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Should Middle School Girls be able to wear mini skirts?

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Started: 4/22/2015 Category: Society
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Many girls in Middle School are wearing clothes that show off their body to much. Schools aren't making a move to stop it. Maybe it's time that they hear our opinion about it. If they hear our views on it, maybe they will react to it.


I accept, and am looking forward to this debate.

Goodluck, I'll post my argument in the second round and post my rebuttal along with that, or in the third round.
Debate Round No. 1


Mini skirts should not be aloud because they show way to much of girls bodies and it could put them in danger. And any ways, they are to young to be wearing clothes that show off their butts.


"Mini skirts should not be aloud because they show way to much of girls bodies and it could put them in danger"

First let me clarify, do you mean wear mini skirts to school or just in general? If you mean the former, there are quite often police officers, teachers, and administrative officers in place around schools to keep the students safe. It is also incredibly unlikely that a young girl would be attacked while at school, for the sole reason of her having a mini skirt on. One way to combat the fact that boys may be willing to harm them because they wear short pants, is teaching the boys how to control themselves and how to behave in a decent manner. Your argument is exactly like blaming a rape victim for being raped, just because she is wearing short shorts. When growing up students should have the opportunity to express themselves however they like, and if they enjoy dressing in short clothes, they should be able to (to an extent).

If however, you mean that girls should not be allowed to wear mini skirts anywhere, including their home and outside during a family outing etc, than you are being incredibly controlling over what is acceptable. This responsibility falls entirely upon the parents, and not an outsider. If a parent is not comfortable buying and letting their daughter wear short clothing, than they are able to stop it.

"And any ways, they are to young to be wearing clothes that show off their butts."

Who determines this? On average girls begin to start going through puberty at ages 8-13, which is many student's middle school years. [1] Girls going through puberty start to be attracted to boys, and the boys start to be attracted to girls. Many girls dress in these types of clothes to impress a boy, which is perfectly natural at that age.

Debate Round No. 2


lollipopmary forfeited this round.


Con has forfeited round 2, without arguing her stance more nor responding to my arguments. Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lollipopmary 3 years ago
I think that schools should not let 7th grade or younger wear mini skirts because I agree that it shows off to much of their bodies and it could put them in danger. There are way to many nasty people out there that could hurt them because they wore clothes that showed to much of them.
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