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Should Male Gym Teachers be assigned to the males , And Female gym Teachers be assigned to the femal

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Started: 3/8/2013 Category: Education
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In schools' there are always people that complain about Male/Female Teachers are always staring at them. Personally as a woman, most girls do not like to stretch with there butt in the air why they are surrounded by men. Most of us girls just turn around when ever we have awkward stretch. I think It would be Better If Female Teachers where assigned to the female students in the School , and Male Students would be assigned to the Male gym Teacher.


My Refutations

I. Depends on Classes and Teachers

For gym, there are many different classes. There are standard gym classes, team sports classes, racquet sports classes, body toning, strengh training, etc. and sometimes only one gym teacher handles that class. For example, let's say a gym teacher by the name of Mr. Imabench is in charge of racquet sports. He teaches only one class every semester because that fits the numbers of kids that want to be in it. There are three other gym teachers (Mr. 16kadams, Mr. Proglib, and Mrs. Wallstreetatheist), but none of them want to do racquet sports and they teach something else. So even while Mrs. Wallstreetatheist is a woman, she would rather handle body toning rather than racquet sports.

II. Students

Let's say that rule is made by the principle of the school (Mr. Airmax1227) that girls can only be with women as teachers and boys can only be with men as teachers. In Mr. Imabench's racquet sports class, he has only three boys. Eleven girls wanted to be in the class, but could not because no woman teached the racquet sports class. This means eleven girls, who might have wanted to take the class in order to get credits, are denied the class. Some might even be on the girl's tennis team. Meanwhile, in Mr. Imabench's class, there are three boys. Remember, tennis is played with one vs. one or two vs. two, but one player is left out. That sucks.

III. Changes in Teachers

Let's say Principle Airmax1227 fires Mr. 16kadams for smoking marijuana in the locker room (he then flees to Portugal). Mr. 16kadams handled a basic gym class and two strength training class. Because of the rule, they all have boys in them. However, the only person who wants to be hired to replace the fired teacher is Mrs. Contra. Principle Airmax1227 has to either disband the three classes, which only have boys, or hire Mrs. Contra, which means eliminating all three classes anyway, since they have boys (a small amount of girls are shifted to Mrs. Contra's standard gym class, but no girl wants to take strengh training, meaning wasted time and a wasted class.

IV. Too Many Classes

Integrated classes means a diversity of boys and girls, which means less classes. This is because you have have more people in a class and not make a complex class system where girls are only in one class and boys are in only one class. Instead you have one big class with one teacher.

V. For the Future

There is no doubt that in the future, girls and boys will work together and socialize together. By segregating gender in gym class, you take away time for girls and boys to work together to build future career skills, specifically in physical activities.
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Jesus, this is going to go on for over a week. I win.
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The concludes this debate.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by 1Historygenius 4 years ago
Posted by bladerunner060 4 years ago
Creepiness is either objectively there or subjectively there.

If someone is actually a creeper, they'll stare. On the flip side, some students make claims along the lines of "Ugh, Teacher X is always staring" regardless of whether staring is occurring or not.

In the first case, things would not be entirely solved by your position, Pro, as there are creepy homosexuals just as there are creepy heterosexuals.

And in the second case (which I believe to be far more common), the teacher's actual homo or hetero -sexuality has no bearing on the students claiming a creepy behavior where none is present. They'll just switch their claims from "Mr. X is always staring" to "Mrs. X is always staring, she must be a lesbian".
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