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Should PE classes at universities be optional?

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Started: 12/5/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 days ago Status: Voting Period
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I'm convinced that PE lessons create undeniable obstacles on the way to higher education. Lots of students in my country hate PE. I'm not an exeption. So let's get to the crux of the problem.

I want to start with my own bitter school experience. I can't say that I was clumsy in my childhood. On the contrary I could be called a rather active kid. I jumped, ran, swam and played with a ball a lot. But my PE classes at school discouraged me to do any sports. The reason is that they were extremely exhausting physically and psychologically as well. We ran 2km, for instance. Moreover, my classmates acted like they were insane. Once a boy from my class broke a arm of a girl from my class with a ball (!). And our teacher couldn't stop us because he was too calm. After the PE classes there was always a brainwash from our homeroom teacher. It went like YOU'RE SO ILL-BRED YOU'RE SO NAUGHTY YOU'RE SO BOOBOOBOO...

Now I study at uni. And my PE classes make my life a living hell. They're like a heavy load I'm trying to shed over and over again. I make my learning process harder as I have to sleep less because PE classes start early in the morning. If I skip them I must "work that debt out." I MUST because if I do not this I will drop out. I'm not joking.

I understand that PT is extremely important for the developing organism. And I understand that PE at schools are compulsory. (Another question is that they should be organized much more better.) Nevertheless, I stick to the opinion that PE at universities should be optional.


Hello, I have decided to accept your argument. Let's see how this goes.

I'll start but saying that P.E. is not easy, by far, I can agree with you on that. P.E. started off simple to just breath-taking. Literally. They are so difficult but it *can* be worth it. It depends on how well you do on this. And I understand that obviously everyone doesn't want to do this.

However, the reason I'm arguing is that this is actually a huge thing that I and a lot of others want. They want to be stronger, and they want to improve. Also, they do need to help develop their organism. Because when P.E. being optional and students declining has a decent chance of causing to be overweight to where they want to do a workout, but usually it's too late and now they have to usually pay for that to go to a gym.

What I can agree is that these P.E. classes should be less extreme to the point where they almost die every single time, trust me. However, it should still be enough to develop the muscles and body. (This is coming from a person who is not excited for P.E. either.) There is probably a majority of people in the world that wants to work out, especially in America as childhood/teenage obesity is a serious epidemic in our society.

Those are my starting arguments. I'm excited to see what you gotta say.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your answer! I thought that nobody really was interested.

To begin with I want to say that for overweight children PE classes are useless. At least, they were useless for my overweight classmates who were just sitting still on the bench during 45 minutes. I believe that overweight children are not healthy. And heath of a child is their parent's problem not their PE instructor. Besides, sometimes obesity is connected with a thyroid disease, metabolism disturbance or some other medical condition.

I want to make my position more clear. I'm not opting for schools without PE classes. I advocate for making them optional. At least, at high school. So that each and every person who WANTS to become harder, better, faster, stronger or simply to loose weight will be able to achieve their goals.

I believe that sports meant to make people more healthy and their life more happy but actually the mission was failed. Because of idiots. As usual.


I want to thank Pro for the argument/counter-arguments.

1. "For overweight children, PE classes are useless."

Students should understand that not taking proper care of their body can and will result in an unhealthy life and lifestyle that could follow them for the rest of their lives. As I have stated in my previous argument, schools all across the nation are full of obese children.

Pro states that the health of a child is their parent's problem and not their PE teacher. The parents should be informed on their children's physical health just as well as their academic stance. And while there is a more % of overweight children, they should also know that PE is incredibly important to their health.

2. "...So that each and every person who WANTS to be become harder, better, faster, stronger or simply to lose weight will be able to achieve their goals." If this is the absolute case, then that choice should only be given to them after they have graduated from high school at least, as most of the students are able to get a membership to work out at the gym. If you think PE classes should be optional, then maybe it could at least be a part of the "get involved" importance of high school to increase the chance of finding colleges. Also, if you think they should be optional, might as well the rest of education class, then.

3. "Sports meant to make life happier are a failure because of idiots." This is wrong in almost every way, I'm sorry to say. While I may agree that sports might get them hurt, injured, or maybe even killed, sports have helped people have more successful careers in their lives. Plus, sports is just fun and exciting in general.

That's all for my counter-arguments. I continue supporting my previous arguments and I'm excited to see what Pro is going to say.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your time and attention! Let's move to the round #3.

1. "The parents should be informed on their children's physical health just as well as their academic stance." I'd like to give a small piece of advice for all the parents who wants to be aware of their child's physical condition. Go to hospital. If you want your child to loose weight - once again - go to hospital. Simply because obesity could be connected with a thyroid disease, metabolism disturbance or some other medical condition as I've already said. Besides, physical exercise are not enough to loose weight. There are many factors affecting the process. For instance, healthy nutrition. And once again consult a doctor to prescribe a diet for your child.

2. I think there's no problem when a person under age wants to attend a gym. Though I don't know. Maybe it depends on a country. For instance, some of my classmates worked out at the private gym though they were about 16. Plus, I think that is irrelevant to compare PE classes with the rest of disciplines.

3. "Sports have helped people have more successful careers in their lives." I guess the statement is right only for people who enjoy sports. But in the rest of the cases I see no correlation. On the contrary, people who can't stomach physical exercises but do sports in order to build a successful carrier will probably fail. Because I'm convinced that people should do things that make them happier and shouldn't do things that are a heavy load for them.

Looking forward for your answer!


Thank you, Pro, for your final round. I will finish with all of my rebuttals.

1. "Go to (the) hospital." Pro claims that physical exercise is not enough to lose weight. I want to say that this is not entirely true. I fully agree that physical workout is only a smaller factor in weight loss, but hospitals are not entirely the best option, in one way. I will also agree that doctors recommendation of a diet is the right way to go, but drugs or surgeries are risky and unsafe. Drugs have a lesser chance of damaging the person, as they are prescribed by medical professionals, but side effects sometimes are just not worth it. Phendimetrazine is a prescribed weight loss drug but the side effects make the pills too hard to swallow. The side effects of this drug are increased blood pressure and heart rate, nervousness, insomnia, dry mouth, and constipation. Personally, if I had the choice if I was obese, I would not take these drugs. On the other spectrum, surgery is not always perfect and is incredibly risky. Surgery should only be used if incredibly desperate, or you put full trust into surgeons.

2. "There's no problem when a person under age wants to attend a gym, though I don't know." I want to inform Pro that there are legal ages to go to gyms in all around the world, and they vary. Here in America, most gyms are 18. Some places I've seen go as low as 14 years old. However, I will not delve into this because it is not related, as you have pointed out, and I apologize.

3. "People who can't stomach physical exercises but do sports in order to build a successful career will probably fail." That is entirely true, and I have nothing to counter that. People vary around the world. However, that does not fully dispute the entire argument that I was creating, therefore I stand by my statement.

In conclusion, this was a very exciting debate and is my first completed debate on this website. Your counter-claims are thought to provoke. However, I believe most of my arguments have not been fully disputed and therefore I say that my arguments remain undefeated. But that is up to the voters, but I urge a vote for Con.

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 13 hours ago
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[*Reason removal*] Not an RFD.
Posted by RichardCarter 1 day ago
You're scaring me.
Posted by Masterful 1 day ago
Ah crap, they gave Brian the vote.
Posted by RichardCarter 1 day ago
That vote... 'pro by default'? Okay, I'm not one to be a sore loser, but that isn't right.
Posted by lisa.lisa 1 week ago
Yes, they are mandatory. At least in my country
Posted by Leaning 1 week ago
I never realized that they were mandatory, but then I've never gone to a university or college. Maybe depend on where you go.
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