we tax the rich more?
Should we legalize marijuana?
Should abortion be illegal nationwide?

When the government handles this in a way that doesn't please so much as one person, then another revolution or bill that will change the way we think, even if it absolutely does not. Of course, but the LGBT got their way, so why shouldn't they get their way will be the thought of people.

The questions will get more ridiculous:

Should we have to pay taxes at all?

Should we regulate the amount of children a parent can have?

Should everyone be getting the same amount of wages and the same amount of everything?

I feel like my case was just as good as all those other cases, so why not become a socialist nation.

Then it will get absolutely insane:

Is Dictatorship what we need to do?

Does the federal government need to be overthrown?

Is Anarchy the way to go?

This will happen, but not for the better. When it's an issue on civil rights, the questions are more or less redirected to the issue at hand. For example:

Is Slavery okay?

Should African Americans get equal rights, but be seperate. This includes voting, drinking, getting the same wages, but just doing it at different places.?

Should African-Americans and Caucasians be mixed and be just equal, and not sperate?

The issue is, all of those where hundreds of years of people getting whipped and beaten and slaughtered and discriminated for absolutely no reason. With the LGBT, we haven't really done that much discrimination or we have done no beating or now hitting and abusing, we just allow people to believe what they want to believe because in a capitalist society as well as a democratic society, we all have an opinion. It doesn't mean we're discriminating.

So my point is, that gay marriage becoming legal is a huge deal that overpowers one side of government, while targeting the side of government that shouldn't be targeted. At the same token, it shows that the credibility that we give a group of people everything they want even when thousands of other groups get no attention that might even be more deserving.
Then more and more people will feel like they're more deserving and that says something about our government.


Gay activist and pro supporters do throw parades and make it a huge extravaganza. Now I can see where you think this is wrong, but I feel like it's necessary. Say at your job, theirs a new position open with a huge pay raise. The boss says its between you and another employee. Now you just sit there and say, "well, I kinda want that job". Your opponent however, makes a fight for it. He tells your boss how bad he wants it, he shows how passionate he is. Which one are you going to give it to? The other employee is going to get it because he showed his Passion for it, and that's what the parades are going. They aren't going to sit around saying they "kinda" want it and won't show it. Women's rights throw parades. Civil rights threw parades and marches. They showed how passionate they are about it, and they got what they were striving for.
The Indiana law is something I disagree with. Business(government own) should not and cannot be ruled by religion. It's the separation of church and state.

Not much discrimination? Until the 1970's people labeled homosexuality as a mental illness. They believed someone's happiness was a disease.
The American Psychological Association supports the action taken on December 15, 1973, by the American Psychiatric Association, removing homosexuality from that Association's official list of mental disorders. The American Psychological Association therefore adopts the following resolution: Homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgment, stability, reliability, or general social and vocational capabilities; Further, the American Psychological Association urges all mental health professionals to take the lead in removing the stigma of mental illness that has long been associated with homosexual orientations

The article also goes on to say:

Regarding discrimination against homosexuals, the American Psychological Association adopts the following resolution concerning their civil and legal rights:

The American Psychological Association deplores all public and private discrimination in such areas as employment, housing, public accommodation, and licensing against those who engage in or have engaged in homosexual activities and declares that no burden of proof of such judgment, capacity, or reliability shall be placed upon these individuals greater than that imposed on any other persons. Further, the American Psychological Association supports and urges the enactment of civil rights legislation at the local, and state and federal level that would offer citizens who engage in acts of homosexuality the same protections now guaranteed to others on the basis of race, creed, color, etc. Further, the American Psychological Association supports and urges the repeal of all discriminatory legislation singling out homosexual acts by consenting adults in private.
They say they disagree a strong disproval of discrimination of homosexuals in the workplace. While they are practicing their religion, they are discriminating because they are firing them just because they are gay.
With the separation of church and state, religion should not partake in government facilities and decision making, therefore these individuals should not be fired.

If you believe their isn't as much discrimination, then I'm afraid you must be shielding your eyes. It's obvious to see all the hate gays receive on a daily basis. At this website:
It's list 15 examples of discrimination taken upon anti gay activist. What about all the gay athletes that get bashed? Michael Sam got hate for sharing a kiss with his boyfriend on TV because he was happy he made it. He accomplished his dream and wanted to share it with the person he loved. What did the media do? They took his moment, his crowning moment, and crucified him. Talk shows, social media, news stations, all abuzz, all discriminating his actions. Now if it was Michael Sam and a girl, you wouldn't think another thing of it. In fact, I recall SEVERAL times where the players drafted kissed their girlfriends. You never heard about it again. That just proves how discriminative America is. These are just the tip of the iceberg of many untold stories of hatred and discrimination of homosexuals.

Gay rights should be passed before the others because it's been around longer. It's been around for decades and has made progress in that time. Over that period more And more people have become accepted of them. Is it 100% okay with everyone? No, but nothing ever is. People still discriminate against black people, and that was decades ago. We had a civil war over it for Christ sake. Yet people still discriminate. Some still believe that women shouldn't have nearly as much rights as men. Legalizing gay marriage, raising taxes on the rich, ect. Everything in society is going to have just a bit of people who discriminate and hate it. Nothing will ever be 100% perfect with everyone. It's just the way things are. It's the way we are. However, as I stated in the previous debate. That last time gay marriage was legalized, it was in 2013 and 6 states legalized it. A domino effect. It just takes one piece to fall, one match to spark, and we have ourselves a movement. Not a movement towards another civil war, but a movement towards peace. Towards improvement. Legalizing gay marriage will show how much we have grown as a country, how as a nation we have become stronger than before.

Everything can be solved. Everyone's voices can be heard. It takes time, it can't be an over night process. Hell it took obama 6 years for him to finally activate and put in place his healthcare plan he's been pushing for ever since he ran for president in 2008. This just shows how long our congress takes to pass laws. I know everyone wants a resolution to their problems now, but patience is what they need.
Debate Round No. 2


I'll admit, some people are religious nuts who fear if they don't deny service to a homosexual couple that they will spend eternity in hell and be tortured. I'm not saying that's right, not okay at all actually, but it's true. There isn't one race, opinion, idea, or something else that doesn't have at least one group with an overly powerful dissenting opinion. It doesn't mean that we protest in the streets because that is also extremely hypocritical even if it's for a good cause.

The thing about discrimination is that we shouldn't make laws because it will make everything so much worse. When the desegregation of African Americans happened, that several people did not want to happen, white supremacy groups like the K.K.K. had formed. Still, today, there's people who practice in white supremacy groups, and I feel like the same may happen if we give laws, and of course, change will happen overtime, but not the approach we are taking with it.


Laws give us a guideline of
Our rights. Without laws, we are left not knowing our boundaries, and one will not know when it's too far until it happens. By passing the law that gay marriage is legal, it shows us that America is ready for equality. Besides, not everyone will use the law. For example Colorado makes it legal to use medical Marijuanna. Not everyone does it, only a few. By this, states that will oppose it would only have to deal with a handful of marriages in their state.
Equality is what we should all striving for. It's what(like I've use multiple times before) women and black rights. Just put yourself in their shoes. Go to an alternative universe, a different dimension. You love a beautiful women. You're head over heels for her. She's the one for you, she's the one who knows how to make you smile. You could spend hours talking to her without losing interest, and she's always on your mind. You can't wait to marry her. Their is one problem though; it's illegal. Only same sex marriage is legal. They question you,"why don't you like the same sex". You can't help it, you love her. You want to marry her. That's all you want. Yet, no matter how compadable you two are, even though you're in love and may be better fit for marriage than others who can get married, the states restrict you.
By doing this, you see how we should pass the law and allot them to be happy. Those who oppose gay marriage aren't being sympathetic, and they aren't thinking of what if that was them.
Debate Round No. 3


Normerican forfeited this round.


I'm sadden to see my opponent didn't respond this round. I am going to do something I NEVER do in a debate. I will not state any new arguments or give any rebuttals. However, i do suggest you take into consideration when awarding points for conduct how I did give a response during the round while my opponent did not.
Good luck in the final round
Debate Round No. 4


Normerican forfeited this round.


My opponent has now forfeited for the second time. Because of this, I believe I should be inclined to receiving conduct points. Vote pro!
Debate Round No. 5
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