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Should High Schools Give Students Tests For Depression And Anxiety?

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Started: 11/17/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As a freshman with social media, I see many of my friends go through depression over the very place that should them an education and make them feel secure. Some of these friends are now dead, others hospitalized for attempted suicide. Why? Because parents aren't told everything that goes on within these buildings. Teachers put down students for being unintelligent, and students just harass one another. This can get very serious, and that's one way to have caused anxiety and depression in students.


I accept. I will assume that my opponent is stating that tests for anxiety and depression should happen SOLELY in high schools, according to the resolution. The instigator has not noted down any other place to test for anxiety.

Problems with the resolution

I will start off with the problems of the resolution.

The resolution does not state any other valid place to make tests like these. Therefore, the instigator not only holds the BOP to show that anxiety tests should happen only in high schools, but they also need to prove why other places like hospitals, clinics and homes aren't valid for the testing for depression and anxiety.

Their intention isn't probably to argue this, but we have to debate what the resolution is saying.

Testing in high school only, or testing in other education levels?

According to the resolution, anxiety and depression tests can only be performed in high schools. This is a huge fallacy, as if this were applied, then middle schools and elementary schools, as well as kindergarten and even lower grade levels, are not eligible for tests like these and therefore the burden is dropped on the heads of even more people than before.

Let us review a case:

A typical school, meaning all levels of education, will have expert school counselers and other people who can heal anxiety and depression, including students and teachers. These people all have their own tried and true methods to test for anxiety and depression. This, as stated before, applies to all age groups and levels of education.
Say pro decides to replace the status quo with their case. Because they state that without tests for anxiety and depression the deaths or injuries of people will rise, the same will happen simply because she insists on applying it only to high schools. Therefore they directly contradict themself.

Why not hospitals?

Hospitals are also another place that should be eligible for anxiety tests, and so are clinics. Hospital and clinic staff are medically educated and trained to check for anxiety and depression in all people. They also have the proper equipment to test for anxiety, especially when the sufferer attempts to lie, like the blood pressure meter.

My opponent now has the BOP to show why the work in other areas and premises are futile on testing for anxiety and depression.


For these reasons, anxiety and depression tests should not only be performed in high schools, but other valid areas as well. My opponent has, so far, failed to fulfilled their BOP as to why only high schools should be eligible for performing anxiety and depression tests, as both the instigator and the pro side.

Good luck, pro!
Debate Round No. 1


RinClaygamine forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited. My arguments are extended.
Debate Round No. 2


RinClaygamine forfeited this round.


Extend my arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


You have quite a point in how you argued my statements. However, you made an assumption on part of the matter at hand that does not affect the portion we are debating right now. I never said that hospitals could not have tests for depression, I merely stated that high schools should be able to have said tests.
Another point being is that school, like I said, is where many of these problems are caused and some things need to be finished where they begin.


My adversary has proposed a new argument in an attempt to refute my arguments. I will counter them here:

1. My opponent truthfully states that they did not state that hospitals should not have these anxiety and depression tests. However from one point of view one could infer the resolution as "Should [only] High Schools Give Students Tests For Depression And Anxiety, [AND NOT IN OTHER PLACES]?" Or maybe "Should High Schools Give Students Tests For Depression And Anxiety, [instead of other areas and premises]?"

2. My adversary then restates a point that problems should be dealt with where they begin. However, at this point it does not correspond with the debate much. The points that I had made do not clash with this particular point that my opponent has made, and therefore stating it was futile.

I will now add rebuttals here:

1. It is a fallacy that "parents aren't told everything that goes on within these buildings". Firstly, which parents are you talking about? Secondly, are you sure this is true, and if so where did you find the information? And finally, aren't you pretty much generalizing?

2. Another fallacy is that teachers put students down for being unintelligent. This is another false generalization, as teachers these days are more encouraging, causing grade inflation [1][2]. It is important that you should make actual facts, instead of generalizations.

I await your response!

Debate Round No. 4


My opponent has made many good points, all of which back why mine are seemingly invalid. I have no more usable arguments so I believe that you have won this debate. I look forward to future debates with you in the future.


My opponent has politely conceded. I would like to wish him/her good luck in future debates!

Thank you and vote con!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by moneystacker 2 years ago
These are some questions that could help con out.

1. Does the government understand enough about our generation to set up a test?

2. Will all the students tell the truth on this test?

3. How can a test solve for depression?

4. Will these kids with depression be put into separate classes which could lead to embarrassment?
Posted by AlbertW 2 years ago
u know what I'm not so sure I hide my depression prety well and I'm always stressed out I know I shouldn't do I hide it and no one is the wiser
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Reasons for voting decision: I do not care if RinClayGamine conceded at the end of the debate, BTD still made some mistakes in his arguments and rebuttals. I agreed with nobody because the dead ends in knowledge and arguments were never ending. Btd had better conduct by the furthest degree, and spelling and grammar. Neither cited sources that were up to date (2009 inflation chart), or meaningful.