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Should RIDE create a plan to encourage greater economic integration in our schools?

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Started: 1/20/2016 Category: Education
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Claim # 1 - When the government gets involved, bad things happen.
For example in the past in Boston the number of racially imbalanced schools has increased from 46 to 65. What"s stopping the government from doing this again? Most districts nationwide now assign students to schools based only on where they live. Public officials with rare exceptions do not want to deal with the underlying economic and racial segregation of our neighborhood. In the past there were riots and students boycott for one day to protest the inequalities of segregated schools.
Claim # 2 - Parents should be allowed to make decisions about where to send their kids.
For example parents are the people that see what best fit for their child. Parents who have one job instead of three have an easier time being involved. They"re the ones that think that there is a segregated neighborhoods and socioeconomic isolation from opportunities and the mainstream of life.
Claim # 3 - We are already doing things to improve education for individual students in RI.
For example we tried to provide more resources towards students and these resources help them improve on things such as test percentage.


Should RIDE create a plan to encourage greater economic integration in our schools.

Claim 1 - Charter schools have not been a good plan to create equality in RI. Evidence - Wealthier kids are attending charter schools while poor kids attend regular schools. Charter schools tend to target the wealthier kids instead of targeting both rich and poor. Other schools tend to have higher tests scores because they are around the same social class. Claim 2 - Students should be mixed economically just like they were mixed racially by the courts in the past. Evidence - Lower-poverty schools performed 8 percentage points higher on standardized tests then the kids attending the higher-poverty schools. In the Brown v. Board of education the supreme court segregated schools by economy. Claim 3 - Everyone benefits when rich and poor kids are mixed. Evidence " Montgomery county performed better when they attended affluent elementary schools instead of ones with higher concentrations of poverty. Schools that have fewer levels of poverty have more benefits. Towns with higher property values don"t spend as much money as other towns on education but yet have the highest graduation rates.
Debate Round No. 1


1) In the world we live in now people benefit more with money. Do you think charter schools target wealthier kids because of their money?

2) Don't you believe that students do better on test because they have extra resources?

3) You say everyone benefits when rich and poor kids are mixed. but don't you think there's going to be a point where they don't benefit?


1.In your evidence for claim number one, what makes you think that this will actually happen again?
2.Is there any other adult that should be allowed to make decisions?
3.What kind of other resources are provided towards students?
4.Do you have any other evidence for more improvement of education for students?
Debate Round No. 2


1) what makes me think this will happen again is that nothing is always perfect or last forever. there are overcrowded schools. students feel inequalities because they see themselves being force to merge with others that they are not used to being with. This will happen again because the government will try to find a way to get involved so they can save money or improve education.

2) The court can make sure the law is follow but I believe when we are young our parents make decisions with us leading until we are adults where we make decisions our self. Our decisions can have consequences and the court can step in.

3) There are programs that are provided towards students.

4) I believe for improvement of education for students but they need more people involved with them, like their parents they are involved with them. Students need more volunteers , more teachers with them.


1.Yes I believe that charter schools target wealthier kids because of their money. Charter schools were basically created for people that have higher income. So they do target kids with money but also target low income students because of the "benefits."
2.Yes, I believe students do better with the help of extra resources on tests. I also believe that there will always be at least one student in a classroom that needs more attention than others. Therefore, some students may resist the help from others because they want to challenge themselves to be more independent. So, don"t you believe that students also benefit with higher testing scores whether they have extra help or not?
3.There could be a point where poor and rich kids mix will not benefit but that will be less likely to happen. The only time when it will not benefit is when schools shut down and when the students have no where to go for a short period of time.
Debate Round No. 3


1) I think you need more evidence to say other schools have higher test scores because they are around the same social class. It"s all up to the students if they want to do well on the test. Over the years things have change meaning if you have money people look at you different.
2) I believe that you need more evidence and that just because students were mixed in the past doesn"t mean they should be mixed now. In the past there was a lot of complication like people were rioting and students boycott. In the present right now you can"t say students would do better on test scores because they are economically mix with others, now a days students sometimes feel uncomfortable with students around them or its because they are not getting a lot of help from the staff in schools.

3) I think u need more evidence towards saying it will be less likely for rich and poor kids being mix will benefit. You actually prove my point when you said that it won"t benefit when schools shut down and students won"t have anywhere to go. The government now days are trying to improve education and they close down schools leading students to be force to be mix and be overcrowded


Rebuttal #1: Looking at claim number one. I believe that you need more evidence about situations that are currently going on. I think that you should write less about situations that have happened in the past.
Rebuttal #2: I believe that you need more evidence because I think the child should have a say in it too. What if the child does not have parents to rely on them or to make decisions for them.
Rebuttal #3: In your third claim, I think you need more evidence about the resources provided for students. This evidence should have shown what some of the resources were and what other things it helped improve in.
Debate Round No. 4
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