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Should Hollywood Undead got rid of Deuce

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Started: 10/3/2014 Category: Arts
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I for one think they should have kept Deuce because he is really what made them who they are. Note: This is an open debate based on my curiosity of how many people think for or against. If someone accepts, i will happily try my best to sway him/her to my side. If he/she is not, well life goes on.


I accept this debate.

I am an avid listener and fan of both groups and I believe that Hollywood Undead should have gotten rid of Deuce. With First round being acceptance I'll turn this back over to Con.
Debate Round No. 1


DylanLang forfeited this round.


Contention 1: The Break-Up

Hollywood Undead and Deuce parted ways in 2010, when Deuce began to drag around a personal assistant and had all his needs cattered to him. He was then later replaced by American Idol Contestant Daniel Murrilo, AKA Danny. ( It wasn't discovered why until Johnny 3 Tears and Da Kurlzz were interviewed and they displayed this. Here is the video of the interview. ()

Here are some key quotes from the interview.

It was so bad, that I don't think there would've been another record if he was still with us", Da Kurlzz
"We bent over backwards to accommodate Deuce",- Da Kurlzz

"It was just that he didn't like being on the road, so we would have to do things to make him happy. He also claimed to be writing all the songs, and all this B.S."- Johnny 3 Tears

In an interview with JDOG and Charlie Scene reveal the rest of the story. ()

Here are some key quotes.

"He wanted to have his personal assistant (Jimmy Yuma) come on the tour. None of us have personal assistants, we're not egomaniacs. We don't need that, and he wanted the band to pay for it and we did for like four months. After that we were like, 'we're not gonna pay $800 a week to have your buddy out on tour'. We went to the airport to fly out for our next tour, and he didn't show up. We were like, what the fvck do we do? We called him and he didn't answer. So for the first 2 weeks of that tour, I sang all his parts."- Charlie Scene

Contention 2: Hollywood after Deuce.

In 2010, there song Here me now was released and became the number 2 hottest song on Itunes. Then when American Tragedy was released in January 2011, they sold out and hit #2 on Billboard 200 and #1 on the Canadian Charts. (

As you can see Hollywood Undead had to fire Deuce and they are a whole lot better than with him.
Debate Round No. 2


DylanLang forfeited this round.


All points extended. Please vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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