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Should Test Scores Be 100% of your grade w/ no credit for homework?

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Started: 12/19/2013 Category: Education
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I Believe that this grading system isn't fair because what about those people who freeze up during tests or those people who do all of their homework on time correctly but have "testaphobia" ?? You should get credit if you do your homework. teachers say "oh well you should do it because it's practice and practice makes perfect!" Oh really? what about motivation? If you don't get credit for the homework that you do than what's the point in doing it? you can get "practice" during school hours. I know my math teacher gives out lunch detentions if you don't turn in your homework but is it really homework if you don't get points for it? and Is it really fair to get punished for something that doesn't even get counted for your grade?!? I'm one of those people who can do their homework correctly and learn everything but then I freeze up during tests. And because I freeze up during tests I only have a c- in math but if my homework counted I would have an a . I know this because she does have a "grade" for homework that she keeps track of but it doesn't go on our report cards. I don't know maybe I'm wrong but if so tell me! Is this really fair?!?!?!?!


I will be taking the Pro stance on this debate because I feel that removing the point values from homework is a promising way to innovate the education system.


1. The average grade would decrease, causing the truly exemplary students to more clearly stand out on resumés and applications.

2. Students would be more inclined to actually learn the subject and complete the homework themselves, instead of copying answers on the homework and proceeding to bomb the tests.

3. The quality of teachers would improve, because if a student is curious about a topic, and the teacher's knowledge proves insufficient, the student has the ability to change their schedule. If enough students do this, it would become clear which teachers are truly qualified. The others would be laid off by the school due to the lack of students that would take classes taught by them.

4. Tests are a better way of measuring which students are actually putting forth effort and trying to learn the subject. With homework as it is, students could easily pass a class just by copying answers from friends or other tactics that require no actual effort.

5. The students that still complete homework learn that preparation is the key to success. If homework doesn't have a point value tied to it, its true purpose becomes apparent. Preparation.


1. People who 'freeze up' during tests:
a. Quick decisions are inevitable in life, and people who 'freeze up' in high-stress situations probably won't succeed. Tests would be beneficial to these people, because it helps to prepare them for stress later in life.

2. Motivation
a. If points are currently the driving force behind homework completion, then students will soon realize that points still can be earned, but they just have to prepare if they want to receive them.
b. However, even now there are people don't care about the points. They don't complete the homework, and they still won't in this new system. There will be no change in the people who complete and don't complete homework.

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


It isn't exactly fair to the people that do all of their homework correctly and turn it in on time. If you do all of your homework on time and correctly don't you think you deserve a little credit for it? In a real life job you get paid on performance and time. HOMEWORK IS PERFORMANCE AND IT TAKES TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if it only counts to 25% of grades it still gives you the points you deserve!


It is true that the people who currently complete homework in a legitimate manner would face a small amount of detriment, but the new structure is definitely worth it. They would temporarily drop a few percentage points from their grade, but they would soon realize that they can still get good grades, it just take the independent will to study for them.

With the current system, your teachers can give you ungodly amounts of homework points to buffer your grade in case of a bad test. With the new method, they will lose that ability. The teachers will be able to teach and prepare the students, but they cannot automatically pass them. The new system puts the grade solely in the hands of the students.

You still get paid for homework, just in an indirect way. The students who complete homework and prepare get paid in better test scores. Better test scores = higher points. However, in the current system people don't always have to work. They can still get paid for cheating. That's not a good life lesson. The new system promotes innovation. If the teacher's homework isn't helpful, you can learn it with self-made alternative methods tailored to your specific needs. The new system provides many roads to success, but none of them are reliant on cheating.
Debate Round No. 2


I understand everything that you are saying and I agree but it still isn't completely fair to the people who get all of their homework done. It should appear on our report cards.
If I'm going to do my homework in MY time OUTSIDE of the already 8 HOURS of school then i want the points for it ESPECIALLY if i do it correctly and get it turned in on time unlike the little slackers.


It may not be fair to the students who consistently turn their homework in on time, but it is fair to the students who do so fairly. They will probably notice no change, their overall GPA will remain largely static. However, the system does make it easier to identify the real slackers and cheaters.

The work you do in the time outside of those eight hours is completely optional in both systems. You don't have to do it. You could just fail all the tests. But, if homework is worth points, failing tests isn't nearly as bad as if the homework point buffer is taken away.

The new system will be less forgiving, but will produce students who are more knowledgeable about their subjects and prepared for the real world.

Vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Walrus101 3 years ago
This reminds me of my Algebra 2 class. We never have homework, and I'm completely fine with it...
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Reasons for voting decision: I feel like Con made this a debate about his/her personal life. Debates are usually hypothetical, and don't have personal experiences to sway you one way. So arguments go to pro for detaching himself.