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Should Taxes be increased or should we cut government spending?

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Started: 12/7/2015 Category: News
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this is a team debate so we do not know what side we are on till the day and need help.


If this is a team debate please null my acceptance and replace the topic in a team debate style. If not I will gladly accept either side of this argument for a one-on-one debate. Look forward to your reply.
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Posted by Reformist 2 years ago
I believe in increasing government spending because it would further the funding of education,welfare, social security and other social programs

This nation was founded in debt and we have been in debt ever since

The only time we have been out of debt was andrew johnson who was a democrat.
Posted by raskuseal 2 years ago
We need to stop government spending, not increase it along with taxes! The Obama administration and their cronies put America over 20 trillion dollars into debt! It's simple, really. the more they take, the more they spend getting into debt and vice-versa. Hopefully, when Trump becomes president, he can fix the national debt that Obama and the left ruined.
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