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Should Joke,Dumb,Idiot,Fake Debates be aloud on

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Started: 4/25/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I feel that "joke debates" are undermining the rest of this site. I do realize that people come to this site to debate and it is a form of entertainment, but too many people start a debate and make it a joke which makes it harder (for me at least) to find something that interests me that i can seriously think about, but i always end up having to say to myself, "oh well, they are just joking so it doesn't matter".

These are two that i have taken part in: ,

I understand that the latter is just someone who didn't get around to replying, but there should be a bit stricter regulations on debate formations, in my opinion.


I accept this debate. Also I noticed that you just joined DDO a week ago so let me first say welcome to DDO before I start arguing.

I understand where you're coming from with the notion that joke debates undermine this site, but you've only debated against other newbies (DDO members who just joined the site) so you've gotten the wrong slice of the joke pie. The purpose of a joke debate is to entertain its readers and voters. They provide satire, humor, and entertainment to readers and debaters.

For example this debate: Imabench and Socialpinko parodies the presidential election and is extremely hilarious.

For now I'll just leave my arguments at this contention and let my opponent reply.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for welcoming me and accepting my debate.

I would like to say after reading my opponent's argument that i can understand the reason behind joke debates, but now i would like to maybe suggest that we have a Joke category? I know i used my own debates as evidence, but that probably was not the right way to get my point across. Even with other individuals' debates i see people get frustrated when they have entered a debate expecting a serious debate on a matter that they are concerned with, only to find out that the instigator was "trolling". I guess all i can say now after my opponents argument, is that i understand the need for a satire of a debate and i admit some of them are pretty entertaining, but why not have a separate category for them?


I like your proposal for a joke category, but we actually have one, its the miscellaneous category. A lot of joke debates happen at the miscellaneous category, but like with the debate I showed in the last round sometimes category is transcended for the entertainment. I can see where there are some issues since there are a lot of newbies and some DDO members who try to troll serious topics with horrendous results as well as in the most extreme case break the rules of conduct of DDO. Because of this there have been "trials" by trials I mean debates that address certain trolls who's conduct is irresponsible here in DDO, and the voting essentially becomes a verdict of guilty and banishment or acquittal and being allowed to remain in DDO.
Debate Round No. 2


As you said that the Misc. Category is technically for joke debates, but what i am proposing is an exclusive category for joke debates not just Misc. Joke debates need to be regulated more because i don't think they need to be seen on the front page of the website. Its almost like having a kindergarten drawing covering a picasso.


Well, the miscellaneous category is a one size fits all type of category that encompasses joke and troll debates. Rather than creating an exclusive joke category, I recommend instigating your own serious debate and place some rules to prevent trollling. Making your own debate may seem time consuming, but it's really not. Just a type a resolution, specify the category, who you want to debate, and make some rules or your beginning arguments.... And Voila a serious debate is born. (I personally recommend 5 rounds for a serious debate.

Again welcome to DDO and I hope you find the serious debates you were looking for.
To the readers vote pro!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GeekiTheGreat 4 years ago
To be honest, this debate was started because of Imabench. I get very annoyed that so many people go out of there way to make him seem like a moron, when the truth is he really isn't, but people like Imabench are part of the problem still. I personally don't enjoy any of his debates and i cannot read halfway through them.
Posted by Misfire 4 years ago
I think nonserious debates should be strictly regulated, if not abolished. I would gladly discuss the topic with you, but seeing as how we agree that would be yet another wasted debate on this website. I'm a relatively new member of, but I've already found it very hard to find legitimate debates that interest me, and it's even harder to find debates in which both participants take the matter seriously.

I used to be a member of a forum that revolved around strictly 'touch subjects.' We had numerous threads about anything and everything from religion to philosophy to politics where would just vent and argue for the fun of it. The moment anything became serious, however, there was a challenge made and the argument went straight to the Debate thread. There were strict time limits, rules requiring you to present and highlight your thesis, incite your sources (with footnotes providing the actual resources), and follow-up periods regulated by peer judges. This system worked very well, and from what I can tell, it is superior to the one used here.

I must say, however, that forums are a quite different medium than a website devoted strictly to debates.

Maybe a solution is to simply flag idiotic, stupid, or otherwise pointless debates so that they are sent to a 'junk debate' area where they may continue if the parties desire, or where they may be forgotten.
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Reasons for voting decision: A joke debate is also a pretty good way to practice... Anyway con changed his mind pretty rapidly, and switched to another resolution, one I agree with, but not the point of this debate itself.