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Should Scotland Become Independent from the UK?

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Started: 4/9/2012 Category: Politics
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I know this is debate is long tired out but I figured I'd start off my first debate with this topic since a/ I've been thinking about it recently and b/ the arranged date for the referendum is (sort of) recent news. I want to know everyone's opinion on this. I'm guessing the majority of English members will say yes, f**k off and stop relying on English taxes to stay afloat. American's probably don't care and most Scots will still be on the fence, like me.

I have mixed views. The Scottish government has done quite well for itself and since it's creation in 1999 most of the laws it has passed have been supported and popular - Smoking ban, free personal care for the elderly, abolishment of toll fees, free prescriptions and a vote against upfront tuition fees for Scottish students. But how would it cope on it's own? How will England cope on it's own?

What would you vote? Yes, No or Devo. Max. (Maximum powers granted to Scots Parliament)


I vote Nay, The United Kingdom is merely a Unitary State which means that the countries within the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) still maintain their independence as countries and are voluntarily participating in being in the UK. The UK is merely a warped version of the US or NATO where the organization that is in charge doesnt have complete utter control over the countries or states within them and that countries or states still maintain their own rights.

I will present a few arguments as why Scotland should not become independent
1) Scotland is already very much independent.
2) Leaving the UK would hurt the credibility and power of the UK
3) Leaving the UK could alienate Scotland from the Welsh and the English
4) Scotland pays less than 10% in taxes to the UK and they end up getting back almost all of it through programs anyway, meaning Scotland provides a valuable service to the UK but they do not face a financial burden by staying.

I will now allow the Pro to argue why Scotland should declare independence.
Debate Round No. 1


Aussie forfeited this round.


Ill make this quick

1) Independence

Scotland already has their own parliamentary body, their own tax system, their own elected leaders, their own identity, their own culture, they are as independent as America in almost every sense of the world. Therefore Scotland should not become independent from the UK because there is no large benefit from declaring independence when they are already vry independent to begin with.

2) Credibility of the UK

Scotland is a valuable asset to the influence that the UK has. If Scotland leaves though that would only leave England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. If Scotland left the Uk then it would hurt their credibility, make them look like they are falling apart and cant work together. Scotland has a duty to the UK, and leaving it would do much more harm to the UK then it would do any good to Scotland.....

3) Tension between Scotland and England + Wales

Scotland and England are like brothers who always fight, not as much as Ireland and England, but still pretty close. If Scotland were to leave the UK than England would be really annoyed that Scotland would do such a thing unprovoked and with no foreseeable benefit to such a move. The two already share a border so the anger wouldnt simply go away with time, the countries are right next to each other and it would only cause tension later on when their assistance and coordination might be needed.

4) Scotland's contribution to the UK

"Scotland has accounted for 9.3 per cent of UK public spending in 2009-10, but contributed 9.4 per cent of overall UK tax revenue."

Scotland does pay taxes to the UK, but they routinely get almost every dollar back through UK funding meaning that Scotland's participation in the UK financial wise is not under a heavy burden, or any burden for that matter. Scotland gets a lot of services from the UK financial wise, and the UK gets a good chunk of its funding from Scottish contributions, meaning that there is a symbiotic (Mutually beneficial) relation ship between Scotland and the UK. If Scotland left the UK then both sides would lose out on sources of income and benefits from the other.


Scotland should not become independent from the UK. There is no large benefit for such a move, it would make the UK look bad, it could alienate Scotland from England and Wales, and financially both sides lose out.
Debate Round No. 2


Aussie forfeited this round.


Grrr, Vote Con -____-
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cameron2712 5 years ago
Sorry, but the arguments from Con are a shambles, and Pro was just an embarrassment.
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