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Should Pakistan Be declared as a terror state internationally

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Started: 9/23/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Pakistan have been backing terrorist organisations since a long time,no one can deny that,many UN announced terrorists live freely in Pakistan and these terrorists speak freely against the enemy nations. Recently Pakistan supported and sponsored terrorist attacked an Indian army base located in Kashmir India ,18 Indian soldiers were killed in the attack and 36 were injured ,the base is just beside the indo-pak loc and the terrorist infiltrate under the cover of cross border firing provoked by Pakistan side,also the area is hard to petrol due to rough terrain .Such incident have occurred previously some of them are Mumbai 26/11 attacks , pathancoat airbase attack etc . Such incidents provoke India for an open war against Pakistan and in every way Indian forces are far more superior than Pakistan army but they just threat India for a nuclear attack ,India also have nuclear weapons but it have a policy of no first use.


I would like to begin this debate by providing you with a pair of figures, for your consideration. Firstly, the population of Pakistan is 200 million, being the sixth most populous country in the world. ( Secondly, there are forty-four terrorist groups operating in and out of Pakistan. ( Now given that the most prolific and arguably most accessible terrorist organization in recent years, ISIS, can only muster about "between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters across Iraq and Syria," I can only assume that Pakistan's residential terrorist groups cannot be too much larger than ISIS, which is a multi-national extremist group that pulls converts from such far-flung places as Canada and Britain. (

So let me ask you then, what your rationale is in condemning two hundred million innocents for what is likely the actions of 0.015% of their number? In what way is that justified to you?
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