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Should Video Games Have A Season Pass?

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Started: 11/3/2016 Category: Games
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I grew up playing video games all my life. I remember playing games on my PS1 and PS2 as a child. Games like Jak and Daxter, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Dragon Ball Z, and so on. All these games were fully built projects that have received extremely high ratings and they are still played by today by many. Now today, we see that almost every video game has an optional season pass. They mostly include map packs, skins, and brand new content to the game, but so many big gaming companies abuse season passes by handing out a broken or incomplete game and then charging almost, if not, full-game price to buy content that may or may not extend the gaming experience. An example of this is EA's Star Wars Battlefront made in 2015. There were 3 editions at release, ranging from $59.99 as the standard edition to the ultimate edition, which was priced up to $120.00!

The ultimate edition came with the $50 season pass. When the game released, players got to experience the amazing visuals on all platforms and audio was also outstanding, but everything else lacked majorly. There were 4 maps on release, no exclusive content for pre-orders (just instant access to weapons) and very limited gameplay. Yes, I am aware of IGN's 8/10 score. Many people argue them as a credible source, but so many gamers like me don't necessarily hate the season pass, but when they're just as expensive as a game and don't provide astounding content, then thats when companies become abusive and try to find more ways to get us to buy the season pass and milk gamers of their money. I also understand that there have been DLC's released for the game, but to many people's opinions, they still do not live up.

If there were map packs and new guns released with a season pass, then yes, that would be acceptable. For example, Games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty World at War had map packs, but the crap thing was that players had to pay each map pack separately. A season pass back then, where players got whole new maps, a new zombie map and possibly more for maybe $30? That would have been perfect!

Anyways, I am very interested to see who thinks season passes should sold with video games today. I would like to learn of games and companies who have good sense of business and morals that care about their consumers!


Though I completely agree with the obvious price problem with season passes, the value of season passes are important for the sale of a game. A season pass is a large part of the gaming community, but only for the people who are ok with the risk of buying the season pass and the DLC becoming worthless. The season pass is only for those who think that they want everything to do with the game, and want all the content that they can get. If there is $70 dollars of DLC and a $50 season pass, the ones who feel like they want the DLC that the game offers, they buy the DLC. If you feel cautious about the DLC the game has to offer, then they wait. The season pass is necessary for the die hard fans to get what they want, even if the DLC is terrible.

Thank you for this chance to debate with you!

This should be interesting.
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Thank you for accepting my debate. This will be fun and I hope you enjoy it as well

Anyways, I do see what you mean. I have purchased the season pass for games i feel like would exceed expectations and be worth my money. However, this is pretty hurtful because gamers are relying on the promises and their passion for a game selling a season pass. This can and has been taken advantage of by big companies such as EA and Ubisoft. This is a personal opinion as my example, but Bungie's Destiny was a game that me and my friends had so much hype for and we all purchased the season pass because we expected a revolutionary game. Well what we got was a mediocre shooter that was a grind game and extremely repetitive. The DLC included with the season pass was not worth it. I do not remember the price, but I knew the DLC's did not add a story, which it lacked or any compelling new gameplay, but they did add a raid and new weapons in armor, which I was all for. Then the announcement came of the Taken King which was not covered by the season pass and was priced at $40! I completely quit Destiny and was not going to give it another chance. I do get there is a huge fanbase and are very supportive and that is great! However, a lot of people do not have to money to spend on games that can deliver bad content.

To bring contrast, the game called Ark: Survival Evolved. This game is on PC and Xbox One right now and I have played it well over 6 months. I purchased it for about $30-$35. Studio Wildcard continues to push new updates, new dinosaurs, new modes, and new maps. This game can be argued, I will admit because it is a grind game and there are people that may not have a job outside of their house which these people may have their reasons, but they raid people offline and hours of grinding is gone and players need to restart again. That does suck and that turns a lot of people off about this game, but looking at the value players are getting is what I remember in video games before they could even update them! Yes they did release a DLC that needed to be purchased, but it was well worth it because of a new environment, new items to craft, and new dinos that created a big challenge to the map. After these free updates prior to the season pass, Studio Wildcard proved their worth in adding new content to the game and if they added this much content for just purchasing the game, then there is no telling what they could do with a season pass or DLC that requires purchase! That is what the gaming industry needs to take note on in my opinion.


Now listen, I completely understand your problem with overpriced season passes and I feel that this is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed. However, when season passes are done right (*cough* EA *cough*), they can be very good things for people and save people money. Destiny however is one of the games I do not approve of. It is an incomplete came that required people to pay for the other parts. BUT, because of this, the season pass is a great way to go around this problem and prevent having to buy new DLC all the time. Even if your personal opinion is that Destiny was a bad game, that is just an opinion, for people really do love that they bought the game with the season pass. I would like you to understand that this argument is just a matter of opinion, if season passes were worth it or not, you seem to disapprove of it, like many others. But many other people love season passes, especially when they are done right. Also, with your example of Ark: Survival Evolved, of course there are other ways for developers to give out new content, but we are not arguing whether or not DLC should exist, but instead we are arguing whether Season Passes are worth it or not.

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