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Should Sex be a Forbidden Topic?

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Started: 3/31/2015 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Sex is the primal drive of any sexually reproductive species. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs all around us. However, this topic is something that tends to be conversation families stay away from.

In our modern society, protective parents are everywhere. But is it justified to avoid giving a child "The Talk" simply because it involves the action of sex? While there are some dark and vulgar sides of the practice of sex, the basics are just facts of life.

If children are taught by their parents the basis of sex, a man produces semen and a woman produces eggs, then they are already exposed to this frankly terrifying world of sex. If we were told that there are sexualities that differ from the male and female normality, we would be used to the idea by the time we're exposed to such relationships.

Why should children be left to learn about sex through explicit sites on the internet? Why should it be the education system's responsibility to teach sex-ed?


It should be a forbidden topic among the youth because the more you talk about it, the more somebody want to know what it is, thus he/she will end up playing sex at a young age !
Debate Round No. 1


Teenage and youth sex is an inevitable action. Teenagers are going to have sex, regardless if they are informed or not.

I'd much rather a child have sex as a teenager and know how to do it under protection then be uninformed.


They can't, Teenagers will just think about it, and maybe try it in their early 20s but if somebody talks about it with a 14yr old, he/she will think why is it more important that they don't want me to practise it, let me try !
Debate Round No. 2


Actually, the very opposite has been observed. The trend of sexually active teenagers lies within those of neglected homes. It can be inferred that in such a setting, the parents would not be around to openly teach their children about sex. These teenagers, who have not been taught the basis of sex and protection, move on to be sexually active.

Humans delve into what we do not know. Sex is prominent in the modern media, and an uneducated child may decide to figure out the mechanics by practice. However, I am not arguing that teaching kids about sex will stop them from performing it. Sex will happen, regardless if it is taught or ignored.

Would you rather teenagers have uneducated and unprotected sex, or know what they are doing and be responsible about it?


Educating the teenagers about sex will not let them have protected sex !
Remember your grandfather's story, they heard about sex when they were about to marry !
And they didn't play sex until marriage !!

But consider these day when a child grow hearing about sex, seeing people play sex , Children easily get the urge to play sex and even unprotected sex because they also want to know about it !
Debate Round No. 3


I was actually born out of unmarried parents. Sex is displayed today on everyday media, regardless of how you tackle the issue, a child is going to be exposed to sex. Let's look at Child A and Child B.

Child A's parents were open in their household about sexual activity and discussed the issues of protection and sex since Child A was eleven. Child A loses their virginity when they are fifteen, but uses protection and faces no consequences. Child A and their partner go on to marry and eventually raise a family.

Child B's parents were protective and censoring. Child B heard no mention of sex until they were eleven, in which they heard it at school. In order to fit in, Child B loses their virginity at twelve, hoping to discover and learn by doing. By the age of fifteen, Child B is having to work to pay child support. Child B does not marry the person with whom they lost their virginity. Due to being raised in a nature of sexual activity since twelve, Child B has a tendency of one-night-stands.

Now these scenarios may be a bit biased, but the logical reasoning is evident.


The topic is to ban talking about sex, even from the media u are talking about !
That means that the world will have disciplined young people free from sex urges !
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by taburkasaurusrex 2 years ago
thanks bman7720.
Posted by Himans45 2 years ago
There's nothing wrong with having sex when you're a teenager, as long as it is consensual and protected.
Posted by Uganda 2 years ago
The more you talk about sex, the more somebody will need to know more about thus he/she will end up playing sex !
Posted by bman7720 2 years ago
Well, taburk, sometimes people get bored of normal sex so they make it a game.
Posted by taburkasaurusrex 2 years ago
How does one "play sex???"
Posted by Poe-vahkiin 2 years ago
In regards to Uganda's first argument, sex is in fact, on a natural scale, inevitable. Discussing with teens the risks and conditions of having sex at a young age is actually beneficial and can lower the rate of that child having sex at an earlier age. This is due to the simple concept of instinct, or an animal's inclination to perform an action to due to the repetition of this act via ancestors. Even without discussion of sexual activity in public places such as school, the person, after reaching puberty, will automatically desire sexual activity, and will even know the basic concept, as it is in our instincts, just as much as a salmon swimming upstream.
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