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Should Money (Taxed or Donated) Go To The Support Of Evil Masterminds

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Started: 5/2/2012 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1. Both Debaters will post their opinions on the matter (mine will be in the confines of this first argument).
2. Both Debaters start by posting examples, or reasons of why they hold their belief. Then argue against the alternative opinion.
3. No cake.

It is my hope to come to a conclusion for this important and relevant issue. (Hopefully in my favor, duh.) The issue is: Mastermind are in serious trouble following the rise of the 21st century, and should we, the people help the nefarious schemers of injustice? I believe that the answer is yes; why shouldn't we help these poor (and for the most part) helpless individuals. Besides the constant destruction of property, pursuit of hell on Earth, and total disregard for human (and baby animal) life they have done nothing to deserve the cruel and cold establishment of justice that plagues our once great country. (F**K!)
Remember the days when they strode out everyday, making a difference. Epic clashes between Good & Badass, almost always ending with stupid-face Superman victorious as ever! Remember Batman. Now completely push that thought aside because he sounds like a hobo who eats sand. What you should be thinking about is Joker, Penguin(s), and Cthulhu.
Think about how much the establishment would benefit! We would be slaves to an all-powerful, psychotic overlord!


My argument and case will revolve around the fact that without taxed and donated money going to our politicians, the American system of government will collapse and resort to communism/ or self-destruction/ dictatorship.

It's a well known fact that politicians take our taxed money and our donations for their own personal enjoyment. If you look into your memory banks, you should recall John Edwards, the SS service etc. The American public knows very well that their money is going into a personal pockets of these politicians, but they allow it since without these politicians, the American government would fall and USA would become North Korea. How would such a radical shift happen?

a) If money goes to evil masterminds, that's less money to greedy, corrupt politicians, but more to evil masterminds.
b) If a) does occur, we note that less people would be inclined to become politicians since there is less money to be corrupt with.
c) Political interest will drop since there will be less candidates
d) Eventually, all Americans will stop voting and caring
e) A smart/crazy politician will note the fact there is not much competition
f) He/She will eliminate the competition.
g) He/She will proclaim himself dictator/Supreme Overlord of the US, and thus run the country to economic ruin
h) He/She will probably attack other countries to get money and resources

At this point, 2 things may happen
1 ) He/She will win the war, and all citizens on Earth will become slaves for this overlord
2) He/She will lose the war, and pay reparations of 70000 trillion or so, and the US will fall into its demise

In conclusion, if we donate money to evil masterminds, we are in fact destroying our world.

My opponent may attempt to argue that politicians are also evil masterminds, but we have to note that since they control the justice system and have a whole team of lawyers behind them, it is actually impossible to prove that they are nefarious schemers of injustice.
Debate Round No. 1


I never proclaimed that all of the money citizens have should be taxed to Evil Masterminds. I suggested some if any, as we have not decided which would be more appropriate. There should exist another Red Cross, one that supports the care of twisted individuals. Perhaps this beacon of hope could be called The Black X; maybe they could also have a cross, but upside-down with a statue of Ronald Reagan nailed to it.
Why do you assume that the tax money would be taken away from the pockets of anybody- especially corrupt politicians?
No, I'm driving for it to be taken away from more meaningless things; environmental protection, animal protection, and feeding your children. Perhaps we could have a task force of clowns in suits, it would be their job (joy) to beat-up hobos and steal money from their change jars. Or alternatively people could just donate- after being informed what should happen if they don't.
Regarding your statement "He/She will proclaim themselves dictator/Supreme Overlord of the US" is completely ridiculous, and sadly a common fear. You overestimate the power that a President has, which is military and Executive. They also represent the country. Given these powers, it is very likely that a Horrible President could seriously f*ck sh*t up. Though they could not proclaim themselves Supreme Dictator of Everyone Peanut-Butter, much less Ruler of the World.
I actually will now argue that corrupt politicians are in fact evil masterminds. And I will do this with a list of points.
1. Politicians do not control the Justice System, they are a part of Congress while The Justice System is a part of the Court.
2. Even if they did control the Justice System, it is very possible to claim that they are "Schemers of Injustice" because that is one of the very meanings of the word 'Corrupt'. It is just simply dangerous- if they were, which they're not.
3. They may occasionally show power over what's Legal, but I seriously doubt that anyone in politics would be able to legalize shooting people in the back who stand in your way.

Many aspects of your argument stem from fear and paranoia. I hope to make this clear; Almost every aspect of our Government is to prevent all-powerful, corrupt, masterminds from controlling this country. But hey, that is kinda what I'm pushing for, at least a little.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by failedALIAS 6 years ago
Cthulhu 2012
At Least He'll Admit He's Evil!
Posted by Untitled123 6 years ago
ehh, I'll post later.
Posted by Nur-Ab-Sal 6 years ago
Well I'm definitely pro-Cthulhu.
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