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Should Human Cloning Be Illegal

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Started: 12/22/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Round 1: acceptance
Round 2: both sides present cases
Round 3: Rebuttal
Round 4: closing statements.

Please don't troll.
Please use proper grammar.
Please be respectable!

I hope that we have a thought provoking argument, thank you.


Hi Pro, I accept.

For clarity, are you arguing in favour of human cloning, or in favour of making it illegal?

I suspect it will become clear soon enough, but I'm content to argue either way depending on your understanding of the premise.

Good topic - and as you say, a thought provoking one!
Debate Round No. 1


(I am for making it illegal. Sorry if that wasn't clear!)

Human cloning should illegal for the following reasons
1. We are not sure cloning is safe: even though it has been successful in multiple occasions. More times than not, it has failed. Left the clone injured or dead or the person being cloned injured or dead. Or creating beings that need to be put out of misery for their sad existence, constant pain. This 'opportunity' is causing death and suffering! The question of our morals when we could really take all those questions away, in exchange for this one!

2. Identity. What if there becomes a point where you can't tell who the clone is? Think of it this way, a crime was commited and a man who had been cloned has found guilty. The only problem: Did he or his clone commit the crime? They would eventually have to kill a being that could very well be innocent. And what about the clones themselves? Will they identify as a clone of that person or someone else entirely. Will they be treated as slaves? Killed if for material? Aren't they people as well as anyone else, just the same as someone else

3. What is the PURPOSE of cloning. Why have something that will only cost your country and you money and could very well result in failure or pain. Would we kill them? Have them as slaves? Or will they just be people? Will there be a clone rebellion? Will it be only to say 'A ha w shave done it! We have cloned someone!' That's not what science is for.

Due to all the points I've made, I rest my case.


Surgery. Cars. Interracial marriage.

Each of these were seen as morally or legally wrong at one point or another in the last two centuries, yet each of these is widely accepted in the world we live in today. The fears and uncertainties that surround society's view of human cloning today are just the latest iteration of the fear that always surrounds a great new scientific development. The advent of the printing press, the radio, computer games and the internet; each of these was seen as the end of the rational world as it was then known[1].

'Human cloning' doesn't have to mean the mass body-farms of The Island (2005)[2].

In 2014 scientists successfully cloned adult human stem cells for the first time, opening the gateway to part-cloning humans on demand [3]. In the near future humans in need will be able to grow the replacement organs they need, grown from their own cells. No years-long wait on dialysis, no fear of the transplanted organ being rejected, the cloned human organ will grant them a new lease on life - literally. Naturally the certainty is not yet there, but the vital medical research to continue in years to come will allow the greatest possible certainty long before any attempts to bring whole new humans to life. There are no known medical issues that endanger an individual donating their cells for research purposes, which means the safest course is to continue research openly and academically, not to relegate it to black market or rogue nation actors.

One day our species may reach a point where we are no longer so heavily overpopulated on our little world, and there is a need for humans to be artificially grown. Possibly a mass-efficient means of generating a sustainable population of colonists on a new world? Possibly in the wake of a world-wide pandemic? Though there may be no need today for the cloning of full human individuals, it is no less vital to continue the research today while we have the luxury of time and certainty. Waiting until we desperately need the scientific knowledge to begin research only guarantees we will not have it when we as a society want it.

There will undoubtedly be some who agree with the esteemed Pro and fear a potential loss of identity from some future date when a woman may have two or three cloned sisters. To them I say, are identical twins any less individuals because they are born with the same DNA? Certainly some share a special connection, but they each know who they are and over the years of their lives. If either is suspected of a crime, their origins do not preclude their being identified from DNA evidence. There are special tests which can differentiate individuals with the same DNA based on the epigenetic changes caused by lifestyle, environment and disease and these would likely be exactly as effective with clones as they are with identical twins[4].

In summary there is no need for humans to be cloned en masse in the world of today, but there remains a pressing need for the research that makes this possible. Life-saving research, that will bring cloned human organs from science-fiction to science present, and close the black market body farms for good.

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Androgyn 1 year ago
Ok, so what do we do with a forfeited round?

Is the debate going to update to allow us options, or is it frozen there?
Posted by John_C_1812 1 year ago
It is already illegal. Proving to people it is not fraudulent, or meant to hurt some-one is a lot harder. Until the full living human clone is made. Which would make additional crimes much more serious than they would be with just human organs.
The best analogy I could think of is it would be like putting a stop sign on a straight stretch of road. It becomes about the reason behind the sign. A stop sign on a school bus is publicly acceptable, a sign in the middle of a dessert for tumble weed, not so much.

Forgery - the action of forging or producing a copy of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art. (Google)
Forgery - the act of producing something forged.
Forged - To form or make, especially by concentrated effort.
Posted by SupGumdrop 1 year ago
Yes I did. I just saw something that interested me and went for it. The ironic thing is I probably won't be on again anytime soon :P
Posted by Perussi 1 year ago
Less than 45 minutes, 2 debates.

You just jumped right in? Didn't ya? XD
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