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Should Junior High Schools drop electives to cut expenses?

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Started: 12/14/2015 Category: Education
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Removing electives from Junior High Schools will diminish the creativity in students. Electives help student reach their full potential that they are not able to express in their other classes.


I disagree. As your response was short, I will try to keep mine to a minimum. You say that removing electives will diminish creativity. First of all, there are still afterschool activities to be considered. You can also go to one of them! Electives do not help students reach their full potential. Studying in math class, reading in language, that's what makes a student reach their full potential. If a student is really struggling, then, as I mentioned, after school activities.
Also, you said should junior high schools remove electives if the school is running low on money. Banishing electives is better than anything else. What, would you rather have the school cut classes, the main reason school was invented? Cut lunch in school? Cut recess and free time equipment, cut the computers and electronics? Cutting electives is the best option, and if the school is running low, they can just put electives back up onec they do gain money.
Debate Round No. 1


I must disagree. They cannot just put electives back once they regain the money. The teachers will have other jobs and will not bother to come back to that particular school.

What if some students do not have the time to go to after school activities and events? When will they be able to express themselves when at school?

I believe that instead of cutting electives, schools should decrease the amount of tests that the students take every year. That would cut down on the cost of paper because they wouldn't use as much paper as they do now. Plus, most students dislike the tests and excessive stress that comes with them.

Junior High Schools need electives so students and teachers get to express themselves in something they love so much.


Thank you for responding.

I must say, yes, they can. Once they have enouh money, there's job applications. In having people apply for jobs, the can find a just as good person to teach electives, maybe even better. It is also not necessary that the teachers will have other jobs, they took a job at the school and might want to come back there. If not, then my previous statement about applications.

They can express themselves at school. In lunch, or recess, they can sing, draw, they can dance. Not having enough time to do even one after school activity once a week? That is pretty unlikely. It is not impossible, though. The sudent afforementioned, if he or she does not have enough time to go to events and activities, can do it at home. Art, dance, music...all can be done at home, and the student can do it to their heart's content.

Tests are there for a reason. They are there to test the student on their knowledge, making sure that the are having effort in class. Reducing the amount of tests would be a waste. The cost of paper? I know how much paper Art uses, and it's less than tests. One elctive uses paper less than tests. In fact, I didn't even get started on songbooks for music, manuals for woodshop. Plus, if they cut off electives, they will be reducing around 40% of their money. That is a lot. The reason is that electives cost so much is that they take extra materials, such as fabric, paints, pom-poms, even paper, as you put it. Far more than just plain paper for tests.

This is why I think Junior High schools could cut down on electives.
Debate Round No. 2


May I remind you, Junior High Schools do not have recess, therefore, are not able to express themselves in any other learning environment than during their elective classes.

Once they get job applicants for the electives, Junior High Schools could lose that money again before they even hire anyone to fill that position.

I am in Junior High, and I do Karate 3 days a week and I also play the flute. There is bot time or room on my plate for me to do a sport. Others like me barely have time to do homework. If we need that time to do homework, than when are we supposed to attend meetings for sports?


RarityIsReady forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Caity18951 2 years ago
Junior High is the time for students to express the truest part of themselves.
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