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Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Medicinal Use

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Started: 1/26/2009 Category: Politics
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I find it absurd to think that there are people in the world who think that marijuana has no medicinal benefits to patience with such diseases as Cancer, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy.
I feel strongly that the use of cannabis should not only be legalized but encouraged in cases where it could actually help. My uncle was diagnosed with MS 9 years ago and slowly his body started to deteriorate from the inside. He became unstable in his walking ability and the pain from the deterioration caused him to have extreme difficulty sleeping. Once he was prescribed Marijuana he called my father in tears of happiness, for the medicine had allowed him not only to walk with complete balance, but even to jog. Upon use of his medical Cannabis in the evenings he was able to sleep without any problems. Now as the disease has progressed his walking has become even more unbalanced but there is no denying that the Marijuana still helps him manage the searing pain from the deterioration of his nerves. Cannabis still allows my uncle to sleep through the night without having to worry about waking in the middle of the night in terrible and excruciating pain. This herb has made the life of a terminally ill person that much easier, and how dare anyone deny him this right.

It is ludicrous to think that the federal government wishes not only to deny him the right to a less painful way of life but they also wish to arrest him and others in similar positions for simply wishing to live as much of a pain free life as possible.


Marijuana should not be legalized for medicinal use, just because it relieves pain.
The drug in mention might relieve pain, but also would harm the body, and cause more threatening side effects to the patient. Since marijuana does do harm to the body while relieving pain, patients should instead try pain killers that do less damage to the body.
On another note
By legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, the percentage of illegal marijuana trade would go up drastically. Drug dealers could possibly fake illnesses to get said drug, or people with illnesses that requires said drug would get the drug and sell excess drugs to another party.
examples of drug dealing through legalization of medicinally used marijuana
Party A fakes a disease to get the drug
Party A then sells drug to party B

another example

Party A has ms and gets subscribed a marijuana based drug
Party A sells marijuana to party B who overdoses, and dies.
Party A goes to a different hospital/pharmacy and gets a different prescription for a pain killer
1 month later party A refills his prescription for the marijuana based drug and sells to party C who has negative side effects
cycle repeats through the whole **** alphabet
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for taking this debate, now, my opponent is saying that the possibility of people abusing the system to get Marijuana is more important then helping a human being relieve pain, especially terminally ill people. Can you really be so selfish as to deny a dying man or woman the right to a peaceful and pain free death. As a rebuttal to my opponents arguments:
1. "Party A fakes a disease to get the drug Party A then sells drug to party B"
What my opponent is automatically assuming is that doctors do not have either the integrity to prescribe the MEDICINE to people who actually need it or they are just to stupid to realize when someone is faking symptoms to legally obtain an illegal substance.

2. "Party A sells marijuana to party B who overdoses, and dies." Here my opponent simply is stating the impossible, it is IMPOSSIBLE to overdose on Marijuana. There has never been a single documented case IN HISTORY of someone who has overdosed or died from the use of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

3. "Party A goes to a different hospital/pharmacy and gets a different prescription for a pain killer
1 month later party A refills his prescription for the marijuana based drug and sells to party C who has negative side effects." First, I would like to know what negative side effects party C would be suffering from after the use of the excess Marijuana, but I had trouble understanding the line of events in my opponents third example.

Also my opponent says that with the legalization of medicinal Marijuana the illegal drug trade would increase. I disagree on the simple grounds that people who already illegally use Marijuana will still get it from whoever they get it from or if they actually need the herb for medical reasons they could get a prescription and get it legally which would actually decrease the amount of people illegally obtaining Marijuana.


zeast3 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


As my opponent has forfeited i think it is pretty sure that I have won this debate... but to all readers please vote because I would love to know your opinions as well


zeast3 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Chuckles 8 years ago
"Party A sells marijuana to party B who overdoses, and dies."

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. good lord. why do people take these debates thinking they know something cuz their DARE officer told them?
Posted by Go_Halos 8 years ago
to MRSMOOTH27, medical marijuana is not legal, in 9 states it is legal but in the other 41 its still banned at federally it is still illegal
Posted by mrsmooth27 8 years ago
Because the topic says "legalized," it is impossible to debate this topic. Medicinal marijuana is legal and, therefore, can not be legalized.
Posted by person9 8 years ago
Exactly. Why I said it should be MEDICALLY available. Hence why I wouldn't pick up this debate.

Outlawing it completely to get rid of some stupid users is unfair to the terminally ill.
Taking advantage of the law to help sick people is also unfair and irresponsible.

Fake prescriptions and exaggerated complaints are what is unfortunate here.
Posted by Go_Halos 8 years ago
I firmly believe that people taking advantage of the use of medical marijuana is completely worth the benefits of terminally ill people and others who NEED it.
Posted by joshuaXlawyer 8 years ago
isnt it already being used for medical use in hostpitals?
Posted by person9 8 years ago
I would take up this debate, but I'm not solidly against it. If it DOES HELP for real in a situation like this person or other terminally ill people, it should be used *as a medicine*.

However, due to exchanges like this one on a Ms. High-Times (contest for most attractive weed-smoking girl) forum:
Guy: Hey babe what kind of mary jane u smoke?
Girl : Medical ;-)

It is obvious to see, through this post, many on YouTube, and many across the internet and in real life, that this blanket "medical" term is doing more than helping painfully ill people. It is enabling many fakers to take advantage of such unprovable and minor "illnesses" like insomnia, back or stomach "pain", and sometimes ADD. By simply complaining, some people can secure a "prescription" and obtain marijuana for clearly NON MEDICAL PURPOSES.

So I'd rather not say that it should be banned outright, because like many plants and materials, it may be helpful to some people and conditions when used as intended. However, the regulation and current policy is enabling FAR MANY MORE people to use "medical" as an excuse for obtaining legal marijuana and using it for recreational purposes! This is blatant abuse of something which was put in place to help actual, sometimes terminally, suffering people.

Whether or not you agree with it being illegal outside of this medical realm is up to you. My statements rest on the current legality of the substance and does not represent any instigating opinions towards its legality in general.
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