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Should Virgin Trains keep the WCML

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Started: 9/18/2012 Category: Technology
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Virgin Trains and First have been fighting to keep the WCML afterall of this arguement going on with the government.

First contract would be alot higher than virgin contract and there is fear going on that first may struggle with paying the contract after 2 years

They promise to have more seats.

Virgin trains is a known trusted TOC with the lowest complaints and they offer to run the WCML cheaper than first but they can be trusted more and they said that they will carry on improving trains stations and platforms


I'll here take the libery of defining the terms relvant to the debate since Pro has failed to do so.

Virgin Trains is a U.K. based train company. WCML stands for West Coast Main Line which is an important and busy railway route in the U.K. Virgin Trains has recently lost the WCML franchise and is currently making an appeal to get it back.

The Pro will be arguing that Virgin Train should keep the West Coast Main Line (presumably based on its supposed qualitative superiority). The Con on the other hand will need to deconstruct Pro's case in order to win the debate. Since this is the first round I'll only briefly expound on my arguments.

-(A) FirstGroup (Virgin Trains' competitor in getting the franchise) made an offer of 5.5 billion pounds compared to Virgin Trains' 4.8 billion. Therefore in the interest of fairness and in the interest of the bidding process (which is the formal process for such matters), FirstGroup ought to be granted the franchise.

-(B) Virgin Trains' case arguing that the bidding process is flawed in some way has dubious origins since VT only brought the case after it lost the bidding for the WCML. If it really stood by its current legal position it would have said something much sooner.

-(C) FirstGroup is offering the same services for a better price. Since the venture will be paid for by taxpayers, costs ought to be minimized as much as possible. FirstGroup is offering the same deal for less money and so in the interests of the taxpayers they ought to be granted the franchise.

Back over to Pro now. I must say British domestic policy isn't something I have much knowledge of so forgive me if I come off so.
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billythepet forfeited this round.
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billythepet forfeited this round.


Extend refutation. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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