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Should Marijuana be legalized?

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Started: 12/15/2014 Category: Health
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I believe that Marijuana should not be legalized! It is bad for people's health, not just for their own but for other people's health. People should not let Marijuana be legalized, because it numbs the senses, senses that people need to drive, talk, understand the meaning of stuff, and their emotions. Marijuana may produce anxiety, fear, distrust, or panic, all the while they believe that they can still continue to drive. Therefore I believe that Marijuana should not be legalized at all.


DISCLAIMER: I have to n00b snipe this for my 420th debate... I just have to! Please note there is a 1,000 character limit max.

The benefits to pot legalization are significant while criminalization creates harmful effects. Despite tobacco and alcohol being more dangerous to one's self and others, it is legal along with other drugs that affect cognition. Pot criminalization is therefore hypocritical. Con argues the dangers of pot, but never proves they are likely. In fact they are unlikely.

People have the right to personal autonomy and consume any product they choose. If they harm another, they should be punished whether they are under the influence of something or not. However if they take measures to avoid public problems, it is nobody's business what one consumes. All major authorities agree the majority of drug-related violent crime is caused by the prohibition against drugs, rather than the drugs themselves. Pot is barely harmful and has innumerable documented benefits.
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BrightStream forfeited this round.


Danielle forfeited this round.
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Reasons for voting decision: RFV: I do not give Spelling. Both sides forfeited, so no conduct. No sources were given. That leaves argument. Danielle ultimately gave the better support for her side. Not saying much on what because essentially a one round 1K limit debate.