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Should Money Exist?

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Started: 1/22/2016 Category: Philosophy
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Should money exist? I have an idealogy of a world without money, but the risks and dangers are still out of thought. I hope this makes many more ponder.

They say money is the root of all problems. Well, the divide between the rich and the poor has caused much bloodshed in the past, i.e. the French Revolution. And it's not like we have to have pieces of paper limit our lives.

They say money can't buy you happiness. But money can buy you a jetski. Have you ever seen someone crying on a jetski? Just kidding. What I mean is however cold it sounds, money does buy you happiness. If only you could afford that Ferrarri, if only you could spend your days freely instead of working your arse off in an office just to earn a living, if only education was free...

It goes on. Now how in hell are we going to live without money?

Well, I've had several ideas. One is unity. We could unite as a whole species, giving each other food and shelter and love, supporting each other, unite; instead of having...this. The poor are left to starve, the homeless to fight the winter cold. How awesome would it be if they could afford food, a humble home...Again, money. While a drunkard wins the lottery, you aren't getting a pay rise and graduates are left living from paycheque to paycheque.

Oh, student loans, thanks for getting me through college. I don't think I can ever repay you.

Inflation, tax increases, riots, all this, for what? People are committing suicide just because they can't pay their bills. People are dying of poverty, hunger, all because of a currency we invented ourselves. And we call the human race an intelligent species.

This isn't just a debate, it's a proposal for world reformation. However, there must be traps and setbacks to all great changes. Can Con identify them? Thanks.



While that was cute and fluffy it was anything but threatening as far as arguments go.

Let's see, you begin by saying that money is the root of all problems which is a lie; any problem that involves money would be present in a non-monetary economy but the person would simply be short of whatever resource they could be rich with.

Following that, you state that money can buy people happiness and that rich people are better of than poor but I would like to point out something. The people who inherit a lot of money usually have very little drive and generation by generation the children lose motivation to keep whatever family business there is to prosper. It ends up being taken over by someone more driven and the cycle continues until either the business is run into the ground or the chain of inheritance is finally broken off and a child is born who wishes to get richer once again.

Your unity idea is going to have a need for money almost instantly once it's implemented. How would we compare the value or a bread with that of a brick if we have no third-party value system with which to do so? That third party value system will be numeric and will be exactly what money is today and would certainly evolve into it instantly once people realized they do need money for exchanges to make sense after all.

People of all income brackets commit suicide, the fact that you only focus on the poor who do it is confirmation bias.

You say that this isn't a debate except for the fact that this is a debate, perhaps your tendency to deny obvious facts has trickled down from money onto this debate perhaps you will deny that you lost this too.
Debate Round No. 1


Calm down, mate! Thing is, I have this ideology and I'd just like someone to point out the risks and setbacks of it which I have missed. I thank you for providing it! I'm not trying to be threatening!

Oh, and you are right. According to Time, suicides are even more likely to happen to those with higher income, due to the way people tend to compare themselves to others. Well, that's something new learned, and quite a good lesson indeed. Thanks for pointing that out!

Ah, I think I have a solution to the problems in your second paragraph, as well as the problem that nobody would want to work. Food and shelter would be provided for free, while if people want more, such as iPads, bungalows, or other stuff that they WANT, they will have to work for it. And those things that they NEED, like food, shelter, that bread you were talking about would be provided for free, and people with disabilities would also be integrated into the society, with friendship and family and such. What's separating us? They could receive a yearly present of what they want (not too grand, btw).

How's that? When you see that someone has a sweet ride, you'd know that they worked hard for it. That would stop discrimination. You reap what you sow, people!

Oh, and everyday items would also be free, up to a certain limit. That would encourage living as a community. Again, what's separating us?

I can imagine that this is the way that people would be more grateful with what they have. A simple life for people who just want to enjoy and hang out and chill. Those who get their 'wants' would simply deserve it.

Again, I am skeptical that this would work 100%, but I don't see why not. Why not? Hopefully we can find a solution to that and propose this, making the world a much better place!


I read the first two paragraphs and saw a coward backing into a corner pleading for mercy but then I read the remaining paragraphs and I saw the coward growing a pair of... clown gloves and shaking about saying 'look at me, I have a funny idea so I am right!'

Here is what you are proposing:

We split needs from wants and provide needs for free and people who choose to work are paid with iPads and such.This idea makes me laugh, cry, fear and rage all at once.I laugh because if everyone got what they physically needed for free, that would make all the needs become the wants in no time. Do you honestly think people are going to care about iPads if no one is going to be running Apple anymore? Are you delusional? No one is going to work in your system for anything because there'd be nothing left, eventually the "provider" of free bread and whatever else would be like sh** everyone is fat and demanding more of it and it's free so I can't stop them taking it, then they are going to think that if their nation is going to starve they may as well take the food for themselves and watch the others die off one by one. Then they'll be like omg humans are going extinct let's get back to how we were before and money would return in an instant.

Your idea makes me cry because no one will save anyone, who would want to be a doctor when you can work the same hours pumping gas and have an iPad at the end of it? LMAO...

Your idea makes me fear, if there are people as delusional as you out there what may be the future for humanity... Is this really how we end up? Back in the caveman frame of mind?

Your idea makes me angry because it doesn't address the resolution. You have not countered the 'should' of money existing only the 'could' with a really irrational comedic system that would cause the extinction of humanity.
Debate Round No. 2


Whoa dude, please don't be so rude and argue in a civilized manner. I just don't get why you are so mad. It's not like you were forced to enter this debate.

I am neither cowardly nor aggressive, as you have claimed. I am not trying to threaten or insult anyone, as you have. I also acknowledge it when I am wrong and accept it, and if possible come up with solutions to fix it, but I guess it is the manner of debate to as much as possible use aggression?

Okay! You got me there. Yeah, people wouldn't be wanting jobs anymore. This is a point I cannot refute, hence the downfall of this ideology. Thank you for pointing that out, I see it now. You are pronounced winner of this debate. Good for you mate. (I don't really care actually, if winning makes you happy then why not)

Just asking for opinion:
What do you think of Bitcoins and similar currencies?


1) I don't care about winning, this is frankly a stupid website where the more popular debater who has more friends voting wins.

2) You have conceded, so you chose to lose.

3) I will not answer questions that are not relevant to the outcome of this debate.
Debate Round No. 3


Jedd forfeited this round.


I win, thanks.
Debate Round No. 4


Jedd forfeited this round.


GenuineLiar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Con, b!tch, can you please stop offending people for no reason? You really should fvck off and stop with the insults, slut.
Posted by geho89 2 years ago
Hi Pro, if you cannot provide any evidence or premises to support your asserted claim, then don't do a debate. Go to the forum if you want a discussion instead of a debate.
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