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Should More Traffic Lights Be Installed At Intersections?

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Started: 6/27/2016 Category: Society
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Car accidents are a big problem. Civilian deaths from car accidents makes everything worse. If more traffic lights were installed at intersections, that can be part of the solution. But having more street lights can cause traffic, so less cars would also have to be produced. The idea of having more street lights and less cars will also help solve other problems, such as global warming. Cars are a major factor in global warming, and removing a bit of this major factor can really change things up. Having more street lights can really set off a chain of events, for better or for worse.


I accept.

Question to be addressed: Should more traffic lights be installed at intersections?

I can agree with you on the problem of car accidents being a major issue needing resolution. My only disagreement is the means in which you purpose to resolve this issue. More traffic lights would add additional complexity to traffic and may even cause more violations or accidents. Simplicity and coherence are what is needed to lower risk of automotive accidents. Negligence is a larger factor in automotive accidents more than implementations of signs and traffic control methods.

As far as effecting the production of motor vehicles I fail to see how traffic control methods are a factor. Vehicle production is affected by the demand in which the public requires or desires. Traffic control methods are not factors in the equation for or against production.

To answer the question; No, more traffic lights should not be installed at intersections. This is an over complication of our roadways and would lead to more accidents due to the over stimulation of drivers.

Thank you, and may the best argument win.
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Reasons for voting decision: arguments to con, pro makes the assumption that more lights would lead to less cars, which is false, indeed, more lights have been going up over the years and production and consumption have only increased. con argues that more lights would add more complexity and more confusion, a valid point. arguments to con