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Should Heavy Gun Restriction Exist?

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Started: 12/9/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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People who want gun laws do not realize that the laws are doing several bad and illogical things. First: The reason that they want gun laws is so that criminals don't have them. Well, you know what criminals do? Break laws. Do you think that gun laws will be invulnerable to being broken by them? You would get the same result from them if you said, "Ok, all you criminals, stop breaking the laws, okay? Just give me your guns and stop being bad." Would they ever listen to that? NO. Second: Since they would still have the guns, good people would be the only people who would not have guns. If someone broke into your house with a gun, and you can't get away, you will defend your house. Oh, wait, they took your guns. You are completely defenseless now. Third: Have you ever seen a gun get up and fire at people on it's own? I'm pretty sure that I haven't. If you take our guns away, or even their guns, they can still injure or kill people with other things. People kill people, not guns.


Although this is contrary to popular belief, studies have been performed by institutions like Harvard that have supported the idea that Gun Control works. With the United States being the #1 country with the most firearms in the world, it should be to no surprise that there are also more deaths related to guns in the world. According to recent studies, For every 100 people in the United States, there are 88 firearms.
In fact, 2013's statistics show that there have been nearly 10 times as many deaths from firearms on US soil than all of the terrorist attacks in the United States combined. So, take all of the terrorist attacks in the United States (9/11, Sandy Hook, etc) add them up, and multiply that number by 10, and you get 2013's annual firearm deaths. Gun control is the solution.

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Posted by Tilar 2 years ago
Note: Great job Schoolstuff, I actually don't believe what I posted. I'm with the Con (against) in this debate, but I had to give evidence for the other side. Well done, good debate :)
Posted by alexaw1955 2 years ago
1. Australia has had extraordinary success with sweeping gun laws. Homicides by guns dropped by 59%, and gun suicides dropped by 65%.
2. Not everyone obeys stops signs, either. Should we get rid of stop signs? Cocaine is illegal, but people still use (and die from) it. Does that mean we should legalize cocaine?
When is America going to seriously review the outdated and inapplicable second amendment rights that were intended for a society where the most advanced gun was a musket?
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