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Should Skate Boarding be banned

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Started: 10/16/2014 Category: Sports
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I have seen many debates on here that claim that skateboarding should be banned. personally I find this ridiculous so I have decided that I would like to debate someone with those feelings and voice my own arguments. My only rule is that it will be in the form of Round 1: arguments Round 2: rebuttal and Round 3: closing arguments and response to rebuttal. If you have any problems with these rules but still want to debate join and comment and we can figure something out. Anyways thanks and I look forward to debating you. Okay i'm going to begin by stating my opening arguments about why skate boarding should not be banned.

Argument 1: Skateboarding is a great source of revenue, there are many shops only based on skateboarding apparel. Also there are several large company's that are focused on skateboard building. To ban skateboarding would mean laying off/the unemployment of tons of factory workers, and the closure of many small businesses.

Argument 2: The banning of skateboarding would be against our rights as Americans to do what we want.

Argument 3: It is well known that if something is banned it will mostly always make it more dangerous because it will still be done in secret with less safe gear, meaning (ramps,boards,protective gear)

Argument 4: Honestly you need some serious reasons to ban something as big as skateboarding and I don't believe you will be able to find anything that bad so I am very excited to see your arguments.


Skateboarding should be banned because
1 Skateboarders are skating in the street annoying pedestrians
2 Skateboarding injuries have increased and it should be banned for safety reasons
3 People have died from skateboarding
4 Skateboarding should be banned. After you think about it, this statement couldn't seem any more true. As we all know, Urban Skateboarding, especially on handrails and curbs, causes irreversible damage to the surrounding community. Skateboarders do a thing called "grinding", which involves one scraping the axles of their board against metal, concrete, or wood, causing not only cosmetic scaring, but structural defects as well. Even when a business, or the city for that matter, puts up a "No Skateboarding" sign, or even goes so far as to make their curbs "un-grindable" by fixing pieces of metal at intervals along the curb, skaters still seem to disregard the law and vandalize whatever they see as a good "skate spot". As you can see, Skateboarding causes vandalism in the community.
Debate Round No. 1


First I would like to thank bookreadercat for accepting my debate. Secondly I would like to mention that pro's 4th argument has been posted on another debate and therefore I would like the judges to disregard it. Now that we are done with that I would like to clarify what I mean by skating being banned. This means that skating would not only be banned on streets but also in Skate Parks. That being said pro's first point that "Skateboarders are skating in the street annoying pedestrians" does not matter because if skating on the street was that big of a problem we would ban that and not ban skating in skate parks. To address pro's second point "Skateboarding injuries have increased and it should be banned for safety reasons" I will say that because more people are skating than their used to be obviously the injuries will increase. My second point is that pro makes it sound like by skate boarding you are most likely going to get injured, however that is not the truth at all. The reason people get hurt skateboarding is because they are constantly trying new things, new dangerous things. To tell people that they can't do something because it is dangerous is just disgusting,. Pro's third and final point is that there have been people who have died skateboarding. Are you joking, of course people have died skate boarding.... people have died doing everything so there is no point in mentioning that. According to 42 people died skateboarding in 2006 and 40 of them were outside of skate parks, This shows that if anything we should focus on banning long boarding because according to shows and I quote "824 people (whose average age was 19) who were treated for injuries from either longboarding or skateboarding at a trauma center in Utah between 2006 and 2011, researchers reported here today (Nov. 5) at a public health research meeting.
More than half, or 57.5 percent, were injured from long boarding"
I conclude that it would be ridiculous to ban all skateboarding and if you wanted to even think about it you would need to close in your parameters.


bookreadercat forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited so I will not post an argument this round


bookreadercat forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Man_Of_Few_Words 3 years ago
I just wanted to debate about it. I don't get why everybody is against me in the comments just because I posted this debate
Posted by UndeniableReality 3 years ago
I don't know that any non-skateboarding person cares enough about skateboarding to want to ban it. Why does con think this might be the case?
Posted by Mister_Man 3 years ago
You posted a poll which nobody believes skateboarding should be banned, and a debate where the guy against skateboarding accepted, with the possibility that he accepted purely because he thinks he can win, and doesn't actually believe skateboarding should be banned.

Either way, I don't believe it should be banned, however it annoys me that such a large amount of skaters are complete a$$holes.
Posted by Man_Of_Few_Words 3 years ago
well sorry but I can see a lot when I search should skateboarding be banned. And i'm not sure why you care so much I am on your side about the whole thing so i'm not sure what your problem is
Posted by Domr 3 years ago
There is only one I found by searching...

And your link is a poll that not even one person voted "Yes" for.
Posted by Man_Of_Few_Words 3 years ago
there is one but if you search it on here you will find more
Posted by Domr 3 years ago

Can you please post any links you have showing people say skateboarding should be banned in America?
Posted by kasmic 3 years ago
I have never seen anyone suggest that skate boarding should be banned....
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