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Should The YMCA quit and let OYB comeback #yes or #no

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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Sports
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I think they should bring OYB back because the OYB had better equipment and better umps. The OYB also supported the baseball pants and socks.


I disagree as the YMCA is a verry charieable organization of which it is that of a non-profit while the OYB isn't. The OYB can come back anytime it wants the simple matter of the fact is that more people go to the Y than the OYB, because they prefer the Y more. It's simply Social Darwinism as the organizationsn people don't want anymore vanish because no one wants them. The Y has done great things like giving back to charity and helping with disabled veterans. We've seen the Y do things like voluneteer events where they help give back to the local communities. (

It is for the above reasons that I believe you should vote Con.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con has several typos, but Con is the only side that even comes close to impacting arguments. I have literally no reason to care about the OYB having better equipment and umps or supporting "the baseball pants and socks". At least helping disabled veterans *sounds* nice.