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Should OLNA testing be abolished

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Started: 12/20/2017 Category: Politics
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There are some people who do so well in their studies yet when it comes to this test, they can't pass it due to either being stressed or less amount of time to answer the questions. And just because of one small test, students cannot graduate or do ATAR subjects. So basically they just determine one's whole future by just a bloody mini test, yet they are still smart and can still pass. Even if you get an ATAR of 97 they'll still bloody won't make you graduate like seriously?! Thats why it should be banned, its ruining students' lives who want to pass and want to graduate and become what they wanna be but unfortunately some of them aren't lucky due to this stupid standardized test they have implemented.


You know what you are right they should get rid of it, and you know what they should get rid of state testing since all that does is make kids fail because the state requires them to be proficient in something

They may as well get rid of required classes as well, whats the point in math? all it does is make kids fail graduation
They should make school optional because all it does is condemn kids to something they may not want to do

But in all seriousness no it should not be gotten rid of it is there for a reason, state testing required classes and even being legally required to attend school in the first place is there because America wants kids to become smarter so they can do better

That is the whole point of the testing, and like I said above once you get rid of one thing what is to stop getting rid of everything else

Its not like the government is having this just because they want to torture kids they want them to be able to function in the real world. So yes of course they are going to have tests to make sure you can actually do it. And I have proof as long as you show that you have the skills you are not even required to take the test in the first place

I quote "Do we have to complete the OLNA?
If you achieved Band 8 or above in the Year 9 NAPLAN reading, writing or numeracy tests you will not
be required to sit the corresponding component of the OLNA (you will be considered to have
demonstrated the standard for that component). If you did not achieve Band 8 in one or more of the
NAPLAN tests, you will be required to demonstrate the relevant standard through the OLNA. You must
meet the standard in each component to be eligible to achieve a WACE."
So ya that is my argument I look forward to what your replies is

Debate Round No. 1


I understand your point of view and it makes sense; but look even if they do have standardized tests in Australia or elsewhere, and even if students don't pass those standardized tests that doesn't mean they shouldn't graduate or not be able to do ATAR subjects. Like I could be getting As and Bs for all my subjects but then all of a sudden I won't be able to graduate just because of one stupid test, like for example numeracy which alot of students are struggling with. Does that seem fair to you? Western Australia is very strict when it comes to OLNA and expects them all to pass, but many of them don't, alot of students have finished year 12 without even passing it, and even if they finish school it's still going to carry on with them. And even though the government isn't trying to ruin students' lives, well they still are.

I have just started year 12, and because I did not pass OLNA, and it was JUST NUMERACY I was told to drop ATAR and do general. Now does that seem fair??? And it is not about how well your skills are , even though you may be smart but still don't meet the OLNA requirement they'll wont make you graduate.


I get where you are coming from, as a person who does not do well on most maths test I do, but it is the same reason that they have any standardized test, they want to know you are proficient with what you need, like I said before America is getting smarter and the tests that are common now a days years ago would be impossible years ago

And another thing that tests do is show you how real life is. you mention do you think that it is fair that you failed and can't graduate because of numeracy? the answer is no I don't think its fair but you know what? Life is not fair this type of stuff happens all the time in real life and double so in college

That is just the way it works and the sooner that people realize that the better off they will be. For example like I said above I am really bad at maths it just does not click in my brain and I hate it. But it is a required class to pass, is it fair that me someone who hates it and will just use a calculator anyways has to pass it? No, but again that is just the way life is. School and college is the perfect embodiment of this is meant to be the gateway into audlthood so that you do not get crushed under the pressure

And as a adult unlike a kid. People are not going to treat you better then anyone else because while you are unique everyone else is just as unique as you are. and that is why it should be kept it is not just can you pass this (Which is something that happens all the time in real life) to me it is also a perfect example of life sucks deal with it
Debate Round No. 2


Yeah you're right; life isn't fair; you have pretty good points there.
Okay so why don't they do this in other countries? Why just in Western Australia? If I had the chance to go study and finish my education in another school, I would. And plus students who are doing OLNA are getting crushed under pressure and I'm one of them. And when they graduate and still haven't met the requirement they're gonna be even under more stress and pressure. The reason why they put this stupid OLNA was due the lack of education in many students; but did it make it any better? This standardized test hasn't even improved student achievement and and unreliable measure of students' performances. Yes life may not be fair but they don't even have this implemented in other countries.
Its not just that, standardized tests are costly, to the point where it's placing a burden on state education budgets.


The fact that other counties do not do it says nothing but effectiveness, only eleven countries have free healthcare should it be abolished because everywhere else does not have it?

And the thing about the pressure, yes I agree it is tough and yes people crack and break under it but that is another part of the life thing I said above. You in life are going to be put under a lot of pressure ten times what you have in school, different counties and schools have their way of doing it but the most important part of it is making sure you have the skills and proficiently to make it in life

Unfair tests and tons of pressure is a part of the first bit, another thing if you think that the OLNA puts you under pressure that is nothing compared to college or any job involving other people. And like I said in the first part as long as you show you have the proficiency you don't need to take it

And again like I said in the first one when you get rid of one thing because it is unfair or difficult what is to stop someone from getting rid of other stuff like required classes or having to legally attend school in the first place. People seem to think that high school is meant to be easy like it was in elementary and middle school. No High school is meant to help prepare you for college which it does not do a great job of, I can't get into all the reasons but the main one is high school helps you start to become a adult. College demands you are an adult which is a important thing to keep in mind when you talk about this stuff

That is why it should not be abolished. It was nice debating with you
Debate Round No. 3
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