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Should Summer Break Be Ten Weeks Long?

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Started: 6/24/2016 Category: Education
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Many people do not like school. I, on the other hand enjoy school. When summer break comes around, I am relieved, but after a few weeks, I get bored and long to go back to school. My point of argument today is if summer break should be shortened from 10 weeks, to perhaps, 8. Many students can benefit from longer school years. Over the course of the school year, there are many breaks, including winter, Thanksgiving, and spring. On top of that, you have several holidays. Two extra weeks wouldn't hurt, would it?


To kind of dissect my opponent"s argument, it"s basically saying that there people benefit from longer school years, but I respond to that by saying that people enjoy longer breaks as well. Then pro says that there is a lot of time for breaks, and I could respond to that with, people spend a lot of time in school also, and that the breaks aren"t long enough considering that in school is not the only time we spend stressing ourselves over work.

I say that we should keep it to ten weeks, because people who want to go to school for learning, can learn at home or in some sort of course. And if they want to go to school to talk to their friends, they can still talk to their friends by meeting up or using the phone. But the problem with those who don"t want to wake up early or go learn, they don"t have the option to just refuse.
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Posted by lord_megatron 2 years ago
this could have been a good one if there were more rounds
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro argues that summer breaks should be ten weeks long because he gets bored having that much time off, students could benefit from longer school years, 10 weeks is long already, and that 2 shorter weeks wouldn't hurt. Con says that other students enjoy longer time off, students could benefit from relieved stress, and that the school year is long enough already. Con basically used Pro's logic against him in a way that counterbalanced all of his arguments. Accordingly, Con, as instigator of the debate, didn't have a case by the end of it.