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Should Land and territory renamed by Rome be given its name back?

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Started: 12/1/2015 Category: Religion
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Israel had their land taken from them from the Romans.

Israel had their lands renamed by the Romans to no longer be called Israel.

Should Israel receive its name back on the territory that Romans took?

I want to know the historical reasoning why the answer is no.

For all sense and purposes I say that Israel should.

Why? It was given to them by their GOD in the Old Testament.

Jesus Christ was technically found in the time-frame they would have named it Palestine if I understand the time-frame correctly.

But note... why didn't the scriptures refer to it as Palestine back then if it was accepted by the Jews?


I'm just accepting this round. Name some places that have been renamed by the Romans, and we'll go on a case-by-case basis.
Debate Round No. 1


Far as I am aware (If you know of more than one location please let me know so I can be aware) , Rome only renamed Israel due to the fact of their defiance against Rome and everything they were trying to put in place religiously as a roman versus what the Jews believed.


All right, let's begin with Israel. If you believe the Bible (we have reason to give it credit in this case), the first name of Israel was Canaan, then "the Promised Land" then "the United Kingdom" then "the Divided Kingdom" then "Palestine" (from Hebrew "pelesheth") then "Judea" (after the Jews returned from Babylon) then "Palestine" again under the Romans ("Palestine" being a Latin word for "Judea" and "Israel"), though a Roman would never have referred to the territory as "Palestine" because it was actually made up of several territories, including Chalcis and Abilene, Iturea, Galilee, Samaria, and Idumea. It was known as "Palestine" under Christian and Islamic rule, and finally became known as "Israel" in 1948. Which shows, fairly conclusively, that, if the Romans renamed Israel, then we don't know what the hell they renamed it from, nor what they named it, and we do not today use their name. We do use the name Britain, from Britannia, for the main island of the UK, but that's just because that was the Latin word for the island, so I would suggest something similar for the holy land.
Debate Round No. 2


The rule of Israelites in the land of Israel starts with the conquests of Joshua (ca. 1250 BCE). The period from 1000-587 BCE is known as the "Period of the Kings". The most noteworthy kings were King David (1010-970 BCE), who made Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, and his son Solomon (Shlomo, 970-931 BCE), who built the first Temple in Jerusalem as prescribed in the Tanach (Old Testament).

In 587 BCE, Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar's army captured Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple, and exiled the Jews to Babylon (modern day Iraq).

The year 587 BCE marks a turning point in the history of the region. From this year onwards, the region was ruled or controlled by a succession of superpower empires of the time in the following order: Babylonian, Persian, Greek Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Empires, Islamic and Christian crusaders, Ottoman Empire, and the British Empire.
63 BCE-313 CE Roman The Roman army led by Titus conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Second Temple at 70 CE. Jewish people were then exiled and dispersed to the Diaspora. In 132, Bar Kokhba organized a revolt against Roman rule, but was killed in a battle in Bethar in Judean Hills. Subsequently the Romans decimated the Jewish community, renamed Jerusalem as Aelia Capitolina and Judea as Palaestina to obliterate Jewish identification with the Land of Israel (the word Palestine, and the Arabic word Filastin originate from this Latin name).

The remaining Jewish community moved to northern towns in the Galilee. Around 200 CE the Sanhedrin was moved to Tsippori (Zippori, Sepphoris). The Head of Sanhedrin, Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi (Judah the Prince), compiled the Jewish oral law, Mishna

So, tell me, of all these sources, listed.

What ones would you not consider acceptable or accurate and why?


So we have conflicting sources. But your sources all confirm me, because you forgot the debate question: Should land and territory renamed by Rome be given its name back? Your sources fight amongst themselves. Some of them mention Judea, others Pelesheth, others Canaan. But they ALL mention Israel (which, in case you didn't notice, is the name of the country today). Actually, Israel is a bit of an anglicization, but we'll let it slide. If you object to the part of Israel now known as the Palestinian Authority, those people ARE Palestinian, since they lived in Israel after the revolt that the Romans put down. They do not identify with Israelis, and should not be given the same name.

On a side note, I've never seen a newspaper from Trinidad and Tobago be used to back up a point about Israel (not that I'm saying it's wrong).
Debate Round No. 3


Pigzooka in an attempt to be fair and honest.

I do not feel like I have adequate time or proper references to adequately give the best feedback to your statement.

It very well could be that you are right, but as I say this I do not have the right mentality and time to adequately respond right now.

I will defer my last response with a thank you for the information you have provided since I have sought this for a better educational purpose more than anything else.

I am unable to properly formulate what I would determine an adequate response and want to thank you for the information you have provided from how you see and have your information.


Well, thanks for the debate.
Debate Round No. 4


waterscalming forfeited this round.


Dum de doo...
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by 666666 2 years ago
Remember Israel was created in 1948. So this argument doesn't make sense
Posted by waterscalming 2 years ago

I don't know, this site tells me and I'm sure I can provide more links as well, that would state something different of how it was the Romans who changed the name of Israel.

As well, how come you attack the post *this is dumb*.

After the second Jewish revolt under Bar Cochba (A.D. 132-135) it is said the Roman emperor Hadrian renamed the land of Israel and Judea as Palastina ('Palestine') after the ancient enemies of the Jews - the Philistines. Because of his hatred of the Jews, it was meant to be an insult to dishonor them and remove their history. Hadrian built Aelia Capitolina, in the area of the destroyed Temple and dedicated it to Jupiter-Zeus demonstrating the supremacy of the Roman deities in Judea. He then forbid the Jews from entering.

Are you showing your intelligence level your or ignorance level in your post?

I would probably state both if you want to go around insulting.

Debate me if you are so keen to just insult and run away.
Posted by BrendanD19 2 years ago
This is dumb, nations choose what to call themselves. Name one place where the Roman name are still used, excluding places where the Romans translated the local names.
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