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Should MMA Be a Main Stream Sport?

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Started: 3/2/2011 Category: Sports
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The Sport of Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA should be a main stream sport, and legalized in all places where it is currently out lawed, (New York State for example) on the grounds that it can create outcome since it is one of the hottest sports out there right now. It has all the makings of sheer sport juggernaut.

1. Devoted fan base.

2. Big every night.

3. Main Stream Big Names (Chuck Liddell, Rampage Jackson, Hershel Walker now)
**Barley for Mr. Walker**

4. It attracts crowds in hordes.

Also if it does become more of a main stream sport then it will be able to produce real income for the athletes who put their bodies on the line when they fight. Making sure that though they take a beating they will have something to fall back on in their time of need may it be due to injury, etc.


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) should not be a mainstream sport because of the following:

1. It may cause harm to those who participate in it.

2. It may lead to violent thoughts being spread to people who watch it, and eventually spread into society.

3. Decrease emphasis on education, especially for children, and instead encourage things such as fighting.

4. This may lead to vicious and bloodthirsty personalities in many of the audiences.

Due to the following reasons above, MMA should not be a main stream sport because it induce harmful effects into all aspects of our culture, and into our society.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you picking this up, hopefully we can have a nice fun debate.

Now then I'm going to rip your reasons into little pieces :)

1. Hence why i would love to see it become main stream like the NFL, NHL, MLB, EPL, NASCAR, etc. This way that if they do happen to get hurt they would hopefully be making money off the purse of the fight so that they can see a doctor, or get the surgery needed to, to live a healthy life again.

2. Violent Thoughts? Really now? This may be difficult to believe but violent thoughts are common to most people yet this doesn't cause civil unrest or violence as you are suggesting. It is just another part of our life style.

MMA would in no way cause people to become violent towards each other in an extreme level that is. Though it is possible during a fight between fans anyway. Instead it would cause the exact opposite; it would cause people to join gyms, get in shape, and better themselves. Not only that they will learn to defend themselves, they will also learn discipline and everything that comes with studying martial arts in a gym.

3. Decrease emphasis on education? Fighting is not for everyone there will people who would rather pick up a book then pick up a pair of gloves. So that is a poor misjudgment on your behalf.

Education is always at odds with MMA true, but that won't mean it'll overshadow the importance of education, but rather those in MMA will become better students in a sense thanks to the discipline and focus they develop while in the gym.

4. Though this is a valid point. The bloodthist would only be present while there are fights going on, or the fans themselves are in combat. This is also prevalent in all other sports, so to compare it to just MMA is laughable.

The Ball is in your court now.


However, even though there may be doctor's in place to help the fighters, the fighters may still be harmed with a doctor or without a doctor at hand. You said that "if they do happen to get hurt they would hopefully be making money off the purse of the fight so that they can see a doctor, or get the surgery needed to, to live a healthy life again." However, has it ever occurred to you that your reasoning is faulty because first, the winner must spend the prize on the medical care, and second, the medical care may require complex things such as "surgery", which may potentially cause permanent harm?

In addition, you said that "violent thoughts are common to most people yet this doesn't cause civil unrest or violence". However, I was not suggesting that. Violent thoughts are not part of our "life style", and are socially unacceptable. For example, if a person were to express violent thoughts in public, they would immediately be looked down upon. It simply is not alright for people to be allowed to view violence with such a trivial attitude.

Further, in rebuttal for your claim that MMA would cause people to join gyms and learn discipline and learn to defend themselves, there is no proven link between MMA watching and working out. Instead, the effects of MMA and violence upon people are exactly the opposite, they would want to watch more bloody, more violent fights instead. Lastly, you did concede that this may cause fights between fans anyway, which is another violent side effect of making MMA a mainstream sport.

Finally, my point on education is valid, as presenting MMA to the public would merely place emphasis on ideals such as violence and brutality, instead of the more kinder aspects of human nature, such as compassion and kindness. The public would become so jaded to watching all of these violent fights, that they will not become educated on something that all humans should know, being kind to others and treating others fairly. The presentation of MMA as a mainstream sport would take away from ideals and virtues that everybody should have knowledge about.

Lastly, to comment on your concession of my fourth point, there are no other real sports in which the bloodthirst of audiences is very prevalent. For example, you may compare it to Judo, or Taekwondo, yet in these sports, people are always taught to respect their opponents, and not to seek and hurt them. However, MMA presents a bloodthirsty image to the audiences, encouraging them to follow suit.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to thank my opponent for their quick response.

1. You are kind of agreeing with my point here are you not? From your statements I have gotten that you would not like to make MMA a mainstream sport due to the fact that fighters may get hurt. This one of the reasons why i would like to see this sport become a main stream sport, because the truth is in this sport people get hurt and without incentive, or a cash flow for the sport there will be nothing that can be done for these people who go out there and put their lives out on line. For that they should be rewarded so that they can get the help needed, or if the sport does create enough revenue the fighters could receive benefits, like health insurance, etc.

2. What i meant by violent thoughts was, if someone cuts you off for example while driving, you say in your head anyway "What a, *Explicative* I should *Explicative Statement*" That is unless you show great self-control, are a pacifist. In which case MMA shouldn't concern you in the first place, as you would most likely not be a supporter, or viewer, and for the fans? In every sport fans fight, look at Red Sox's and Yankee fans in baseball, sometimes you're better off putting them in a cage and letting them fight. They really get at it. MMA fans are usually too busy just enjoying the moment to fight each other.

3. As i said in a previous statement. There will always be those who would prefer education over MMA. Even those who do not take MMA seriously but just do the sport for leisure would pick up focus, and discipline from there training.

4. Have you watched football games, baseball, or even hockey games recently? Those fans are ready to kill each other at times. To say MMA fans would become unruly is about the same as all in any other sports.


1. Regarding the issue of fighters getting hurt, NotoD, no, I am not agreeing with your your point. You are saying that people often get hurt for no incentive, as that is reality. So therefore, you want to make MMA a mainstream sport because then it will provide them with a cash flow so that they could get medical attention or health insurance. Yet, just because people do get hurt anyways does not justify the fact that we should hurt people on purpose and give them money afterwards. Even though they can get health insurance, they would have been better off in the first place, without any injuries or money from MMA at all.

2. Again, not everyone has violent thoughts. Even though people may use explicatives or shout things out in anger, MMA will induce different kinds of violent thoughts, such as those of attacking others and hurting others, as it is so popular within MMA. In addition, when you said that fans in other sports get "unruly", it is because they are caught up in the heat of the moment in the game, and often get emotional. However, MMA will lead people to attack each other cold-bloodidly, as MMA gives the fans these thoughts.

3. Furthermore, discipline has nothing to do with MMA. MMA is where two people fight it out in a rink, not where people learn to be disciplined, such as in Martial Arts like Taekwondo. In addition, not many fans will pick up focus either, as shown in other sports. For example, in football, many people will watch football, and then play football. They won't spend the hours training or going through the so-called disciplinary training of the football programs, they only want to play. This is the same with MMA, all the fans will do is want to fight, not go through all the training.

So, all in all, MMA should not be allowed to be a main-stream sport because of its violent nature, induction of violent thoughts, harm to the participants, and its lack of emphasis on other important topics such as education.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Mediator 7 years ago
Yeah....but Taekwondo has a different system of sparring than MMA
Posted by losedotexe 7 years ago
Just was skimming through. Tae Kwon Do is a fighting style within MMA.

Also, I didn't see any sources even suggesting anything you guys claimed... :/
Posted by Mediator 7 years ago
Good Debate NotoD! This was my first time so it gave me some insight on how to debate in this format. Good luck on the voting!
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Reasons for voting decision: Con provided no clash with pro, while I feel pro proved their point, that other athletes get hurt in their sport as well. also for con, their constructive arguments where all maybes, and point three was unwarranted. so that was a voting issue. Con does ge the conduct point however, because of pro saying they wherer going to rip their case to little pieces, and general catty demenor.
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