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Should Senator Bernie Sanders be the democratic primary nominee?

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Started: 4/4/2016 Category: Politics
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Hello challenger! Next round will be opening arguments. This round is simply accepting the challenge. I will be arguing that Senator Bernie Sanders should be the democratic nominee. My opponent should be arguing for Secretary Hillary Clinton. Good luck!


I accept the challenge and will support Clinton in this debate. It was said to start debating next round so I will start my argument next round.
Debate Round No. 1


Bernie Sanders should be the democratic nominee. This is not a debate about whether he /will/, it is about who you would vote for just to be clear.

1. Bernie Sanders supports almost all the same things as Hillary Clinton, but shoots higher. Now, this doesn't mean that he isn't willing to compromise, it just means he has perspective. I think a lot of people believe that Senator Sanders is too radical, but he just knows what is right. And he does have plans for how to accomplish his claims. For example, he proposed a tax on wall street. I know this will not fix everything, but it shows that he does know that things do not just happen. He is not stupid, he has worked in government for a long time. And I think people forget that sometimes.

2. Although many people claim that he will not be able to beat Cruz or Trump in the general election, polls put him as much as 20 points in front of Trump in my state alone. It is ridicules to believe that Trump will win the election. If it comes down to Trump and Bernie people will vote for the candidate that is not a bully.

3. The gender argument. Yes, having a woman for president would be awesome. But the whole idea people want to promote by having a female president is undermined by favoring someone in a political race because of their gender. You should consider their views, not their physical characteristics.

Source: Speech by Senator Sanders


secarl19 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Are you dropping out of the debate??? I'm confused.


No I'm not dropping out I forgot to post my response in time and I apologize for that.

The main problem with my opponent's points is that he provides barely any facts about why Brenie Sanders should be the democratic nominee.

"Polls put him as much as 20 points in front of Trump in my state alone."

As that may be true, it has absolutely no relevance to the topic we are discussing. It doesn't matter whether Sanders is better than Cruz or Trump, it matters whether he is better than Clinton because in order to be the democratic nominee he needs to show that he can represent the Democratic Party best, which my opponent has not yet proven to be true.

"You should consider their views, not their physical characteristics."

Third is a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with. People should not vote for Clinton because she is a woman, but because they think her ideas are superior to those of Sanders. In his argument, however, he does not mention once that Sanders's views are better than Clinton's. He merely states that people should not consider people due to their appearance, which I believe that the majority of Clinton's supporters are not voting for her for her gender but for her ideas.

Now, my first point for supporting Hillary Clinton is because of her foreign experience. During her time as the Secretary of State, not only did she help out "while the world was shifting its axis of influence and evil," ( she traveled to a total of 112 countries, attended 306 diplomatic meetings, and consequently spent a total 87 full days on airplanes. She is therefore a person who knows many world leaders and their allies more than any other person in America. This also shows her dedication to this country and just as my opponent stated about Bernie Sanders, Clinton has not only worked in the government for a long time too, she shows how she has gotten much more accomplished in her time working for the government.

Thank you

Debate Round No. 3


mangolife23 forfeited this round.


I'm assuming that my opponent forgot to post his argument so I will not argue this round to be fair.
Debate Round No. 4


I'm sorry I missed the deadline. I had some serious personal issues to deal with.


This has happened to me so many times. It is getting really annoying. /Please/ do not assume gender. I am not a boy.

I did not write about why Bernie Sanders is so much better because most Hillary supporters argue against the points I made in the first argument. That is why I used that as my /opening/.

Now, one of your main points was that Hillary Clinton has more experience, but you forget that Bernie Sanders has been in government a lot longer than her. In fact, Clinton has only been in government for 24 years while Sanders has been in government for more than 35. And the first 8 years of Hillary's political time was highly critiqued. Many think that she did a bad job as first lady. And Sanders, has been a huge advocate for the democratic party since an early age, sticking with his views. Clinton was a republican who changer to a democrat. And don't get me wrong, that shouldn't count her out, I'm not judging her for being raised republican, I just think it is a strong motive to vote for Sanders that he has been sticking with his views since he was young.

And you're right, we shouldn't take electability into consideration.

Bernie Sanders does not fold under public pressure, he stands strong for what he believes no matter what bandwagon is "cool" at the time. He has voted for every single pro-choice bill or act he has had the change to vote for.

Sanders is a strong supporter of billionaires not buying elections. He has his campaign funded by small donations, not people like Donald Trump who use their own millions or people like Scott Walker.

But he is not as unwilling to comprimise as some might say. He has been in politics long enough to know how it works, do not underestimate his knowledge.

Clinton is one to jump on the bandwagon. She is quite a lot more moderate than Sanders. And she often changes her views with the ideas of the general public. For example, she has not always been a supporter of gay marriage as one might think. In fact, when she was the first lady she stated:

"Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman."

Yes, she believes differently now, but changes views often. (based on the popular idea, also known as bandwagon) If Clinton was to win the nomination I would be in favor of her, I just think that overall Sanders is the more trustable, believable, and more motivated candidate. He deserves the nomination.

In conclusion, Sanders is a stronger and more reliable candidate. He is far more left wing and does not sway his political views just because people tell him that his views are outrageous. It is only outrageous if you don't work. Dreams don't work unless you do. Everything he advocates is possible, if only our government was run by uncorrupt liberals who believe in the advocacy of the people. And like you said, it isn't about electability. So don't vote for Clinton because you think she has a better chance, vote for the candidate who has the greater ideas.

This is why you should vote for my side. Thank you for the wonderful debate.


It is okay that you missed the deadline and I completely understand. I also apologize for saying "his" rather than "her", that's my bad.

My opponent mentioned how Bernie Sanders has worked in government for 35 years while Hillary has worked in it for 24 years. This is true, however, the fact that Clinton has accomplished so much, even with less time working in the government is amazing. I also understand that Hillary's time as first lady was not the best, but the Hillary Clinton that we all see running for President is completely different than the Hillary Clinton that was first lady. Throughout all her time working for the government, she has learned a lot and is obviously better at her job now then 24 years ago. That's the case with all people. So it's not important how bad of a job she did in the past, it is about how they've done in their job recently. After 9/11, Clinton played a vital role in securing the $21 billion in federal aid needed needed to rebuild New York, and according to Chuck Schumer, the senior senator of New York, "She worked night and day to protect and create jobs in New York, whether that was at the Niagara Falls Air Force base or the Center for Bioinformatics at the University of Buffalo." During her time as Secretary of State, she has shown her dedication to this country, which is a smaller amount of time than Bernie Sanders has been involved in government.

"I just think it is a strong motive to vote for Sanders that he has been sticking with his views since he was young."

In my opponent's argument, she claims that Hillary used to be a republican and switched to a democrat and I am not denying that. However, she also claims that Bernie Sanders has stuck to his views since he was young. I am not quite sure where my opponent got this information, because not only has Sanders not been a democrat all his life, he just became a democrat in 2015. So, one cannot make the argument that Hillary hasn't stuck with her views all her life, because the same could be said about Bernie. (In fact, he has switched his political party twice).

"He has his campaign funded by small donations, not people like Donald Trump who use their own millions or people like Scott Walker."

Once again, I'd like to point out that it does not matter that Bernie is better than any Republican candidate, because we are debating who should be the Democratic nominee. And if we are comparing Sanders and Clinton in terms of funding, Hillary Clinton's campaign also mainly depends on small donations.

Having shown her dedication to not only her job but also her country on numerous occasions, her knowledge on foreign countries, and her flexibility on certain issues, Hillary Clinton would clearly be the better choice for the nomination. It is true that she is not as far left as Bernie, but since when is that a negative aspect? Bernie Sanders is too far left, making him a socialist. And when I say that, I am not saying it because that is what most people say about him, I am saying it only because he admits to being one. Yes, he did in fact say that he had socialist views himself. It's true that Socialism isn't the worst thing in the world, for some countries, it does work, but that doesn't mean it is right for out country.

Thank you for this debate.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by secarl19 2 years ago
Come on guys let's have some people vote!
Posted by secarl19 2 years ago
My link in my third round argument should have 2016 in it not 2015. That's my bad.
Posted by dsjpk5 2 years ago
He has less delegates, so no.
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