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Should Sixth form (year 12-13(16 year olds to 19) participate in extra curriculum the school offers?

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Started: 5/27/2009 Category: Education
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I believe that sixth formers will further there knowledge by going to extra curriculum actievities.

Firstly let me define Extra curriculum - it is activities that are not part of the required curriculum; outside the regular course of study but under the supervision of the school.

One of the main points is that no matter if you do not take english and go to english clubs it only broadens your knowledge and is only for 1 hours per week average.


"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." ~Albert Einstein
I strongly agree with my idol Albert Einstein. It is not the school system that makes the student is the student himself/herself.
The opponent herself defines "Extra Curriculum" as an activity that is NOT part of the required curriculum, thus it is not neccessary for the student to take said curriculum.
Debate Round No. 1


Albert Einstein said this only because of the way he was taught not the way we are taught in the 21st century and Extra curriculum activities help expand your knowledge and even go onto university applications which are looked at and further inhance your University applications.

Also without the school system who would be producing books, revision guides etc etc we would become an illiterate nation, and when we get stuck on words/ maths/ lessons who do we turn on teachers , parents and the community which have been taught and learnt from school. Hence school is the foundations of our education and learning.

Extra Curriculum currently is something that we do not have to take part in but the argument is that should sixth formers participate in these activities even make them compulsary.So that argument does not stand in this debate...

If someone that is two to one years off university and needs help on there university applications clubs help to fill these in and less able people are able to go to homework club to get help and to learn.

And those who mix with bad company are supervised and controlled by the teacher pressent so they will be able to work, have fun and enjoy learning.


Either way, whether it was 5 million years ago or 2 days is NOT the school that makes the student smarter! If the student has the potential and all the devotion in the world to learn, they will. Whether thay have an extra curricular activity or not. Back then they did not provide a lot of information and/or sources yet people were still smart.

Of coarse we need a school system...what is not that necessary is an extra curricular activiy. In school we learn math, reading, writing, another language, and so on. We learn what is needed! Many extra curricular activities are not beneficial to the students education. It is actually taking time from the student to be with their parents, doing homework, sleeping, etc etc Why? Because they are so busy and spending even more time in school than needed. There is no reason to become illiterate. Just because you are not in an extra curricular activity does not mean you can not read.

Many students are preasurred since they were young to know what they want to do in life and stick to it! Instead when one should really start having to worry about all these classes, sports, jobs, EXTRA CURRICULAR activity, house work, and so on should be in college!

Sometimes those who encounter another bad influence are too afraid to let a supervisor know. Studies show how when a student has been picked on too much...they become a bully themselves. If the opponent has a hard time understanding my point for whatever reason, there is the website where the opponent can see for herself how bulling happens mostly during an extra curricular activity. Students are negatively effected.
Debate Round No. 2


Extra curriculum is part of our school system and just as influencial to help us learn maths, reading, writing and language etc etc. It just 1 hours or so of time you probably would waste putting it to a good cause and many sixth formers arent that busy except for exams which normally take place in january and june (mostly) but the other times many our out playing with friends , going clubbing , drinking is it not most important to work now and then have a relaxed life later.... Extra Curriculum activities certainly does not mean you can not read it means you want to widen your knowledge and most of these clubs ie - Debate, homework club are very very beneficial to the student and helps them drasticly and yet again these play a role in your University application saying you were in School council - getting your voice heard and representing the school what could be better instead of always wanting a change and not acting also debate club everything.
Therefore i strongly agree that 6th formers should participate in these activities which have a wide range of topics covered ie music and what ever your interested in.

And bullies themselves can be controlled i know that for a fact if a bully wants to do some extra curriculum which they will enjoy they will learn and behave and be beneficial to them.


Not every extra curricular activity is beneficial in math, writing or reading. Not everyone goes to the clubs and parties like there's no tomorrow. Just because you will have a few more hours to relax does not mean that every student who does not have an extra curricular activity is going to drink and be wild. Many students are well educated and have way better things to do. Many students like to relax after going to school and getting ready for exams (not just finals) and so on. Others have a job to worry about balancing with school. Some just want to spend more time with their parents. being with one's parents provides a better relationship in a family thus, avoiding the partying and drinking the opponent has mentioned.

Being young is the most amazing thing in life! Why work now when you can worry about it later? Think about have the rest of your life to work. And being young and healthy is only once. While you are young you should enjoy everything about it instead of working like crazy. As you age you will not be able to do many things as you could when you were young. So instead of spending all your youthful energy on working...relax...enjoy what you a great book...or simply do what you like to do. I am not saying to go out and party like crazy, but you should have time for yourself and relax rather than worry about chores, school, job, EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, the list is endless...

Thus, I believe that NO 6th formers should NOT participate in these activities
Debate Round No. 3


Your arguement states that 6th formers are young and should be relaxing, spending time with family and girlfriends/ boyfriends etc etc because they have the rest of their lives to work. However, a rebuttle to this is that if you do not work now, how can you achieve and go to university. I believe we should work hard when you are in high school and have a relaxing 50 years or so of working and doing something you enjoy and want .... I know which i prefer and which is the most relaxing way and easiest.

Most Extra Curriculum activities are beneficial as why would they be there to waste time do teachers really enjoy staying behind and teaching pointless lessons? they have to have a plan and what you and me may find unbeneficial may be beneficial to others.


So that the opponent has a better understanding of my case I will provide three main reasons as to why there should be a strong vote in the negation of this debate...

(1) THE ECONOMIC ISSUES - Of coarse one has the rest of their lives to work. Teenagers are at an age that they should enjoy. If they do not enjoy their youthful years...what are they going to enjoy when they are too old to do some of the things they should have done when they were younger? Money is not everything...many worry about this as they get older. It is like the commercial on t.v...."I don't have any money because I don't have job, I don't have a job because I don't have any skills, I don't have any skills because I didn't go to school, I didn't go to school because I don't have any money..." and it continues....As teenagers and with this economic crisis... there is a lot of stress with getting a job and making money. For those that have a job the only thing that an extra curricular activity is going to do is add on the stress of everyday life.

(2) THE RELIGIOUS ISSUES - Although this may not be alot it will still be effected. With school projects that take a while to do and a lot of dedication with time to finish it in time and not worry about getting a low grade on it...many students also have other events to go to. One of them being their religious "duty". Many may be thinking "what does our religion have to do with the extra curricular activity?" It has to do with it because if you have to constantly stay after school, go to work, and worry about the long hours of homework/projects/test/quiz/etc how much more preassured are you going to be feeling knowing that you also have a duty to commit to AND that said extra curricular activity? Going to church, volunteering, church choir, etc There are many responsibilites that may come with church and an extra curricular activity only adds more.

(3) THE SOCIAL ISSUES - This very much interferes with teenagers social life. kids who are not social are not going to benefit alot in the future. You can learn outside of school too. School is not everything. If the opponent wants to argue that participating in extra curricular activities is the only way to be successful...that is not true. You can do much more than that that will not only benefit you, but your and family as well. Plus what happened to good grades? If you are getting passing grades and have a job or are in a sport...why worry about the preassure of having to deal with the responsibily that comes with the commitment of an extra curricular activity? It is an EXTRA curricular activity for a reason. It is NOT manditory for one to join. It gets in the way of spending time with friends and family. Family which should be very important for one to spend time with. The opponent states "Do teachers really enjoy staying behind and teaching pointless lessons?" Of coarse not. The opponent is contradicting herself for agreeing with the opposing side that teachers do not like to stay extra hours in school. Teachers have a life also. Those teachers that are married and have kids have responsibilties at home as well that they need to take care of. Even if the teacher is not married...they have paper work to do, maybe another job, etc that teenagers do not have to worry about all that is stressful in life at such an early age...I urge a strong vote on the negation of this debate.
Thank you.
Debate Round No. 4


Point one that you raised ' The Economic issues' that is the exact reason for going to a extra curriculum activity. With more skills than you are more qualified hence a better job and therefore better pay . 1 hour of activities extra will not ruin your social life but may make or break your future.

Religious reasons - seeing the website i have concluded that is why we are given at least 1 hour 20 minutes to do homework and religious prays rooms are made available at lunchtime to pray so therefore is not really affecting your religion. Also, religious pray times are late evening and you will only stay at school until about 4 :30pm latest for these kind of activities. Therefore that point is not valid.

Your third point that you raised is Social issues, people that spend 1 hour more at extra activities will not make you unsociable that is obsered!
My point is not contradicting "Do teachers really enjoy staying behind and teaching pointless lessons?"as teachers do have a life and stay behind for people to learn more and expand their knowledge, many teachers choose this job because they want to help people and extra curriculum does exactly this.

Another point i would like to raise is staying 1 hours after school is not stressful and an early age is Ks1, Ks2,Ks3 even Ks4 now they have universities to concentrate on etc etc.

My 3 main points are
1) They help on your University applications
2)It helps you learn
3) it is not Stressful or affects religion or even social issues.
I conclude that 6th formers should go to Extra Curriculum activities.
Vote PRO


This is the final time I will be speaking in this debate and I would like to thank the opponent for such an interesting topic that she has provided to make this debate possible. :)

On to the last rebuttal...

The opponent has failed to expand on their points so I will just give a brief "attack" on their points and mine have already been posted so enough about that...

The opponent's contentions...

"1)They help on your University applications"
An extra curricular activity is not the only thing you can put on a University application. If you are not in an extra curricular activity it is not going to negatively effect you. There are other things such as job and/ or volunteering that can also go in an application that will also "look good"

"2)It helps you learn"
In life you learn about so many things. There are so many different resources that we use to learn and an extra curricular activity is not the oinly way one learns. Making an extra curricular activity not the most important thing in school as the opponent tries to say. Grades are just as important. And trying to maintain good grades and have a life should be just as important.

"3)it is not Stressful or effects religion or even social issues"
It is stressful in the way that many teenagers have SO many things going on that with an extra curricular activity to pile on it only makes things stressful for the student to handle and try to balance.

Thus, I urge a strong vote on the negation of this debate.
Thank you :)
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Funkymonkey 6 years ago
Posted by TurkeyProphet 8 years ago
This is a bit of an odd debate, I mean something would cease to be extra curriculum activities if we made it mandatory for them to go. But I don't think that is the point the debate is making. This is completely down to personal preference and doesn't really need to be vigorously debated.

I'm personally against a lot of extra curriculum activities that people only participate in because they feel it will get them into university. Universities should be judging people on how much they like the subject and how suited they are to it, not whether they spent three afternoons in a two year period cleaning up after old people just so they could get into Oxbridge.

It annoys me that I spend a lot of my time reading, learning and discussing the subject that I want to study, but because someone else has done the Duke of Edinburgh award they will have preference over me. A lot of my friends haven't spent there time reading through hefty volumes of Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein but they are still more likely to get into philosophy at Oxbridge because they are headboy or headgirl or they take part in Young Enterprise schemes. People should do these because they enjoy them not for extra credits. Why do people have to creating corporate tools before they've even entered the world.
Posted by Nik 8 years ago
And extra curriculum (in the uk at least) means education learnt aside from school. So its like extra school.
Posted by Nik 8 years ago
In my opinion they should, it looks great on the CV. But in the end its optional. Its like saying should you put sauce on your pasta. You should, because it tastes better, but you dont have to if you dont want to.
Posted by Georgia 8 years ago
Would any one like to debate that sixth formers should not participate in extra curriculum activities?
Posted by Justinisthecrazy 8 years ago
Im afraid from the topic and the affirmative speech I still do not understand.
Posted by OurGodIsAnAwsomeGod 8 years ago
I agree with Georgia on this issue.
It is highly helpful to students to be involved in extra curricular activities that the schools provide.
It helped me to decide what kind of major I want to pursue.
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