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Should "Masterful" be banned on this site?!?!

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Started: 9/21/2017 Category: People
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Masterful is a person that is on this site. You might have saw some of his debates and if you have noticed, his debates are extremely racist and hurtful to many people! He should be stopped!!!! He is hurting users and his reputation on this site!!! He should be banned!!!!!


I will admit it, Masterful's debates are extremely annoying and pointless. However, the point of DDO is to debate and for that to happen it needs people of varying views no matter how extreme. Masterful often starts trollish debates, but occasionally has a good thought. If he directly violates the terms of use, gather evidence and tell airmax1227 instead of adding to the constant spam for or against this "brotherhood" fiasco.
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Posted by Deathwolf 9 months ago
Trolls will be trolls. Racists will be racists. Masterful will be Masterful. Don't like his attitude? Move on and get over it. They won't change, but you can. #DFTT
Posted by Masterful 9 months ago
You could always post your argument and respect your opponents participation, but it's clear that you have no respect for human beings, made apparent by your personal attack.
Posted by roadrider13 9 months ago
i think one of masterful's worst debates is "black people are more animalistic than white people" and that debate he made was just pure rasictim .
Posted by FanboyMctroll 9 months ago
Roadrider13, I'm with you, he should be banned
Posted by Masterful 10 months ago
Roadrider only joined 3 days ago and he's already trying to get people banned.....
This is exactly what the current "victim culture" is producing, cry babies like him.
Posted by What50 10 months ago
Provide evidence that he was rude to you, and evidence he is hurting people.
Posted by roadrider13 10 months ago
He once was being rude to me
Posted by roadrider13 10 months ago
He is being extremely racist to people and he is hurting people emotionally
Posted by What50 10 months ago
How is he hurting users? He is not physically hurting them. If his debates emotionally traumatize them it's their fault for reading the debate. He is very controversial, yet he is open minded, and is very accepting of free speech. Clearly, you are denying his freedom of speech while being able to keep your own. I think you are trying to act like he is the bad guy and you the victim.
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