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Should History be compulsory for GCSE?

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Started: 4/6/2015 Category: Education
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History should be allowed to be compulsory for GCSE. I have many reasons for this. If History is compulsory then that mean everyone will know the history of Britain fully and will be full aware of what is happening in the world. History helps us to understand the word more and realise how lucky we are as well as making us think deep about this. History being compulsory means that we can learn more about World War 1 and 2. This is why we should make History compulsory for GSCE. Please understand.


I think History should not be compulsory because History is really bad. Try beating that ukvoltaire. :-)
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Posted by ColeTrain 3 years ago
@ukvoltaire, you're welcome. :)
Posted by ukvoltaire 3 years ago
Thank you ColeTrain for voting for me. I was thinking you will vote for Harry not me. Thanks anyway.
Posted by ukvoltaire 3 years ago
Someone vote?
Posted by ukvoltaire 3 years ago
Klaus, don't you me Ukvoltaire(me) instead of I.
Posted by Klaus_905 3 years ago
ColeTrain I think I will win. Look at what HarryLewis1234 said.
Posted by ColeTrain 3 years ago
Lol. We'll see how this goes.
@HarryLewis1234 Look over my comments, it's an easy win if you base arguments off of that. :)
Posted by HarryLewis1234 3 years ago
I Have accepted
Posted by usernamesareannoying 3 years ago
increase the character limit and I will accept
Posted by ColeTrain 3 years ago
I know you mean the subject history, but you need to specify which era of history to which you are referring. Leaving it as subjective as "history" is indeterminable. We could either be discussing the Berlin Wall or when Hannibal crossed the Alps. Clarification is essential to the success and acceptance of such a disputable resolution. Simply narrowing down the notion to a certain era will greatly benefit the debate and competitors.
Posted by ukvoltaire 3 years ago
ColeTrain, I mean the subject History.
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