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Should Roe v. Wade be overturned?

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Started: 1/30/2014 Category: Politics
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Commiting abortion means destroying the child's life and futre.


I don't agree with you. I know abortion is a hard decision, even more for the mother, but this is necessary to build a better future in this moment. Most women who want an abortion are those who have no conditions to raise a child properly, what means the future of that child is highly threatened by problems like poverty, drugs, poor education and poor influences. I live in South America and I see it everyday. I think abortion should be legalized in all countries for at least 15 years. The governments should then take advantage of this time to put more effort on other health policies, like improving family planning, facilitating access to tubectomy and vasectomy surgeries. With these policies maybe abortion could be prohibited in the future.
Debate Round No. 1


Why should Supreme Court legalize abortion which is murdering an unborn child? In my book, killing an unborn means murdering a child who'll never get a chance to fulfill his dreams. If the mother doesn't want a child, then she should give him up for adoption when the baby is born. Give away the child rather than eliminate the child's life. Let me give you an analogy. A person is put on death row for murder, and the government thinks capital punishment is best for the offender but before his execution is set, the Court of Appeals overturned his execution and gave life imprisonment because the judicial system knew executing an offender is a violation to human life and terminates his life. The sad news is the offender won't be given a chance at parole but at least he will live. See? If the pregnancy is threat to the mother's life then let her pray to God to keep herself alive. Pro-Choice means they want to terminate the child's chance at life. Supreme Court should not let Roe v. Wade reign this country for 15 more years, it should end NOW. There are some Americans, including Christians are tired of this trend and we want abortion overthrown NOW. There is no question. Abortion is murdering an unborn child, the Constitution allows murder of a living being(the fetus). Shame on them and shame on pro-choice who want to destroy a child's chance at life. The Christian Bible states all human beings have a right to life because they possess God's image. Period. Your turn.


I understand and agree with SOME of your arguments, but I still keep my opinion. Let me explain.
Maybe I would be against abortion if everybody had access to good life conditions and justice, and if all abandoned children were adopted in a short time. But we are far from this situation, even more in third world countries like mine.
As I already said, most women who want to abort are those with no conditions to raise a child properly. The pregnancy also can put these women in a bad situation, since many of them depend totally on their work to survive, many need to take care of other children, and the pregnancy prevents them from having access to important things (like a job). With all this situation plus the poor support from the society, there are few chances that those unwanted children will be able to fulfill their dreams. And each time a unwanted child is born in a poor family, it becomes more difficult for the already born children of that family to fulfill any dream. This is the reality.
Another reality is that most abandoned children don't fit the pattern that most couples look for when they want to adopt a child. Most of them want babies, with no deficiencies, maybe only the white ones, etc etc etc. I would guess that at least 50% of the abandoned children don't fit these conditions. Adding these children to those who were created in bad conditions, you have a lot of human beings with a high probability of taking the wrong way in life, like drugs and robbery.
About religion, not everybody thinks in the same way. You cannot obligate someone to do something because your religion says that is the right way. This is a fact, even more in a country so developed like USA.
If you really want to do your part and be in peace, try to talk with the women from your community who are in this situation. Help them by giving them real support, by breaking the prejudices. It would be too easy for you and for many others to change the law now and then forget these women and, after some years, complain about the rise of the criminal and drugged youth.
Additionaly, I would prefer to die than to stay all my life in prison. I would prefer to die than to be raped and then give birth to a child that I didn't plan. These things go beyond shame, it is precisely the evaporation of many dreams.
Debate Round No. 2


It does not matter what happens if the child will be in drugs, poverty, and in prison. When the baby is born, give it away rather than terminate him/her just because "the child might be put into a poor family". The analogy I told you if Court of Appeals rule it unconstitutional to execute an offender and prefer to give him life imprisonment. All the unwanted children should be given up for adoption or put into foster care rather than terminate his/her chance at life. Thanks to counseling and social services, the mother's evil opinion will not be to harm an unborn child. There is no such thing as killing a child just because the mother doesn't want him/her. I denounce abortion because it is an abomination to human life and human life is more valuable than money, fame, and cars. Are you happy see children being killed because their mothers are careless and never care about the child's future. 41 years of Roe v. Wade is long enough. Pro-choice needs to realize that harming a fetus is a violation to human life. If a child is in trouble with the law or is in poverty, let a counselor attempt to change his ways or let the state take care of him. The Supreme Court of the United States should have their minds open and finally accept that murdering a unborn (abortion) is unconstitutional and takes away a child's right to live. And international law should prohibit abortion because it will never give a child's right to live. I, Orin Mhando, will always speak on behalf of the unborn, I will always fight for the unborn, I will always die for the unborn. The world will start realizing the unborn should have their rights to live as the government gives rights to its citizens. No matter what, the child should have their right to live. The United States government should overthrow abortion and so should international law. U.N. law made racial inequality unconstitutional, social inequality unconstitutional. United Nations has international war tribunal court to deal with war crimes and rule on behalf of the oppressed. Everyone has their right including the unborn, remember that. The unborn should have their right to live even if they will get into trouble. NO MATTER WHAT, the unborn have their right to live. Remember that.


You say everybody has the right to live. Life should be valued no matter what. This is an interesting problem, because when there is a war the soldiers cannot refuse to go, otherwise they are put into jail and treated as criminals. They must risk their lives in the name of their country. In the name of the safety of their country or the safety of their country allies.

Putting a baby in the world is also far from meaning that you effectively valued his life. A life without conditions to have a good health, without conditions to get a satisfactory education and without satisfactory means of subsistence cannot be a valued life. The birth is just the first moment of our lives, and it means nothing depending on what we will find ahead.
Therefore, if in the REAL world the state has no conditions to guarantee that these abandoned children will have the necessary conditions of living, health, education and subsistence, then the life of these children will not be valued at all. This is a fact.

I told you about the sacrifice of the soldier. From my point of view, these babies who are aborted can also be considered as soldiers doing a sacrifice for a better future. Important problems of our world are increasing: lack of resources, lack of food, lack of water, global warming and increasing life cost to say some of the big ones. Putting much more people in this world will not help to solve these problems. On the contrary, it will accelerate them.

I insist on it: birth is just the first moment of our lives. Bring a child to life and then allow him to go through his life under material, intelectual and affective misery doesn"t mean that his life was valued. We need to be realistic, and not idealistic when proposing laws like this.

And your analogy with the death penalty is not totally valid. The offender knows very well what are the choices: dying or living for the rest of his life closed in a place where he will not have freedom, but at least he will have food, hygiene, safety, access to information, somebody to talk sometimes. For those who fear the death or can deal with lack of freedom, the second option can be really great. The unborn child, on the contrary, has none of these guarantees until the end of his life. He has no idea of what is waiting for him.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I'll stay away from voting on this one, because I feel that my personal bias might get in the way of a good decision. Suffice it to say that both sides need to spend more time warranting their arguments and providing some evidence to back up their claims. Pro, you make the argument that these lives need to be preserved, but most of your response is just emotional, often ignoring the key points in Con's analysis. Con, you need to spend more time elucidating why a suffering life shouldn't be preferred to no life at all, as well as making other arguments, since there are plenty of others for why abortion as a whole should still be legal.