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Should Roosh V. and the ROT league be banned from entering America?

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Started: 2/4/2016 Category: Politics
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Roosh V. is a man who leads a group of anti-feminists, also called "neo-masculinists." This group is called "Return of the Kings." They are composed of a bunch of heterosexual male douchebags who think harassing and raping women is okay. They want to legalize rape, too, which is literally the most evil thing a human being could do. If you couldn't tell, the ROT are very, VERY, dangerously patriarchal. They think traditional gender roles should be in play. They have a website where they post sexist articles about why women's behaviors should be controlled by men, and why women need to stay in the house and be a mother. This weekend, Roosh wants to come to America with his group and hold meetups for "heterosexual manly men." Just recently, the prime minister of Australia banned him from entering the country. I think Obama should do something similar, if not exactly the same. We already have more than enough sexism. We don't need this man and his group of woman-haters giving us any more.


The glorious and invincible patriarchy shall grind its enemies under its boot.

Do we not have freedom of speech? Suppressing someone simply because they want to promote their own group is very tacky, in a manner reminiscent of the stereotypical perception of tumblr.

The ROT League honestly believes something, and are preaching it. Banning them for being up front with their intentions to preach something to a group of people that specifically came over to listen to them is essentially saying that only your opinions matter. Spoiler: They don't. At all.

Now, on to more important matters:

I need to head to my cushy office job at Sexist Cooper Advertising. I think I might get the promotion I put in for this week.
Debate Round No. 1


This is not free speech. This is hate speech. They are preaching hate against women and non-heterosexual people. They also want to legalize rape. Let's not forget that.

I'm not some stupid girl from tumblr. I am a girl who wants the best for our country and the world.


Hate speech is saying that Group X is terrible because someone dislikes Group X.
Roosh is preaching male supremacy. Personally, I also believe in the group I'm in pushing for supremacy at the expense of everyone else, because at the end of the day, it's a zero-sum equation, and the only way to win is to grab as much of the metaphorical pie as possible. If that means other groups will suffer, good. Their suffering will cause them to turn on themselves to scrabble for the remainder and we can crush them at our leisure.

The way I see it, we're two opposing philosophies.
You preach cooperation with other people.
I preach subjugation of other people.

Guess what philosophy will hold more weight when negotiations break down.
Debate Round No. 2


Subjgation is a horrible thing. Hurt is an awful thing. The wonderful man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, once said, "Hate can't be fought with more hate. Only love can do that." And this quote has held true for decades. When someone fights us, and we fight back, what else do we get besides a war? We don't need war. It takes money from the economy and hope from our souls.

I don't see how anyone could possibly want to offend a whole group of people. It will only start fights. It'll only end up a lose-lose situation. Nobody will win.

Also, men already have the power. Women, especially gay and bisexual women, are oppressed everyday by hateful, white, cisgender straight men. We need equal pay. We need to stop being hyper-sexualized and asexualized by the media. We need everyone to know that we're strong and beautiful individuals who can accomplish anything. We can be doctors, actresses, CEOs, all while raising kids at the same time, if that's what we'd like. Most of all, we need people to stop hating us.

This neo-masculine movement is not just hurtful to women and feminists, but to the general population. So stop and think about what and who you are supporting.


I want power, pure and simple, and while I don't agree with Roosh on the level of the whole "misogyny" thing, I agree with the whole "treat everyone who isn't us like a piece of meat" mentality.

If one group gets power, they have an obligation to take care of those within their group first, and if there's any left over, then they can entertain themselves watching the others scrabble for it.

I am very Darwinistic towards what can effectively be considered everyone who isn't me or my immediate family, yes, I am white (the best race if the handicaps are routinely being dished in the name of "equality" by those too weak to stand up for themselves on their own are any indication), I am too asexual to get any relationship-related angst, and I identify as a nigh-superhuman in a full-body suit and a gas mask.
However, I face persecution for being "too militaristic" and am treated as a troll when I advocate exterminating those who stand against us... or are eating resources we could have used.

The Neo-masculine movement, while supporting the glorious patriarchy, is an excellent example of an outlyer group, and by that alone, should be WELCOMED into America. They'd fit right in next to the neo-feminists, and we could see the whole thing unfold on pay-per-view if we locked both groups into the same room. I'd watch it.

Surprise! This representative of the patriarchy wasn't a cigar-chomping 60 year-old in a wrinkled suit who sleeps atop a pile of money, but some Mussolini fanboy with zero regard for human rights, or any rights at all, for that matter.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by persianimmortal 2 years ago
I am definitely not his supporter but go watch his videos and interviews with reporters...what he's saying has nothing to do with rape and is in fact, a satirical comment. :)
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