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Should South Korea annex North Korea?

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Started: 12/23/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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North Korea is an extremely dangerous, unpredictable, and brutal country under the rule of Kim Jong-Un. In the past year's North Korea has became more of a problem by hacking Sony as well as threatening America and testing nuclear weapons, I believe that a united Korea is the ultimate solution to this problem.

A united Korea will end the suffering and lies that over 25 million people had to live with since the day they were born as well as releasing countless prisoner's who have endured immense torture. This would bring the north out of a dark era in their history and on to a brighter more glorious open world.

An event like this can become a reality as for example back in WW2 the Germans hated the allies and spread all types of propaganda and brutally punished anyone who opposed them but after year's of fighting and sacrifice we brought Germany out of a dark era of their history and they adapted to a better open world and this can be achieved in North Korea possibly without fighting.


Yes North Korea is extremely dangerous and unpredictable, yes they have some serious military power and have hacked Sony. But annexing them can lead to some serious, actually world war scale problems.

North Korea right now has a couple of allies, not too many that could be a problem, but there are two at the moment that can be a serious problem, Russia and China. Both of those countries have their ups and downs, Russia has plenty of land and fuels, while China has a strong economy. By provoking them South Korea could be destroyed unless America and a couple other countries, probably even the United Nations intervene. Which would have every country having to voice their opinion because, no matter what, at least one of those countries affect a country somehow.

The thing is North Korea may be a horrible country but, unless we wait out until China isn't ready to back up one of their allies, South Korea shouldn't try. And even if we did take over North Korea, the problem is that all those North Korean citizens now have to slowly learn to become more like South Korean citizens, think about if you were stuck to a technologically advanced country after being in a dictatorship without most of that technology available to you. The aftermath would require lots of money to deal with and plenty of countries help. Not to mention Russia and China and the rest of North Korea's supporters would cut off trade towards South Korea.

South Korea also has a strong economy but, they have a couple million less soldiers than North Korea does, at least in their reserves. North Korea has almost double the amount of soldiers that South Korea has. Sure South Korea can make the cut of funding the annexation but, unless America helps out they won't win.

America is already pretty strict on going to war, we don't want to have another Korea, because that war is still in cease fire, the idea of going on a full scale annexation is going to be tough.
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Posted by CraftyMiscreant 1 year ago
Um...I don't know a single person that is Pro- NK that would remotely take that position.
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