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Should Students Have Cell Phones In Class?

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Started: 2/15/2017 Category: Education
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I Think That Students Shouldnt HaveCell Phones In Class For The Following Reasons


i think they should have phones in the class
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Posted by teeduke 1 year ago
As a teacher I feel cell phones should not be allowed in class. Students are incredibly distracted by them. It is rude behavior by the student to be on their phones while a teacher is trying to impart the information they need to have to be successful in the class. When their parents learn the students grades are poor they blame the teacher, telling us it is our job to make sure students are not on their phones. If an administrator comes into the classroom and students are on their phones, we are reprimanded for not demanding they get off their phones. The use of cell phones then leads to arguments between teachers and students, this takes away from the learning that should be occurring.
Cell phones also add to drama and behavioral incidences between students as a fight may continue through texting on the phone. I have had numerous instances where students are engaged in a fight with a parent on their phone all through my class and this leads to them lashing out at me and/or other students in the class. As there are phones in every classroom and in every office in a school, if an emergency arose students would have ample opportunity to use a phone they do not need to have their personal phone on them, when they have shown time and time again they cannot practice restraint in regards to their phones.
Posted by Wisecracker 1 year ago
Your argument is lacking sources. However it is still a popular argument that would constantly cause controversy. While it is true cell phones distract students, students distract other students. I always hate when teachers say you can't have your phone out because i said so. In response to this I always ask why and the teacher gets angry. And the result is I have to deal with the consequences. Is this fair? By law cruel and unusual punishment says they have to explain why they created this rule.
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