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Should Mentally Challenged Children Attend School?

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Started: 1/8/2016 Category: Education
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The B.O.P must be upheld in order to be able to win.

Pro's B.O.P- To prove that mentally challenged children SHOULD go to school

My B.O.P- To prove that there is no need for this to occur

First round acceptance. No Trolls, or religion. Failure to uphold these rules will result in a 7 point forfeiture.


My argument is jesus. (Kidding) I accept and I hope this is a fruitful debate for both of us. GLHF
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting so quickly(I only had it up for 2 minutes before he accepted!). Let us begin.

Argument 1: Knowledge

Before we begin, I will state the definition of this. This can also be called a developmental disability:

Disability: Impairment of function to below the maximal level, either physically or mentally(1).

Since this is a mental case, we can be safe to assume that the "function" that would be below maximal level would be the ability to take in knowledge. Schools are the main place where children take in knowledge. Since these children wouldn't be able to take in knowledge, there would be no need to take them into a school anyways, as they would most likely not learn anything.

2. Other Kids: Other kids could be a problem to a mentally challenged child.
"Mentally challenged children are unable to fulfill their intellectual potential, and have mental capacities that lag behind those of their peers. Mental retardation has many different causes, degrees, variables and facets, and identifying it is more of a process of classification than a diagnosis of a disease. Mental retardation also has a wide spectrum. At one end, there are mildly retarded people with such a high learning capacity that they are often no longer identified as mentally challenged once they reach adulthood. At the other end, there are people so mentally disabled that they can only learn the most basic skills."(2)

While some of these children would be deemed "normal" by the other children, others would obviously not be, and most likely laughed at or made fun of behind their backs. This is sad indeed, as they have no idea what is going on. To avoid these problems, we should take them out of schools.

3. Challenges

I will take it to a personal experience that I have at my own school. Our math room is right next to a room that helps children like these. It is very spacious, with some beanbag chairs here and there, and a little cage that holds Duncan, a little rabbit that the counselors use to soothe the children. In there most of the time is a girl who shall not be named(for private reasons). She, as far as I have learned, cannot speak. But there is one thing she can do... scream. All she does is scream her head off, and her whales are most unearthly, like a banshee. As you can imagine, this can be very stressful when you're taking a math test or learning. There are most likely similar cases around the world, and the problem could be easily fixed if we simply took them out of school.

In conclusion, it would most likely be beneficial for them and other children if we took them out of schools. Thank you for listening, and I wish my opponent the best of luck.


For starters, a little about me. I went to a high school in Illinois, and this high school had a program for children with disabilities. The disabilities were a wide range, from a person who was unable to speak and unable to walk, to down syndrome. The program at my school was one of the best in the state, and was given much funding. You say that "they" might not learn anything, yet I have seen with my own eyes children in that program play the guitar. Now while you may see little in that, it trains memorization, fine motor skills, creativity, and many other elements that are essential to brain growth. I had an uncle in France named Laurent. He worked a factory job. The catch? He had down syndrome. He also played guitar, bet on soccer games, (and won) and had a beer with friends every once in a while. Your definition "1. impairment of function to below the maximal level, either physically or mentally." Fits both the people in the program at my school and my uncle. But yet you have made assumptions that cannot be made, most likely due to a lack of exposure to people with disabilities.

Now here is where I get pissed.

Not only did you repeatedly refer to people with disabilities as "They" instead of "people","Children" or any other term, you say that it is "sad indeed" that people would be made fun of for having a disability, but yet refer to a girl at your school as a "Screaming Banshee". Are you daft or just plain ignorant? You literally just did exactly what you said was "sad indeed".
What's sad, is that you don't even realize that the problem isn't "Them", it's you.
Debate Round No. 2


First off, I refer to they as a plural noun, not to be an *sshole. "They" as in "2.people in general:". ( I didn't mean it as an insult to the children. However, I will try not to make that mistake again. Second, I meant the term "Banshee" as a SIMILE!! "a figure of speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared, as in "she is like a rose.";. I even said "LIKE a banshee" I didn't literally call her a banshee. Its A FRICKIN SIMILE!!! Third, while you said that you've seen children with Down Syndrome playing the guitar, that is probably because of the fact that those children (and your uncle) are on the side of the spectrum where they are basically normal people, but just need a bit of help. I was referring to the other end, in which they could only learn the basic skills. I apologize for the fact that you took my argument the wrong way.


ThePowerOfKnowlegde forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by yomama12 2 years ago
Forgot to add the third round is going to be rebuttals.
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