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Should John Bercow remain as Speaker of the House Of Commons (UK)?

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Started: 2/17/2017 Category: Politics
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John Bercow is the speaker of the UK house of commons. His job is to moderate debates, votes and Prime Minister's questions.

The Speaker is supposed to remain impartial, (Not give opinions). However, John Bercow voted remain in the UK independence referendum and voiced his distaste of President Trump in the commons.

John Bercow should remain impartial in his job. I find his Trump comments bad, however I don't think he will do it again and should remain in his job with vast support of the country and the House Of Commons. Also, when he voted he arguably wasn't on the job as speaker, simply as an MP who can vote, so I don't think it's a problem. It is clear however he leans to the right as he was a member of the conservatives beforehand. But most speakers are usually of the party in government.


He has freedom of speech. The main difference between America and any other dictatorship is freedom of speech. If he has certain view about any political candidate, he has the right to voice his opinions. Without these freedoms, there would be no difference between the UK and other countries led by one individual. In a democracy there is power to the people, as well as a constitutional monarchy. The people might vote him out of office if they are unsatisfied by what he is doing. Freedom of speech has brought many people freedom. When people don't have the right to dissent it is not a democracy. My opponent stated that he or she has found his comments on Trump "bad". What is that compared to Trump's comments on minorities? John Bercow should not be kicked out as speaker of the US commons because of his opinions. All people have their own opinions. He chose to voice his and it is unfair to kick him out of office for he, and all people in the UK, have freedom of speech. if the people are unsatisfied with his comments. The parliament can always impeach him if what he is doing is unlawful. He is only using his rights.
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