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Should Socialism be preferred to Capitalism?

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Started: 9/21/2016 Category: Economics
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Should Socialism be preferred to Capitalism?

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Debate Round No. 1


It should be known now that we as a civilization are in crisis: Global Warming, Poverty, and Global Economic Collapse, to name a few. All of these problems have root in Capitalism and I will go over them below.

Global Warming: This is caused by, as I hope we all know, Co2 in the atmosphere keeping gases in the atmosphere. The most prominent causes of this release of Co2 is oil and coal burning. Now, you could say that the solution would be to simply uses more green energy, yet we could have done this since the invention of these alternate energies and we still barley use them. The reason is corporations that benefit from oil and coal, they've spent millions paying of lobbyists and false research to try to convince us Global Warming is fake. Corporations caused this mess and are still trying to avoid cleaning it up.

Poverty: It should be known that poverty occurs when people don't have the money to pay for basic needs. Well they obviously didn't work for it, is the argument I always hear, but I ask you, how can they get the money they need when they don't have a home, or they're turned down in jobs because of their poverty. Well they do drugs, again I hear this all they time, simple answer, yes, they do drugs, but if you had no hope for life wouldn't you seek the same escape?
It's a fact that the top 62 richest people own more than the bottom half, they could give away enough money to solve poverty and homelessness (and they'd still be the richest), but they won't, because they'd lose money.

Global Economic Collapse: I don't really have the characters to go into this and have a conclusion, so I'll sum it up. If you want more, watch this video :
This crisis is again, fault of the Capitalists, what will always happen under Capitalism is this, the Capitalists want more capital, how do they do this? They will hire cheaper labour, either by hiring immigrants, machines, or moving it to a different country where wages are lower. Only problem is once you've taken the jobs away from the workers in the birthplace of Capitalism, the people there don't have the wages to buy your goods, and the local governments fail as they don't have the tax revenue anymore. Capitalists know this, and yet they still move, it's not going to hurt them, they think.

So how could Socialism fix this?
Let's boil Socialism down to its basic definition: Workers in control of the means of production. This means that the workers will democratically decide what to do with their produce and their profits.
Let's go over how it fixes these problems

Global Warming: Do you think that the workers would willingly poison the air, the sea, and the land, just to make more money? Of course not! They breath that air, they drink that water, and they live on that land.

Poverty: While I can certainly say that poverty would not entirely be fixed, a majority of poverty would be.
The most common reasons of poverty in the western world are debt and workers being laid off unexpectedly.
Debt is very much a Capitalist design, debt was first created when the consumers couldn't afford rising prices of goods. If the workers controlled the economy, there would be no need for debt, as a worker controlled economy would not be based around maximizing profit. Workers would likely not be laid off as much as again most workers are laid off by corporations to maximize profits, and even when workers do get laid off, socialised benefits can help them get back on their feet.

Global Economic Collapse: Let's simply say this, if the workers took control of their companies, do you think they would vote to get rid of their jobs by hiring foreign labour, or replacing workers with machines?

As we see here, Socialism solves these problems inherent to Capitalism.
Socialism should be prefered to Capitalism.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by domfincrag 1 year ago
I can't vote but ig I can I would vote Pro
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