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Should Marijuana (and other Drugs) be legalized in the United States?

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Started: 7/4/2015 Category: Society
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First round is acceptance in the debate. I am "Pro", meaning that I am for Marijuana and other drugs being legalized; and my opponent shall be "Con".

Definitions within the debate:
Drugs: A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body

Marijuana: Cannabis, especially as smoked in cigarettes

Legalized: Make (something that was previously illegal) permissible by law.

Good luck to who ever accepts!



Marijuana should never EVER be legalised in the United States. I should start off by stating how marijuana can affect you. Marijuana can cause immediate rapid heart beat, lack of physical coordination and disorientation. Marijuana can also cause severe depression and sleepiness. Marijuana might also lead to panic attacks and anxiety. The active ingredients can also stay in your body for weeks causing severe damage. Marijuana doesn't just cause physical damage,marijuana can also cause brain damage. Now, think about it. If marijuana is legalised in the United States, teenagers will go crazy over it. Marijuana can also be extremely addictive for people. Marijuana can damage both your physical and mental health, thats why it should NEVER be legalised.
Debate Round No. 1


Before beginning my first argument, let me just state that my opponent did not accept the first round and posted his or her first argument. Which is not fair for my side, so please voters take that into consideration; unless he or she penalizes him or herself for the next round or any other rounds. Now to my argument!

I will begin by stating my argument first, then rebuttal against my opponent. My argument on why Marijuana (or any other drug) should be legalized because of the income it receives. Stating this claim, I like to share a little information about myself. I live in the state of Colorado, where Marijuana and other drugs are legalized; and it has factually benefited our state financially wise. The money spent on the drugs actually goes towards certain locations that require the money; examples being Police Stations and Schools. So if Marijuana is bad, why is it going toward good causes?

My opponent's opening argument was the consequences for the usage of marijuana. Which is admittedly and factually true, myself included on refusing to use the drugs, but we must consider the fact of "self responsibility". Self responsibility is defined as: "The state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one's power, control, or management". The individual purchasing the drugs is his or her own decision to go forth with the idea, not the governments job; but if he or she is willing to place the consequence on his or her own body, why not get some money for it?

Stated in a statistic, from "In Debate Over Legalizing Marijuana", it states that 68% of people favor the idea of legalizing Marijuana; and interesting enough that 40%, of the 68%, don't even do drugs. So if Marijuana harms people, then why do people, who don't even do drugs, want in legalized? Because of the profit that is made, and benefits it can have.

For now, this will be my opening argument, where i will later add more upon this debate. Good luck to my opponent!



The selling of Marijuana will not boost the economy. Marijuana will increase the amount of lazy people because of the brain damage Marijuana causes. People who take Marijuana wouldn't even be able to work because they are stoned all the time, they barely even have the energy to get off their couch and go to work! If people want to help the economy, they shouldn't waste their money buying drugs that are harmful to their body. Also, based on a 2014 National Institute on drug abuse, it is shown that people who start smoking a large amount of marijuana in their teens lost an average of 8 points in IQ
We should prevent young adults and teenagers from Marijuana at all costs, it's not a matter of self responsibility. Besides, people can actually die from smoking Marijuana and we shouldn't get money in that way. It is our responsibility to teach teenagers to never ever smoke marijuana and legalising marijuana is just going to cause an increase in the amount of people who smokes marijuana.
Debate Round No. 2


Before continuing on with any new arguments, I will rebuttal against my opponent with his or her arguments. To begin, my opponent states that the legalization of Marijuana would not boost our economy in any way. My opponent states this claim, without any sort of evidence to support his or her argument; while I will. Previously, I mentioned that the legalization of Marijuana would boost our country's economy. Stated in a Huffington Post Article and Daily Dot Article, it states that Marijuana is a 13.7 billion dollar business within the country. And for states that did legalize it, they received more money in tax revenue than other states that did not legalize Marijuana. My example, I brought previously, was Colorado where last year they made 60 million in Tax Revenue for the legalization. An obvious high grossing business that could shine towards our country's economy, but is being restrained because of people being afraid.

My opponent then makes a claim that Marijuana will increase the amount of lazy people within our society, and the main threat to this laziness is Marijuana, claimed by my opponent. Doesn't alcohol do the same thing to people? Alcohol is defined as: "A colorless volatile flammable liquid that is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks, and is also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel". Alcohol has been said to cause damage to numerous portions of the body, with its consumption; the same as Marijuana in a way, yet is legal within the U.S. Alcohol also causes laziness, like stated on the article "How Alcohol causes Depression and Laziness", and similar effects to which my opponent stated. Examples, included by my opponent, is: Brain Damage, Lack of Work, Lack of Energy, Wasting Money, and Loss of IQ; similar qualities as the consumption of Alcohol. So if my opponent claims that we should ban Marijuana for these reasons, should Alcohol also being banned because of its harmful effects?

Also, quoted by my opponent, he or she stated: "We should prevent young adults and teenagers from Marijuana at all costs, it's not a matter of self responsibility", even though it is self responsibility. Defined previously, self responsibility is: "The state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one's power, control, or management". This debate, in facts, revolves around self responsibility because of the decision made, by the consumer, to take the drug in the first place. My opponent claims that teenagers need to stay away from Marijuana, and I will agree, but who is there to stop them? Parents can try, but a teenager controls his or her own life. Let them make their own decision, of self responsibility, and determine what hey want to do. If they want to smoke marijuana, let them pay the money to benefit our economy; if they refuse to smoke, that is fine because it is their decision.

Now to my new argument of why the legalization of Marijuana would benefit the United States. I will first start by saying that legalizing Marijuana will reduce the crime rate within the country. Stated under the article, "Legalizing Marijuana May Actually Reduce Crime, Study Says", it states that reducing restrictions for Marijuana will actually benefit the Police. It will benefit them for not being concerned on doing constant drug busts, but place more focus towards more violent crimes; the crimes being Murder and Assault. And further into the article, it stated that the legalization of Marijuana will actually make the country much safer, by a whole 23%! Even though it may cause harm to one individuals body, it will bring more safety within the country. As well as lower the population of arrests for using drugs that were illegal within the state.

Stated in a statistic, from "Drug War Facts", it states that in the year 2013, there was 1.5 million arrests for Drug Busts. 82% of those were because of using Marijuana illegally, than the other percentage for overdosing themselves and others; later resulting in a murder. If the legalization of Marijuana was allowed, prisons would not be as overcrowded as much, and would only keep the real criminals. The real criminals having the cases of robberies and murder. So, how is the legalization of Marijuana bad if it keeps giving these benefits?



cryingnacho forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Now to my closing argument! Since my opponent did not argue in the last round, that must make me the victor for this debate because of having superior points than my opponent. My opponent claims that it will damage the individuals body if Marijuana is used, and I admit it would; but that is called "self responsibility", where its the consumers decision to decide to use the drug or not. If they decide to be idiotic, why not get some money from it? Its similar to the consumption of Alcohol, with its effects; except it has a higher profit made.

So why not legalize it if it has its benefits to contribute to our economy?


cryingnacho forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to Pro because of forfeiture. S&G was pretty much equal. Arguments to Pro because of effective comparison to alcohol and contribution to economy. I was disappointed not to see points from Pro like how marijuana will be/is filtered and regulated when it's sold from a corporation and not when off the street, along with hinting on more regulations in general. Sources to Con because generally more reliable sources were used on Con side as opposed to *see sarcasm* VERY reliable sources such as "the weed blog." I was also surprised in this debate because the content was solely on marijuana and the topic was an umbrella of all drugs.