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Should Students be required to stand for the pledge?

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Started: 12/7/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I seth johnson of a samll middle school in kentucky . I love America and i think that this is WRONG to do this to our vets.


I believe anyone can sit when the pledge is being recited, regardless of race, background, class, or sex
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Posted by jax.4 2 years ago
I think everyone should stand for the pledge of allegiance to the flag because we have soldiers that are fighting for this country and the least we could do is stand for the flag .
Posted by Meshh 2 years ago
@RichardCarter it"s anyone"s right to exclude themselves from standing during the pledge due their own beliefs about our flag and what it entails. Also, @QuentinHughes, I find your argument invalid and hypocritical because you"re saying that our veterans have fought to protect our freedom of speech and that people should stand during the pledge because of that but forcing children to stand during the pledge is directly infringing on their right to freedom of speech.
Posted by Bitch_Goddess 2 years ago
Requiring someone to stand based on "it's polite" is not a reason to violate someone's first amendment. I, personally, stand during the pledge. However, I will never tell someone they need to stand as well. They are well within their rights to remain seated during.

You are incredibly hypocritical if you want them to do it because soldiers die for us and fight for us. Soldiers fought for the very right you would like to take away. Again, hypocritical.
Posted by QuentinHughes 2 years ago
I think you are all wrong kids should have to stand for the pledge to the flag because it would not be polite if they did not stand plus someone I my family is in the army now we send messages back , forth and she told me once that it is polite to sand but you do not have to but you should if you are in school because being in school,doing the pledge to the flag and then you have kids sitting that is impolite.
Posted by QuentinHughes 2 years ago
I Quentin Hughes think that are vets should stand because it is polite and you have to do the pledge to the flag to honor the people that risk their own lives to give us freedom , freedom of speech and stuff like that.
Posted by CDRPenguin 2 years ago
Personally I'm against authoritarian indoctrination of children.
Posted by EwwwMyLife 2 years ago
i dont think students should be required to stand. it goes against some religion, and those who do it even though it goes against their religion obviously dont mean it... whats the point in saying it if its nothing but mere words that hold no meaning?
Posted by What50 2 years ago
There is freedom of expression, are you saying we should deny someones first amendment right?
Posted by RichardCarter 2 years ago
There's been a new rising on Aethiests who feel uncomfortable with the part of the pledge "under God", do you think it's their choice to exclude?
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