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Should Students be subject to school uniforms?

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Started: 11/5/2015 Category: Education
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1. Students should not have to wear school uniforms. When you are forced to wear one specific thing, it can take away your whole perspective of personality and uniqueness.
2. On average, a school uniform costs $249( This may not be preferable for poorer families, who will have to take extremely good care of it, or they have to buy a new one.
3. Students who wear uniforms may be subject to bullying outside of school by people who don't have to wear these.


I accept this debate, and wish my opponent good luck.

1. I'm sure people have more ways of expressing themselves than the clothes they wear. Removing the aspect of uniqueness in has no effect on identity. In a survey done by the University of Nevada, when 1,350 seventh and eights graders were asked about the effect of their uniforms on their identity, the top responses indicated that most "Strongly Agree" that they still have their identity - 54% responded with this statement.

2. School uniforms actually save money. While a uniform allows one or two of clothes to suffice for a year of school, when students choose their own outfits, the increases amount of clothes bought leads to greater expenditure. In the aforementioned survey, 50% of students "Strongly Agree" that school uniforms save money,

3. There is no evidence that uniforms cause increased bullying. Rather, according to a study done by the University of Nevada, the implementation of school uniforms resulted in a decrease of bullying instances. In fact, it lead to a 10% decrease in disciplinary referrals and a 63% decrease in police actions. Gang-related violence and student fights also decreased after the implementation. This data clearly shows the positive effects of uniform policy.

Debate Round No. 1


Good luck to you, too.

1. People may have more ways of expressing themselves. It's true. However, these other ways may not be allowed, due to the school uniform! For example, the higher administrators probably wouldn't let me wear earrings, because that's not part of the code. People subject to these are usually K-12. If you are under 18, you must have consent to have it done. As we know, parent's don't generally like their kids getting tattoos. In college, you don't have a uniform unless it's a military academy.

2. That's 50%. 50% who go to schools that don't buy the uniforms. In some schools, the school buys these, and it can really deteriorate it's money.

3. The example that you are using for your 3rd point is inside of school. I am talking about outside of school. In the school, there will no change. One may think that because of uniforms, all old judgements based on appearances are wiped clean. This is not at all true, if you are a social member of society who actually talks to people. You can easily easily remember how one kid came to school in a torn-up sweater, and one comes in with an expensive cashmere jacket.


1. Again, I mean besides clothing, there are many ways to express identity. And like I said, most students agree uniform has no effect on identity

2. 50% "Strongly Agree". "Agree" was not counted, the actual percentage is more than 50%. Consider those who don't know about their families' expenditure, and the percentage of students who save money potentially goes up further. And the school chooses to buy them if it provides them - the school would obviously be able to afford it if it makes the choice and the school must face the consequences if it cannot. The concept of uniform is no to blame.

3 If you're saying bullying is based on memory then 1. Uniforms have no effect on this bullying, as you yourself showed in your example at the end, and 2. Uniforms can prevent further negative connections from being made.

Can you cite any sources that prove that uniforms lead to increased bullying?
Debate Round No. 2


henrypetrini forfeited this round.


HomelySherlock forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by YjHan 2 years ago
Can school uniform be an option? I had to wear school uniforms and I didn't like the idea. But it actually saves a lot of time in the morning, especially when you have nothing to wear. I wish I could wear whatever I wanted, but I also didn't give up on school uniform.
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