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Should Sell Phones be allowed in class

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Started: 12/14/2016 Category: Education
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Yes I think it should be because they can be useful if your not playing on them
I'm arguing about the fact that they should be doing this for educational wises and not surfing face book and playing video games .


I feel that cell phones, while it may be resourceful, causes too much distraction. Even as a student, when I have my phone out in class to search for something on the topic, I find myself going to facebook to surf for a bit. I understand that not all students would be like this, but its a large possibility. Also, for the kinds of students that don't really care about school, it'd give them a huge advantage to doing even less work, because they wouldn't get punished for having their phones out if they switch from the app they're on to the web browser, for example, of the google search their teacher wanted them to do. In my opinion, cell phones cause too much distraction and/or temptation to be off-topic in class.
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Posted by imjustsomeopinion 1 year ago
did you really just call them SELL phones?
Posted by jo154676 1 year ago
it would be ideal if nobody did anything else on their phone but even the good students get distracted.
Posted by venom1.u 1 year ago
well than your thinking wrong by going on face book than doing school work and by not getting punished for doing the right thing
Posted by venom1.u 1 year ago
you should be able to be a good student and get help from your phone then just asking your teacher
Posted by venom1.u 1 year ago
read my debate
Posted by dunrye 1 year ago
I am considering taking up this debate, but I would like to ask a few questions.
When you want cell phones to be allowed in school, what would be the intended purpose for it? You didn't mention anything in your argument, so I do not know what you are arguing for.
Should cell phones be allowed to have so that kids could surf facebook during class?
Or are you arguing that cell phones should be allowed so kids could find information for the classroom topic or a calculator, perhaps?
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