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Should God be taken out of schools?

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Started: 3/12/2013 Category: Education
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Hello. And thank you for taking the time to debate with me on this topic.
Main rules:
1. No profanity
2. No vulgar language
3. Be polite to the other
4. Answer your best

So my main focus is on of course, should God be taken out of schools? If so, why do you believe so?


I accept your challange, however does con mean you want god in schools or you do not
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, I believe that God should be in schools. But somehow it was removed years back all because of one students mother. Is it not strange how one person can influence the rest of society? Is it not in the Constitution, freedom of speech and freedom of religion? Yet, God has been removed from schools, specifically the Christian faith in God has been removed. Now, there's new laws coming into play in public schools that if a boy is claiming to be a girl may use the girls restroom, but has taken God out and has not allowed it back in... How can this be?


I guess I will have to be devils advocate literally.

Freedom of religion
Having God in schools is not right because it restricts others freedom of religion. I assume you are not just talking about a prayer each morning but also have them as an intigrated part of the classes. It would offend people hat are not Christian if their child had to go through a false prayer every morning. The government should not be allowed to tell you which religions God should be prayed to or taught in school.
Freedom of speech
If someone doesn't want to follow a religion how can we force them to sit through a prayer every morning. It would also be unfair to force them to do school work that has religious components.

Predominance of Christianity
As of now it is fair to say that Christianity is the majority religion in the United States. However, what if Islam slowly became the majority religion over Christianity. Would you be comfortable sending your child to school to learn Islamic principles and say Islamic pledges.
Debate Round No. 2


Hello an thank you for your input. However I wasnt excluding the other religions either. Sorry if I made it seem that way. I'm only stating that if everyone has some form of belief then should be considered and allowed in the schools. It would be obvious since there are so many different beliefs that there would be conflict in the schools.. But even in college they give different classes for different religions.. Now I don't agree with the other religions, but they get the option in college to take up those classes or not.. Why not in other schools? Elementary, middle and high schools...

Your right I wouldn't like if I had a child and they were in a public school being forced to pray to the Islamic god.. It probably anger me.. In the old days they actually used to have prayer and Bible readings in the school.. I don't see why that can't still happen? Might as well since Obama is permitting everything else in America.


Most collages have a large enough budget to support these extra classes and have a large enough population to have these expanded classes however high schools and middle schools could not support the extra monetary cost of making new classes. It would also be fairly impossible to have a class for all the religions that a student could be. It is just not plausible to have religion in schools and please every body.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by monkey1616 4 years ago
I believe that god should stay in school because that is my religion
Posted by Sola.Gratia 4 years ago
Thank you both. :)
Posted by Trystanharpold 4 years ago
that doesnt mean you cant debate against it.
Posted by ockcatdaddy 4 years ago
there is a law pertaining to religion not being tolerated in public schools in the United States public schools its called the seperation of church and state
here are a few links
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