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Should Girls play on male sports teams?

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Started: 4/21/2016 Category: Sports
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Girls should be able to play on male sports teams because this benefits both males and females.


If we are to be consistent, then we must include full contact sports like rugby or 'American Football'. Now it is common knowledge that boys are stronger than girls after puberty, and also that many violent sports are played so young men can release stress and compare physical strength. I think it would be dangerous to allow such a thing, as many girls however competitive would simply be crushed by the enormous men that dominate said violent sports. Sure it may encourage interaction between the genders, but I think not only would it be dangerous, but also detrimental as male sports sides are generally better and so a female on the team may pull down the side. It's sad but true. Imagine a cricket match, with an enthusiastic girl going up to bat against a fast bowler.

This could only really work if teams were judged on merit, and so the very best girls may make it onto the top teams, although I fear we would still have a gender divide as the girls simply wouldn't be able to compete with the boys in terms of speed and strength.
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Not much to say here. Men and women have different physical builds. As a result men will almost always beat women in contact and even non contact sports. To mix up the genders would be to make the girls feel useless as a constant member of the B team. Separate the genders, celebrate their differences and give them equal footing. Just like in boxing there are weight divisions, it is not fair to put a 150kg man with an 80kg man, and it is not fair to put women against men.

People are so happy more women go to university than men, and they are beginning to dominate every single academic field, yet it would appear that any claims that men are better than women physically are taboo.
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Posted by Samcoder1 2 years ago
Does gender not matter in sports like boxing or wrestling? Or let's say the 100m sprint? Once in a lifetime we have someone like Ronda Rousey who could probably face down a number of the male MMA fighters today, however if we make this a rule, the women will simply lose all the time. As for the 100m, all of the men in the Olympic 100m sprint would beat their female counterparts, competitively the men would always win. As for the playground, contact sports like rugby and boxing would do no good if boys were allowed to play against girls.

As for equal pay, it's based on supply and demand. Just like there aren't enough doctors but an abundance of nurses, doctors get paid more. More people want to see men do sports, because they are physically stronger, and so more money is raised through ticket fees etc. To claim women should get equal pay when half the number of people watch them is insane.
Posted by soccerluvr 2 years ago
YES! Men & women should be able to play on the same sports teams. Gender and sports have nothing to do with each other. Who cares if a man and a woman are on the same team? Nobody should, and it's ridiculous that we are even debating this. GENDER EQUALITY, PEOPLE! Also, males and females athletes should get paid the same amount.
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